Wednesday Writings V

Since today was super snowy I thought I would share with you guys my poem called Blood and Snow. I wrote this poem as if I was an animal living in the forest on a cold winter day. I’m trying to find my way through the woods and I am also trying to find out who I am on the inside. But instead of being an actual beast, the beast is actually within my human skin the whole time. I hope you guys enjoy it!

Blood and Snow

“Clawing my way through the ashen snow
Blood seeping out of my wounds
My hands a mixture of flesh and gore
Crimson and red
Fire and ice
The snow liquefying under each new rush
The beast will not lay dormant
It’s pounding and beating against my ribs
Wanting to break free from its hallow cage
It’s hungry and ferocious
The taste of life set in its sights
I am vexed with pleasure but also pain
This monster lives inside of me
It follows me everywhere
But this gargoyle
of rage and seduction…
This monstrosity,
is me.”

~Eevee Luna~

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