Tarot Thursday II

I recently went back to work at my old job this Tuesday. It’s surprising to know that the universe is listening to me. This weeks Tarot Thursday sums up how I am feeling right now. I am thrilled to be working again after about a month and a half off. I needed some space to clear my head and now I am back in full force! My card today was the Four of Wands.

Here is the Four of Wands card summary:
Key interpretations: Stability, primary success, tidiness, strength, relaxation after a beginning of something which is primarily successful and stable.


“This card means cheerfulness and success of your continuous effort in the past. This is a card of warmth and security. For work, it means a long time working and satisfaction on your performance. You may have worked for a long time and been promoted slowly but steadily. So you are getting more proud of yourself. But if you are running or own a business, it is a good time that your business is getting more secured and growing smoothly with a good trend in the future. For love, it means pleasant and steady relationship. You plan your future together. But if you are single, you will have a chance to meet someone and have a good time together.”

I’ll have to remember to add the key interpretations to my future post. I find those helpful and insightful. Don’t forget to do your own weekly tarot card reading. You can do so at this link: http://www.nexttarot.com/daily-tarot-reading.aspx. It’s nice to have a little fun now and again. I find joy in the smallest of things. Keep those good vibes flowing my pack!

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