10 Books (Most) Everyone Should Read

While my love of books doesn’t stem too far from the YA genera, I have read other novels that I absolutely adore. Well…there is one book going on this list I haven’t read yet, but I promised my friend I would include it because it is a literary classic. The silly little things we do for the humans we form odd relationships with. Yes, relationships with fleshy meat bags are trivial and often quite difficult to maintain if you don’t have the right set of skills to sustain that connection. Now I’m starting to get off topic and I’m giving myself a bit of anxiety because I want this site to do well so let’s just get to the point already Eevee. Let’s dive in! (Also these are in no particular order. I will also leave links to where you can purchase these fine bookish companions).

1. The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

I actually didn’t read this book until after I saw the movie and BY GOD I LOVED THE MOVIE! The movie was everything I ever wanted in a film; heartbreak, loss, finding love, fantasies of the sort, and sadness all over again. This movie (and book) is such a roller coaster of emotions that it’s hard to figure out where each feeling should be placed. The correlation between time travel and the present is so well done that it makes the reader wish they could time travel as well. It literally sucks you in and doesn’t let go. While this book isn’t boring by any means, it may be a little slower for someone looking for something that packs more of a punch. This novel is definitely for someone who is a hopeless romantic (and someone who may be a bit lonely like myself).


2. The Night Circus by Eren Morgenstern

What isn’t there to say about this book? My tongue gets twisted, my heart starts to flutter, and my mind begins to race when I think about this book. I don’t even think I have the right words to utter in order to summarize what this book means to me. I am pretty sure, (like 99.8% sure), that this is the most beautifully written book I have ever set my peepers to. The story envelopes you from the very beginning and then it takes you to the circus. No, it LITERALLY TAKES YOU TO THE CIRCUS, but I am sure you could have guessed that from the title. I’m not really ones for circuses anymore (since they tend to be cruel to their animals) but reading this masterpiece is just like being there. Actually it is much better than being there! Don’t believe me? Then go forth my literary friend and venture out into the great unknown! Purchase this greatness at the link down below. Go on now…clicky clicky.


3. Exit Here by Jason Myers

Exit Here…this book. I can’t even with this book. This book has changed my perspective on life in so many ways. It’s so hard to summarize a book that says so much in so little pages. This book is a fast and easy read but it isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s violent, drug filled, promiscuous, and a train wreck from Hell. The story line not the book itself. This book is like a teenagers “how to guide” for all things NOT to do in life. If you know what I’m saying? Anyways…it has an 80’s vibe to it and all things considered it’s a killer read. If you never got to live the party lifestyle as a teen (Sex, Drugs, & Rock N’ Roll) then this is the book for you. Read on my little carousing monsters.


4. Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte 

While I know this novel is considered a literary classic, I still have not had the gall to read it. I wish I could summarize this time-honored book for you, but alas I can not. So I am going to be a lazy a-hole of sorts and just leave the link for you to purchase down below. My friend highly recommends it if you love ghost stories and time period novels. Can’t be all that bad right? Right.


5. Stolen by Lucy Christopher

Ever wonder what it would be like to be kidnapped? Yeah…neither have I…but what if your kidnapper was an attractive man who had heavenly blue eyes and was possibly kind? Would it really be so bad then? That is what the book Stolen explores. Gemma is kidnapped coming home from vacation without her family even realizing she is gone in an instant. Her kidnapper, Ty, takes her to wild lands of Australia, where he keeps her captive for a period of time. Over this course of time Gemma starts to fall for Ty (in which this is known as Stockholm syndrome). Stolen weaves a story of desperate survival and coming to terms with living in a nightmare. Written as a letter to Gemma’s captor, Stolen explores the idea of genuinely being stolen from anywhere.


6. Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

The impact we have on other people’s lives is either prominent or nonexistent, but what if someone killed themselves and you had a part in it without even knowing? How would you feel? How would you act? Would you try to solve all the reasons why? Thirteen Reasons Why is the haunting telling of Hannah Baker’s suicide. Thirteen people, thirteen reasons why she decided to end her life. “Each of those thirteen reasons involves cruel acts, misunderstandings, or guilty acts of omission that involve other students.” (From the BN website). For me, this book was important to read. It really goes to show you how high suicide rate is in America. If pushes you to the forefront of the problems teens face everyday…and that problem is each other. If you want a compelling thriller and can handle the “feels trip” then without a doubt read this novel.


