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magic-with-skin-onBefore we get into this mini review of Magic With Skin On, I just wanted to say that the featured image is from Morgan Nikola-Wren’s social media which can be found here: and here: So make sure you go and follow her. You will not regret it one teeny tiny bit! I will (hopefully) be taking some personal snaps of this book very soon because I want it on full display ASAP!

I read this lovely masterpiece in about an hour. Probably because it’s a poetry book and not a full length novel…but JIMINY CRICKETS! This book was DELICIOUS! I couldn’t stop devouring it after the first page.

The book is broken up into different “acts.” In a sense kind of like how a play would be written…you can just think of Shakespeare…that might be a more useful example. There are seven acts and several pages of poetry after each so called “act.” I have to say…it was a BRILLIANT  way to piece this book together. Each “act” consist of miniature stories that correlate all together in the end. So it’s like you are getting a story without it being super lengthy or boring.

My favorite act had to be Act 4. I could relate to every single poem that was written in that act. It was like Morgan ripped a page from my book and made it into her own. I was in awe, shock, and wonder after reading these poems. I kept thinking, “How does she know what my life is like?! Is she psychic or something?” I was totally entranced and bewildered by her words. I’ll show you guys some examples of her vivacious words.

Act 4 Poem I 

“so hungry for adventure
i always used to
beg you
to weave your bootlaces
up your words
so i could taste every
land you’d
been to in your

a shoestring romance,
all we could afford
in the precious little
that remained
between your wanderings

and you may have had
a plane ticket for a tongue,
but you were the most 
delicious travel expense 
i ever spread
across my “i love yous”

carving jam-scarlet smiles
into my heart 
until you’d dug a hole
just your shape

i didn’t even notice the
empty space until you
were a sea away and i
was still sky high,
pocketing all that 
freezing air in
my chest

the terrible truth
is anything
can look like love if
you’ve got enough lonely
in your eyes”

Act 4 Poem III

“i think i spent
so long telling myself

that love was madness
because i was so scared 
of leaving your
straitjacket embrace 

that’s what you call

Act 4 Poem XII

“i have let far too many boys
slide into me because 
they were not at home
in their own skin”

Act 4 Poem XIII

“the next time you come at me,
with charm in your eyes
and a throat full of
“would never hurt you,”
i’ll remember that i’m just 
a mistake your memory
couldn’t carry, and you’re
just an apology i’ll never
hear the air explode into,
a double-jointed voice
and a snake oil smile-
so, scrub your shadow
from my front door
don’t sell me
a knock-off
love i don’t need”

These poems are the very breath of me! Morgan’s words struck at the very core of my heartstrings. They tugged, and pulled, and yanked every possible emotion out of me until I was left bare and raw with fortitude. All of the mini-sonnets and poems are literally MAGIC WITH SKIN ON. I never knew words could be so vexing while also being haunting at the same time.

When I read the scaled-down stories I imagined this beautiful broken woman who wanted so badly to be loved by a man who in turn really didn’t know how to love. Sure, he was dreamy and charming and radiant as the sun, but he was also cunning, passive, and uncaring. He always held her at arms length until one day she decided she didn’t need him anymore. She was under his spell for so long that she forgot who she was deep down in her inky black soul. She could write endless love letters, she could pour her very existence into her work, she could make the stars shine with a brightness so bold that it would blind you, but do you think he noticed that? No. Not until it was too late. He was her magic with skin on and she was the same to him, but just like two ships passing in the night they both went their separate ways.

I felt like I was swept up into a whirlwind of romance, heartbreak, tears of sorrow, smiles of happiness, and illusionary enchantment when I read Magic With Skin On. I am ecstatic that I picked up this book! Thank you Morgan for making something so PERFECT! I love love love reading your words everyday on Facebook and Instagram. Your words have captivated me from the moment I found you and I CANNOT wait to read more from you! This was a STUNNING and INCREDIBLE debut! You can only go up from here.

If you want to pick up this book you can do so here:

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