Tarot Thursday IV

I’ll just get on with today’s reading considering work has made me into a zombie. Getting up at 3 & 4 in the morning makes me so sleepy in the evening, but I can’t complain about the money. That is what keeps me going! Today’s card was the Pages of Cups. I felt like some of this was fitting but not all of it. I’ll let you guys check out the summary.

The Pages of Cups card summary:
Key interpretations: Persons under 25 years old with less experiences and are building up a fortune. Occurrence, and new feeling, emotion, relationship or project. (I am going to be 27 so I don’t know how much this pertains to me…hahaha). pages-of-cups
“This card means learning new things especially your emotions, thoughts, and feelings. You may feel that what you are facing is something that you are not familiar with at all. You will have to adjust yourself to new society or learn how to adapt yourself to people you just know them. As for work, you still do not have enough skill to work and need some times to learn and understand it. You may have new friends at work. However, your bashful characteristic may prevent others to make friend with you. Thus, you should open your mind with people surrounding you. As for love, you may be impressed by someone or feeling good with someone but it is just a beginning of relationship. You need more time to study each other.”

If you are interested in having your daily tarot read then just click here: http://www.nexttarot.com/daily-tarot-reading.aspx. It’s always fun seeing what the week has in store. Till next time my pack! Cheers!

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