Man Crush Monday [Anime Edition]

Hey guys!
Sorry I have been sparse on post this week. I am currently fighting a head cold and it hasn’t been very fun. I am feeling a bit better today, but I still have some major coughing. Being sick leaves me little energy to do anything. I don’t want to spend all my time writing long blog post if I don’t have the will to do it lol so today will be on the short side. I am just going to go over some of my favorite male anime characters considering anime is my other love. It takes up almost all of my time if I am not reading. I am hoping maybe some of these choices will inspire you guys to go watch these shows 🙂

1. Osamu Dazai-Bungou Stray Dogs


Dazai is a new favorite of mine. He’s ultra funny and witty and super smart and also very interested in committing suicide. His humor in the show is contagious! It is so ostentatious that you can’t help but fall in love with him. While he is lighthearted throughout Bungou Stray Dogs you do get glimpse of him being a total bad ass mofo. You know he isn’t one to f**k around with. I love that about him! So carefree one minute and the next he’s a diabolical genius.

2. Shogo Makishima-Psycho Pass


Shogo is the villain in season one of Psycho Pass but personally he is one of my all time favorite anime characters. His development as a character excels far ahead of any other anime character that I have grown attached to. He is best described as, “a humanist on the dark side: someone hopelessly in love with cruelty, savagery and all the worst aspects of human nature with no qualms about witnessing or causing others’ suffering. He has the ability to manipulate people to do his bidding, possessing both uncommon charisma and a true gift for persuasive speech. He has no compunction about dealing death to those who either stand in his way or those of whom he’s grown tired, either with his own hands or through subordinates.” –Thank you for this description…I couldn’t have described this so I need some help…tehehe. I view Shogo not as a villain but from more of a psychological standpoint. That is basically what Psycho Pass is about; a computerized system that gauges ones “psycho pass” or in latent terms “psychological state.” I highly suggest this anime if you are into psychology or thrillers.

3. Natsume Asahina-Brothers Conflict


Of course I pick the one brother who has cats! Haha…Brothers Conflict is a reverse harem anime (if you don’t know what that means have fun looking it up :P) about 12 brothers who fall for their new sister (she is only married into the family so…NO…it’s not incest…even though this is also highly frowned upon as well) but the anime is so damn good! Natsume will always be my favorite out of the bunch even though I did love Subaru too! But Natsume was definitely more up my alley 😉

4. Tomoe-Kamisama Hajimemashita


Tome is a familiar working at a shrine when he meets the protagonist Nanami in Kamisama Hajimemashita. Tomoe is actually a very powerful fox yokai that comes from a very heartbreaking past. When we first meet him he is closed off and even a bit brash, but eventually you come to realize he is caring and kind hearted deep down. He plays the “hot” and “cold” type of character very well. I just adore him and his fox ears :3

5. Simon and Kamina-Gurren Lagann


These two are hard to share the same slot. Both Kamina and Simon play off each other so much in Gurren Lagann that they are practically the same person at heart. In a way Simon grows up to be just like Kamina while setting off on his own path. Kamina is determined and seeks for a better life then the one handed to him while Simon is timid but a dreamer. You honestly won’t find a better duo than these two! 😀

Honorable Mentions:

Fumito Nanahara-Blood C
Nicolas (Nico) Brown-GANGSTA
Decim-Death Parade
Victor Nikiforov-Yuri!!! on Ice
Angelo Lagusa-91 Days
Nine-Zankyou no Terror
Howl Pendragon-Howl’s Moving Castle
Ashitaka-Princess Mononoke
Haku-Spirited Away
Prince Endymion-Sailor Moon
Kaneki Ken-Tokyo Ghoul
Sebastian-Black Butler
Haru-Super Lovers
Shuu-Diabolik Lovers

If you guys do end up watching any of these shows let me know! I would love to be able to discuss some of these with all of you ❤


4 thoughts on “Man Crush Monday [Anime Edition]

      1. I haven’t posted anything anime related in a while. I need to refresh myself after my tbr this feb 😂 this post really boost me up 😍😍😍


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