Friday Favorites

Here we are at another lovely Friday afternoon. Thank the lord baby Jesus! May the Heaven’s part and rain flood down upon us…just kidding…I don’t really care for the rain all too much. I prefer snow. Yes, white powdery snow that you can just fall into and be engulfed in. But, alas, where I live you have to travel to a higher altitude in order to find an abundance of frosted fluffiness. *Le Sigh* I guess I’ll just have to be stuck with the wind and rain.

All things considered, today is most everyone’s favorite day of the week and I thought I would let everyone know my November favorites. I will call this one Friday Favorites. This list will consist of five current things I am obsessed with and they probably won’t be all book related. These can be a number of things from books, to shows, and everything else relevant in my life these dismal and gloomy days. (I swear I’m not always this drab). I’m actually a really bubbly person who just secretly hates everyone and everything on the inside. I sold my soul to the Devil long ago.

First, we will start with an anime that has my heart and soul (well what’s left of it anyways). It is so gay and perfect that I don’t even know how I was living my life before it was made. I am talking about the highly popular Yuri!!! On Ice. If you have any interest in anime or are just looking for two cute guys to ship together, then you need to stop what you are doing and go watch it right now! Hurry away now and start your anime binge. Shoo shoo!

yuri-on-iceSecond favorite has to go to the TV show Salem. I just wrapped up season 2 and boy oh boy! If you love all things witchy and want to know about during the Salem Witch Trials this is the show for you! It’s so dark and broody (and even a bit gross at times), but it is so so good. I was hooked from beginning till end (season 3 is currently airing, but I only have internet because I’m a cheap ass mofo). I think I just have a fascination with witchcraft and the dark arts. That may be due to me finishing The Accident Season by Moira Fowley-Doyle and The Graces by Laure Eve a few weeks ago. Two books I undoubtedly recommend reading right now!

salemThird has to go to Coffee-Mate’s Salted Caramel Chocolate coffee creamer. This flavor has been out for a little while, but I am still downing it like there is no tomorrow. Screw holiday flavors! I want this creamer to shut up and take my money! *Throws dollar bills in the air* Yes, my precious. Come to me! I haven’t tried the other two yet but I know I will soon.

My fourth favorite shouldn’t come as a surprise to you all. Baby cows are life! I also really like mini cows. They are totes adorbs! No need to express my gratitude for baby animals. Just gaze upon the cuteness of this precious wee cowling ❤

Last favorite of the month has to go to books of course! I’ve had most of November off from work (we don’t talk about it okay? Okay), so I have been able to catch up on my reading. I have like eight more books to read but TV shows have kind of run my life for the past week or so. Damn you binge watching! *Shakes fist angrily* But none the less I am glad I got back into books. Anime usually takes up most of my free time but I thought it would be wise to get some literature into my schedule before I go completely bonkers. Reading is stimulating and invigorating. I forgot how much I missed it until I finished several YA novels these last few months. Don’t ever give up reading my friends. Keep on keeping on!

book-backgroundWell this concedes my list of favorites for the month of November. Some of these will spill over into the month of December (since obviously we are nine days in now). I would like to know what some of your favorites were for the month of November. Let me know in the comment section! I would love to chat with you all. Till next time my pack. Cheers!

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