Wednesday Writings IV

I won’t go into detail about today’s post. I am sure you guys can guess what Wednesday’s Writings is about if you have been following me for a little while now. These are writings composed by me that really haven’t seen the light of day yet. I have been harboring these poems in save folders on my computer. Hopefully one day I can put them together into a book for you guys to actually hold in your hands. I have something concocting in my sporadic brain. Enough idle chit chat. Let’s get to today’s poem!

This one is called Hangman. This poem deals with dark and trying times. It mainly has to do with suicide. Suicide seems to be an epidemic in our culture now a days. Many people glorify it, when in reality it’s not very beautiful or poetic. Suicide has to deal with people who have mental illness, and there is nothing graceful about killing yourself. I hope you guys can see that in this piece.


“I’m choking on the words I want to say,
But my mouth won’t obey.
There’s a noose around my neck,
My life’s a fucking wreck.
I can’t comprehend or grasp any meaning,
No compassion, only demeaning.
Ill hang myself with this rope,
I leave my last words in an envelope.
I’ll have no legacy to leave behind,
This was only a matter of time.
I take the first and final leap,
Just remember that I’ll only be put to sleep.”

~Eevee Luna~

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