Wednesday Writings II

It’s that time of the week pack! Wednesday Writings is back in action. It is also the day of the week that the new episode of Yuri!!! On Ice comes out. I can’t wait to go home and watch it. *Fan girls on the inside*

Ahem…excuse my nerdiness. I can’t help but squeal on the inside when Wednesday rolls around. It’s currently my favorite day of the week but I’m actually partial to Monday’s as well. Enough of my blabbering…let’s get onto this week’s poem. This one is called Raw. I wrote it after pondering the true meaning of life. I’m sure everyone does this. Don’t you? Alright…I’ll get to the poem. Calm your miniature ponies already.


“Pretty lies lead to twisted words,
And twisted words lead to bitter tongues.
Bitter tongues lead to shattered hearts,
And shattered hearts lead to broken dreams.
The reality of it all is so inconsequential,
So vapid,
So shallow,
So fucking raw.
Our emotions stripped down to our very core,
Our intangible flesh,
Our smooth muscle,
Our fragile bones.
The very being of our existence leads to no where.
We are inescapably born to die.
Put on this oasis of a planet for nothing but to live,
and die.
That is our journey,
That is our destiny,
That is our truth.”

~Eevee Luna~

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