Tarot Thursday

I have always been a believer in the universe. I believe that what you put out into this world is what you will receive tenfold. I used to let religion control my life as a small child and even into my teenage years, but after some time I stop letting religion dominate my views. I was opened up to new possibilities and ventures. I could finally see the world for what it really was. My universe and life is controlled by me…and me alone. I really wouldn’t have it any other way. I respect people and their beliefs. I accept everyone for who they are no matter what they decide to believe. I would rather live my life with acceptance and love, than with hate.

So today we are going to do Tarot Thursday! I found a neat little site that allows you to pick a tarot card and gives you a summary of what you picked. There are dozens of sites for this but the one I chose was http://www.nexttarot.com/daily-tarot-reading.aspx. Feel free to do this for yourself! I thought it might be a good little addition to my page. Just a meager amusement for myself to enjoy. Today’s card was The World and I was quite pleased with this choice. I felt like it was fitting for what has been happening to me over the last couple of months. I definitely believe that my energy and aura picked this card for me. (Am I really that gullible? Perhaps.)

Here is the The World card summary: “This is the last card of Major Arcana set and as it is the last one, it means ending up of some situations or ending up for a new start as well. Besides, this card can mean a long time journey. You will learn from your experiences and gain a better understanding. For work, it signifies a success after your tough time and continuous effort. In some cases, this card means your inner desire for a better change of your life. After this, you may gain new experiences that will energize you to initiate new things. For love, you may find someone new after you break up with your ex-lover.”


If you do decide to do this let me know in the comment section! I would love to know what everyone else picked out. I love talking about all things tarot or astrology. I know a lot of people think it’s a bunch of bologna, but I would like to think there is some truth to it. One can hope right? I hope you have a killer Thursday my pack. Cheers!

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