7. Every Day by David Levithan

This book is a little hard to describe but the concept of this book is amazing! It is unique and fresh. It is not your average book to say the least. I don’t think I can convey this book well enough so I am going to leave you with the summary from the Barnes and Noble website. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for something off the beaten path. “Every day a different body. Every day a different life. Every day in love with the same girl. There’s never any warning about where it will be or who it will be. A has made peace with that, even established guidelines by which to live: Never get too attached. Avoid being noticed. Do not interfere. It’s all fine until the morning that A wakes up in the body of Justin and meets Justin’s girlfriend, Rhiannon. From that moment, the rules by which A has been living no longer apply. Because finally A has found someone he wants to be with—day in, day out, day after day.”


8. Frozen (also known as Skinned) by Robin Wasserman

I’m not really a reader of Sci-Fi novels. Guess you can say it’s not really my genera but the Cold Awakening Trilogy made me think differently. Frozen is set in a dystopian future where much of the environment has been ruined. (I wonder whose fault that is?) *throws shade all around* Of course the rich keep on getting rich in this novel and the poor keep on getting poorer. (I don’t think that sentence was proper but oh well!) Lia Kahn (our lovely main character) is one of the privileged elite who lives a more than comfortable lifestyle. But a novel has to have conflict…so our young heroine gets fatally injured in a car accident. This is where the story starts to get interesting because Lia’s brain (memories, feelings, etc) get downloaded into a mechanical body that pretty much looks like the old Lia and she is now existentially immortal. *gasp* Yes, I said it…immortal. And of course Lia has to get used to being a robot (or as in the novel known as mechs), deal with her new life while balancing her old one, and take on a society who thinks mechs are an abomination. Yay for religious cult following! Just kidding…take it easy my friends 😛


9. Left Drowning by Jessica Park

I love this novel simply for the fact that it is a “rising from the ashes” kind of story. Blythe is a young adult who lost her parents in a terrible fire. She has to live with that weight everyday of her life. In her last year of college she meets Chris, an (overly attractive male…because what good story doesn’t have a hottie in it?), who she is undeniably connected to. Chris’s past proves to be more complicated than Blythe’s own personal tragedy. (Hence why they have a bond that deepens over time). This bond is what allows Blythe and Chris to heal, but forces them to also confront their dark past. Both of them have to keep each other from drowning in the sea of mystery surrounding Blythe’s parents death. This book is great for someone who is looking to heal from their own personal misfortune and find strength to move forward with their life.


10. Forever… by Judy Blume

Last but unquestionably not least is Forever by Judy Blume! Man…this takes me back in time when I was a young teen reading whatever books I could get my hands on. The library was my best friend when I was 13-16. Books have always been my true love (and always will be). Forever sticks out in my mind because it is about first love and first sexual encounters. It actually helped me understand how sex is an important topic in one’s coming of age time frame. It allowed me to be a bit more confident in asking questions that one might deem “embarrassing.” But sex is a part of nature just like everything else that comes along with it. If you are struggling to have a conversation with your teen or young adult then I would advise giving them this book to read. It may open the doors to new possibilities!


Welp! There you have it my vivacious readers! Those are my 10 books I think everyone should read. These are books that have made a visible dent on my life and I hope some of these will do the same for you all. Reading is super beneficial, so I hope you take some time out of your day to put your nose into one. Happy book hunting my animal pack! Cheers!

2 thoughts on “10 Books (Most) Everyone Should Read

  1. Great list.
    I loved Stolen. I was so conflicted during the whole book, specially at the end. Gemma’s voice is a powerful one. I heard from Australian sources that the surrounded area was not described that well, but, that doesn’t tame my enjoyment of the book.

    I do plan on reading the Night Circus one day. I started once, but life got in the way.

    Thank you for stopping by @The Book Wielding Harpie

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Stolen has been a favorite of mine ever since I got it. I feel like it’s highly underrated and gets passed up a lot. I felt like the scenery for the book was done well, so it’s kind of disappointing that it didn’t live up to its expectations. Yes! Definitely go back and finish Night Circus. You will not be disappointed! Thank you for your comment. I greatly appreciate it 🙂 ~Eevee~


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