Wednesday Writings IX

Today’s Wednesday Writings is a poem called Hangman. It’s basically a mini sonnet of what it would be like if you were about to commit suicide and hang yourself. I write a lot of stuff about suicide because I have many friends that struggle with it. I try to put myself in their shoes and see what they might be feeling. I tend to go for more dark and morbid poetry, but I do write some nice things from time to time. Enjoy!


I’m choking on the words I want to say,
But my mouth won’t obey.
There’s a noose around my neck,
My life’s a fucking wreck.
I can’t comprehend or grasp any meaning,
No compassion, only demeaning.
Ill hang myself with this rope,
I leave my last words in an envelope.
I’ll have no legacy to leave behind,
This was only a matter of time.
I take the first and final leap,
Just remember that I’ll only be put to sleep.

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