Tarot Thursday V

This weeks tarot card was the Nine of Swords. I felt like this week was a little drab for me. With the weather being super snowy I wasn’t able to get out much the last three days. I think the cards were picking up on that and my negative energy. I’m hoping that this weekend will be a bit better. I definitely need some good vibes!

Here is the card summary for the Nine of Swords:
Key interpretations: This highest integer implies incompleteness as it needs adding of number one to be ten. You will be in a stressful situation and very worried. You may be too pessimistic about problem and loss because actually the situation is not so terrible.

“This is a card of loss and anxiety. Mostly it refers to a high stress. You will keep over thinking all the time that causes you a headache. You should try to control your emotions or else you may have a mental disorder from your anxieties. For work, you will work under stress and anxiety which will cause you sleepless. You may be blamed by others for your mistake and lose your self- confidence. For finance, you may have a serious financial problem and cannot solve it. However, you can at least change your spending behavior which will certainly give a positive result to you in the future. As for love, you will be disappointed and hurt by your lover. The best way is not to over think and reconcile together with reasons.”

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