Fantical Friday

Today’s post is just a random thought I had going through my head. I was thinking about all the fantasy books I read in middle school/high school and was like, “Which mythical creatures are my favorite? Why not make a blog post about them?” So here we are my friends! A small little rambling of all the mythical creatures I adore and love so very much. Just a fun little tid-bit to fill in Fridays slot (because I obviously need to come up with better ideas to talk to you guys about). Will I ever learn the ways of book blogging? Probably not…but hey! It’s worth a shot at least! šŸ˜›

All of the pictures I am using will be from Devianart (you should head over there to see some cool one of a kind creations) and will be sited to the creators account. None of these pieces are mine but I do love sharing beautiful artwork! Just wanted to have a little disclosure just in case.

First pick (if you haven’t noticed from the featured image) is UNICORNS and PEGASI (this is the plural for pegasus)! This beautiful piece comes fromĀ I have always been into Unicorns and Pegasi since I was little (I am sure most of you have gathered this from some of my previous post). It stems from my fascination of horses since I could never own one…I always dreamed about having one. But lets face it…what little girl doesn’t want a horse/pony when princesses were always shoved down your throat at the tender age of 5 and 6? Princesses had EVERYTHING! And I mean everything. If they wanted something then they sure as hell got it. *Le sigh* Heck…I would just be happy with going horseback riding right now. If you want to know some fun facts about Unicorns then click here:Ā

My next pick goes to Harpies! I think why I resonate with Harpies so much is probably because I wish I was one! Harpies are bad ass b**tches who don’t take s**t from anyone. They are from Greek and Roman mythology in which their name means “snatchers.” Hence, why a Harpy could seduce a man and steal his heart. In many cases, Harpies are supposed to be ugly (because being a woman who is half bird is kind of weird), but in other instances they are beautiful and regal. Just check out this artwork fromĀ


I guess I like half and half creatures because my next pick is the Sphinx. The Sphinx is such an elegant creature. It comes from Greek mythology as well, but we also know that it shows up in Egyptian mythology. I mean, they didn’t build a Sphinx monument for no gosh darn reason! The Sphinx is usually depicted as a woman but I have seen some artwork of some male counterparts. There is one well known Sphinx who used to dwell outside the city Thebes and ask a riddle to all travelers. The riddle was this: Which is the creature that has one voice, but has four feet in the morning, two feet in the afternoon, and three feet at night? Anyone who didn’t answer correctly would be eaten by the Sphinx. Apparently there was a second riddle following the first. There are two sisters; one gives birth the the other, who in turn gives birth to the first. Who are they? Can you solve the Sphinx’s riddles? Let me know in the comment section if you do! I picked this Sphinx artwork because she was reading! šŸ™‚ It is fromĀ


Who doesn’t love a water creature with the voice of an angel that could drown you at any second? I know I do! Sirens/Mermaids are another mythical creature that I am sure many of us girls wanted to (also) be while growing up (this was due to Disney’s The Little Mermaid). But if you read Hans Christian Andersen’s Little MermaidĀ you would soon find out that it unfortunately doesn’t have a happy ending. I guess most of Mr. Andersen’s works are morbid and unhappy. Maybe I should read them! That’s exactly how my life is going (well…in some cases…haha). This artwork is done by one of my favorite digital artist Sakimichan! I follow her on Facebook and Instagram. You guys should go follow her too!Ā

I like Cerberus due to watching Disney’s Hercules and Harry Potter: The Sorcerer’s Stone. I mean he is essentially the bouncer for Hades in the Underworld. He guards the gates of Hell and only lets the dead enter. Cerberus is unmatched in power and strength (except for two times in Greek mythology). It is said that Cerberus’ power is unmatched because of his loyalty/dedication to the Gods. Hades eventually releases him and then was able to join the Gods in a more human mortal form later known as Naberius. You can find this artwork hereĀ


My last pick goes to the Hydra. (This is also probably due to Hercules as well). The Hydra is a nine-headed serpent who would grow two heads every time one was cut off. So, basically you are S.O.L if you cut off one of its heads. The Hydra comes from Greek mythology (I am starting to see a pattern here) and is the offspring of Typhon and Echidna. Eventually the Hydra was defeated by Hercules but became a constellation in the night sky. Look! You guys are getting a little history lesson with today’s post…how nice of me. šŸ˜€ This artwork only has six heads but I am sure you guys get the point (plus all the other artworks were kind of scary to post on here).Ā


What are some of your favorite mythical creatures? Are they in any of the books you’ve read/will read? If so leave your book recommendations in the comments below! I haven’t read too many books lately that have good mythical creatures and I am itching for some new ones. Thanks guys!

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