Man Crush Monday

IT’S FINALLY OVER! Thank goodness Christmas is finally done. *Throws hands in the air and spins in a circle rapidly.* I was going for a Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music vibe with that comment. I mean I could start singing ‘The Hills are Alive‘ but I am pretty sure I would kill you guys with my caterwauling. I am a terrible singer who loves to sing but we don’t have time for that right now. We must get on with Man Crush Monday! If you don’t know what MCM is then let me break it down for you. MCM is when you feature some of your favorite male crushes usually on social media. This usually pertains to celebrities, but I thought today would work for favorite male literary characters of mine. It was terrible difficult for me to think of characters right off the bat. I’ve read a ton of books and I have an atrocious memory. Hopefully I can dig up some good ones for you guys. CAUTION: This list may contain book spoilers! 

1. Henry DeTamble in The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

As previously stated in another blog post of mine (Top 10 Books Most Everyone Should Read), I watched The Time Traveler’s Wife film before reading the book. It was no wonder that I fell in love with Henry because Eric Bana portrayed him in the film. I felt Eric did a wonderful job bringing Henry to life. He is handsome, funny, and oh so charming. He would definitely be husband material. But with the book (and in the film), Henry always seemed to carry around this sadness (and this was probably due to his mother’s death when he was a child). He couldn’t do anything to help her because of his time traveling ability. It was always random and never concise. I think that took a major toll on him as a young adult making his way through his sporadic life. Even with his mild sadness, Henry was a lovable and relatable character. Throughout the whole novel I just wanted to hold him and tell him everything would be okay. It is those type of emotions that make a novel bittersweet but worth the read. Nothing like a good “feels” trip!

2. Sam Roth in Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater

Another sad and mysterious boy that I love is Sam from Shiver (The Wolves of Mercy Falls) trilogy. Sam was another character you just wanted to scoop up and love. You wanted to press all your feelings into him to stop his suffering. I think that’s how authors rope us in! They make you feel sad and sorrowful so you will read their books! Haha…nah…I know this is good character development. That is what makes Maggie such a phenomenal author. Her writing is so elegant and descriptive. It’s hard to believe it is just paper and ink and random thoughts she had one day. But, yes, Sam…he is one boy I would love to meet. I am a sucker for dark haired perplexing male creatures.

3. Marco Alisdair in The Night Circus by Eren Morgenstern

I think I was drawn to Marco Alisdair because of the setting in The Night Circus. This book was set in the 1800’s and I got total vampy vibes. I don’t know why I would think that but I did! Probably because of my love for Queen of the Damned. I just like the idea of old world vampires stalking the dark streets of London, looking for their next meal. I thought it was really neat that Marco could change his appearance throughout the novel. It would be an interesting ability to have. I also adore that Marco is a writer, so his fingers were always stained with ink. I love when authors give their characters little quirks like that. Something to be remember by.

4. Erik-Eikko Koskinen in The Crown/The Heir by Kiera Cass

WHAT?!?! How dare I pick someone other than Prince Maxon?! While I love Prince Maxon just as much as anyone else who worships The Selection Series, I found myself immediately attracted to Erik right off the bat. It took me awhile to warm up to Prince Maxon in the first three books. I liked him, just not as much as I liked Eikko. I just felt like Maxon took way too long to pick America in the end. Yes, I know the story needed body and development, but we already knew America had Maxon’s heart. This is the big problem with romance anime as well. They beat around the bush a lot of the time. I hate it! Anyways, I loved how humble Erik was. He was shy and reserved, but also very intelligent. Again, I have an attraction to guys with dark hair! I find them to be better suited to my tastes. Probably why all the guys on this list so far have dark hair…hahaha XD

5. Penn Kimball in Perfected/Tarnished by Kate Jarvik Birch

Well it’s no surprise that another dark haired boy has made it on to my list. I just recently finished up Tarnished a few weeks ago and now I will have to wait a while longer before the last book comes out. I did really enjoy Penn’s character in the novel. He was rich (this due to his father being a congressmen), but he was unpretentious about it. He didn’t want to live the same life his father did. He wanted to be a musician and he loved writing music. It was so sweet when he shared his passion with Ella. It’s always so adorable when guys share their passions with the girl they love. It is nice to see that guys can be vulnerable too. I really loved that Penn was a fighter. He was going to stop at nothing to be with Ella, but he was also a realist. I can’t wait to see how Birch develops him in the last novel. I think he has a lot of room for growth and change.

Bonus Picks:

Jev “Patch” Cipriano from Hush Hush

Joseph Sandrin from Three Dark Crowns

Fenrin Grace from The Graces

Sam from The Accident Season 

Basil Cowl from Perfect Ruin 

Ky Markham from Matched (The Matched Trilogy) 

Sean Kendrick from The Scorpio Races 

Well that is going to wrap up this lovely Monday evening. I hope you guys enjoyed reading some of my favorite male literary characters. What are some of your favorite male leads? Let me know in the comment section. I hope you guys are preparing for the new year. Hopefully 2017 won’t be such a drag like 2016 was. High ho’ Silver! Away!

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