Wednesday Writings VI

Hello, hello!
Today’s Wednesdays Writings is going to consist of some scratch thoughts I had tumbling around in my head. I saved this one under a subject titled “random dark writing.” It is now part of a story I am working on. I have been working on it for so long…haha…yeah things tend to get away from me. Life is just too busy sometimes! I have to work in order to make money and I need money to put food in my belly, warmth for my home, and lots of kitty litter since my boys never seem to stop pooping! XD Sorry if that was TMI…I just thought I would share that tidbit with you guys 😀  Everyone poops you know!

Anyways…lets get back to my writings. I hope you guys enjoy this piece as much as I do! And hopefully I can share more stories with you guys someday ❤

“I look for solace in things that are unseen. I crave the darkness just as much as it craves me. I was always enveloped by petulance, ghost, and the undead. The yearning for life is only but a dream. A dream so far out of reach it makes my body shudder and my heart shatter. I am reduced to nothingness, the sum of zero just like a corpse rotting in the ground for all of eternity. They say death is the worse fate to befall on man, but I say living a life a loneliness is worse than death itself. The empty thoughts, the hollow hole, buried deep in your heart, the restless nights with no one to comfort your inconceivable whims. You are alone with no one to hear your empty voice and useless thoughts. You are nothing without something, and I am nothing. I was a creature of the night. A wolf in sheep’s clothing so to speak. I was born with this curse, forever damned to live a life of solitude, repentance, and guilt. Why couldn’t I be the hero? I wanted nothing more than to help those around me. My moral compass is screwed beyond belief. Instead of pointing north, it was always drawn south. I yearned so hard for the things I could not grasp. Forever reaching into the darkness, I was born into, only to come up empty-handed. I wanted to be good. God dammit! I wanted so badly to be honorable.”

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