Tarot Thursday III

Greetings my pack!

Tarot Thursday is upon us once again and I have to say I am pretty intrigued by this weeks reading. Today I got the Eight of Wands. This card seems to focus more on work and love. Work has been great for me since I went back…but the love department…not so much. It seems to be the story of my life. *Meh*

Here is what the Eight of Wands card represents:
Key interpretations: The secured root that leads to development, progress and success. Project progress, prosperity, growth, business and work expansion.

“This card signifies a swift and sudden progress. You may face many new matters concerning work and love, all entering into your life at the same time. Please do not rush as situation in the future is still uncertain. If you are unemployed or seeking for a new job, you will have a chance to get a new job. If you are already employed, you will be promoted and gain interest from your boss or your colleagues. Besides, you will be given an opportunity to show your capability in working. For love, it is possible that you will find a new love or suddenly fall in love. However, please stay calm. If you rush to jump into it, you will be upset later. For those who already have lovers, your relationships are quite good.”

Remember if you want to do your own tarot reading then all you have to do is click here: http://www.nexttarot.com/daily-tarot-reading.aspx. That is going to wrap up this post for the evening. I must go ponder a topic for tomorrow’s blog post. It is almost time for Christmas and I just can’t wait for it to be over! I am so ready for the new year. I will see you guys back here tomorrow. Cheers!

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