Fun Facts Friday

For most people today is Christmas Eve Eve. Meaning Christmas is finally encroaching upon us! For me it is just another day (considering I am not religious and I actually hate X-mas). Yes, yes I am what you would call a “grinch.” I love spending time with family and friends for the holidays…I just hate the commercialized aspect of Christmas now a days. I think we have lost touch with the true meaning behind Christmas (and many other things). I do happen to LOVE the Winter Solstice though! I will get behind that any day!

Today’s blog post will be 10 fun facts about me! I thought it might be a good way for my readers to get to know me on a more personal level. I know I don’t have many of you out there, but it still counts for something! I am happy that even just a few of you read my words. It means the world to me and that is no exaggeration. Thank you to everyone who takes time out of their day to read my nonsense and ramblings. Okay! Let’s get to these so called “facts” about me.

1. I am not originally from Oregon but Southern California.

We moved to Oregon when I was about 12 years of age. (I am now going to be 27). We have been in Southern Oregon ever since then. I love Oregon, just not the area I currently live in. Hopefully one day soon I can move a bit further North. I think I will be much happier if I can leave this valley.

2. I am obsessed with cats and baby cows.

I have two wonderful kitties named Perrie and Cinder. They are the loves of my life. I always had a cat in my family growing up, so it was only natural to be obsessed with cats. My friends tend to buy me cat merchandise whenever they get the opportunity. I have an array of stuff ranging from dresses, to wall art, so on and so forth. The baby cow obsessed started earlier this year. I JUST WANT TO PET A BABY COW! Okay!? Okay.

3. I am biased when it comes to books.

I have always loved reading ever since I was a kid. I think that’s why I am such a fast reader. I seemed to always have my nose in a book. I wasn’t very social when I was younger, so books became my best friends. I love books…just mainly young adult books. While I don’t mind reading other genre’s, I manage to find myself floating back to the YA section of Barnes and Noble. I think I may have a problem.

4. I am a huge fan of anime.

Just like books, I have always been a lover of anime. Mainly Sailor Moon, considering I watched it nonstop when I was a kid. My love for anime has progressed over the years. There was a short period of time when I was a teen where I was ashamed for liking anime so much. I even quit watching it because I didn’t want my friends to think I was weird. But as I came into my early 20’s I knew I wasn’t being true to myself. I am an otaku at heart and nothing will change that ❤

5. I have a lot of tattoos.

You can probably figure this one out on your own. I have a pretty large collection of tattoos. You can say I am a walking piece of artwork. I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

6. I am a hopeless romantic.

No explanation needed here. (I am also really into romance novels).

7. I write stories but never finish them.

I have always adored writing. Probably almost as much as books. But I seem to have a problem of not finishing my work. Sometimes I get really inspired with ideas and other times I think, “Well who the hell wants to read your work when they can go read someone else’s?” I always go back and forth between writing. I am trying shorter pieces of writing like poetry and short stories. It seems to go much better for me when I stick to smaller prose.

8. I have an older brother and a younger sister.

I have an older brother who is 2 1/2 years older than me and a younger sister who is about 7 years behind me. I love them both very much (when they are not getting on my last nerve). But what are siblings for? To torment and make fun of you while growing up. They always say that blood is much thicker than water.

9. I sometimes go to raves.

Being a huge fan of EDM and rave culture has brought me many unforgettable experiences. I am super thrilled to have found music festivals and all the people that come along with loving electronic dance music. Raving isn’t a hobby or fad, it is a lifestyle people choose to live. Even if you aren’t super heavy into EDM, I still highly suggest going to a music festival. It is one experience you will never forget. There is so much love, positivity, and good vibes to be had that once you quench that thirst you will seek out more. Rave culture is amazing on so many levels. I don’t even have enough words to describe what I feel half the time. It is something that needs to be experienced by one’s self.

10. I am bisexual.

For the first time in November I came out to my friends as bisexual. It was something I was contemplating for a long time. Some of my close friends knew, but that was about it. I am so happy with all the love and positivity I received. It felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I could finally be the person I always wanted to be. I am now proud to say I am part of the LGBTQ community!!! Yippee!

There you have it folks! 10 random fun facts about me. I swear I am not that cool. Just another girl who loves books and other random oddities. I hope this has allowed you to get to know me a little better. What are some fun facts about yourself? Do you like weird and random things like me? Let me know in the comment section. I would love to get to know you guys more! Cheers!


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