My Picks Monday

I was just over on YouTube watching the lovely Hailey from the channel Hailey in Bookland (just click here for her channel: You should go subscribe to her because she has some awesome bookish videos and reviews! (Plus she it totes adorbs). Anyways, her video today was all the literary female characters that inspire her and I thought to myself, “Hey! That’s a good idea to run with.” So here we are now!

This list will be my favorite female characters in literature. As Hailey stated in her video I will be skipping over Katniss from The Hunger Games (because Katniss is a give in on most of the list created by me). I feel like she is the “free pass” of this list 😛 Instead I will be going over other female heroines that have made an impact on my life in some way, shape or form. Lets get this party started! *Throws confetti in the air*

1. Luna from Reign of Shadows & Rise of Firereign-of-shadows

Well this shouldn’t be a surprise to you all since I just finished up Rise of Fire a few short weeks ago. As I stated in my review of Reign of Shadows (which can be found here: I love Luna so so much! I haven’t fallen in love with a literary character this quickly before in a very long time. Luna is beautiful, and strong, and also doesn’t listen very well (much like myself) and I adore her for all of those qualities. She also has a bad ass side and I wish I could be more like that! *Le sigh*

2. Rhine from Wither (The Chemical Garden Trilogy)

wither-coverI have been following the amazingly talented author Lauren DeStefano for quite some time. It of course all started with Wither. If you still haven’t read this series please stop what you are doing and go purchase it now! Like go, go, go! Wither’s main character, Rhine is just everything! In a world where people don’t live past the age of 20 and 25 you have to be strong, determined, and unafraid to do what it takes to survive. That is exactly what Rhine is…a survivor. If I was ever kidnapped and forced to be someone’s bride I hope I could be like Rhine. A girl who will stop at nothing to become free of her gilded cage.

3. Lia from Frozen (The Cold Awakening Trilogy)

frozenFrozen (The Cold Awakening Trilogy) is one series I know a lot of people haven’t read. It is also one of the very few sci-fi series I hold close to my heart. I tend to shy away from sci-fi heading more towards dark fantasy and contemporary, but this series! OH MAN HOW I LOVE THIS SERIES! Lia is killed in a terrible car accident but her brain is downloaded into a Mech that looks exactly like her old body. This story deals with her new life as an A.I. and the political onslaught of people believing artificial intelligent’s shouldn’t be viewed the same way as humans should be. I loved this book because of how you could be torn one way and then flipped around to the next. Lia really struggles with the fact that she is “downloaded” into this new body without her ever really wanting it. She is really naive to the fact that not all humans view these Mechs the same way but gradually she realizes this in the next two books. I liked Lia because I could see myself in her actions, choices and words. I think that is why I love this series so much (because who doesn’t love a character we can all relate to).

4. River from The Graces

the-graces-2I wish I could say a ton of things about River from The Graces, but that would mean I would spoil the ending of this magnificent book. River is a person who doesn’t fully understand herself. She wants to fit in badly with the Graces (which consist of Summer, Fenrin and Thalia), but in her own right River doesn’t need to fit in anywhere. (You will understand this once you get to the end of the book). I think deep down River always knew this but hadn’t come to terms with it until the very end. I think a lot of us hide our true selves in order to fit in with the so called “in” crowd, but we fail to realize we don’t need to fit in. We need to stand out and be true to who we are through and through. Be who you want to be on your own accord, and don’t follow everyone else.

5. Arsinoe from Three Dark Crowns

tdc-picMy last pick goes to my favorite lady from Three Dark Crowns…Arsinoe (I really liked Mirabella as well). She is sassy, and relentless and even has a humorous side (which I can get behind because I love being funny). She was the girl I related to most out of all of them. I hated how the other towns referred to her as the “ugly” sister. She was in NO WAY ugly! I guess I always pictured the triplets as identical (until my best friend stated that they probably aren’t) and then I started to see things a bit differently. Arsinoe had this charm about her and I think that’s why Jules loved her so much. While she might have been indifferent from time to time, I think the people of Fennbirn could rally behind her if she was Queen. She is definitely one of those characters that “grows” as the story progresses.


Hazel from The Darkest Part of the Forest
Cassia from Matched (The Matched Trilogy)
Laurel from Wings (The Laurel Series)
Bronwyn from How Far Would You Have Gotten If I Hadn’t Called You Back?
Belly from The Summer I Turned Pretty

Who are some of you favorite literary female characters? Do they have similar traits or similarities to you personally? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section!

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