Wednesday Writings

Hello my pack!

Wednesday will consist of me parading some of my poems around in front your faces. I may also add in some scratch writings for your amusement. These are just things I have fliting around in my save folders on my laptop. None the less, I hope you enjoy them anyways! Be grateful I am bestowing this little piece of happiness to you. Sharing my personal items doesn’t happen often. Cheers!


“Love is a battlefield,
Raging between Heaven and Hell;
Between vengeance and forgiveness.
Two sides clashing together,
Sending shock waves of anticipation,
Each army on the precipice of oblivion.
The darkness is sinking in,
Both sides are ultimately losing,
Love should not be a battle.
Realization will embed itself in the hearts of many,
It will twist and claw its way in,
Leaving a lasting impression.
Love is a war of emotions,
A bed full of memories,
A fight fought by many.
Love is a battlefield,
Territory of holy ground,
It can never truly be lost.”

~Eevee Luna~

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