Anime Ladies Who Are Delightfully Beautiful But Could Probably Snap Your Neck With Their Thighs

I was mulling over some ideas the other night and this topic (see titled post above) came to my noggin. I’ve noticed a trend in strong female characters (almost borderline yandere) and it really got me thinking. Mainly about the female anime characters that would snap your neck like a twig in between their thighs if they had the opportunity to do so. I have a vivid imagination okay?!

I just wanted to go over my personal list of ladies who I enjoy seeing kick ass the most. I feel like deserve a bit more limelight. Some of these ravishing ladies are only side characters in their series and they need more attentions! So here I am making a post about them. How nice of me huh? I’m just that person who keeps on giving. Ya know what I mean jellybean?

1. Kouyou Ozaki from Bungou Stray Dogs (Season 2)

There is just something about Kouyou’s presence that I love! She is elegant and regal, yet an impenetrable women. You can tell she is serious, emotional and cruel just by the way she appears in Bungou Stray Dogs Season 2. I wanted to see more of her in the show though! She didn’t get enough screen time in my opinion. I want to know everything about her. I feel like her backstory would be AMAZING to see on the small screen. I love character’s that feel mysterious yet insanely powerful. Those are the characters I am drawn to the most. That is probably why I am also super curious about Satella from Re:Zero. Looks like I might have to do a little more research here shortly!

Kouyou wallpaper

2. Elsa Granhiert from Re:ZeroElsa from Re

Speaking of Re:Zero, that brings me to my next favorite lady! Elsa! There are A LOT of strong female choices in Re:Zero; from Ram & Rem, to Crusch and Theresia Van Astrea, so on and so forth, but I personally feel like Elsa doesn’t get enough credit! She is a GREAT villain character. I MEAN JUST LOOK AT HER IN THE FIRST COUPLE OF EPISODES! They don’t call her the “Bowel Hunter” for nothing! She is another character I am highly intrigued by and I wouldn’t mind knowing her story either. I think it would make for “killer” entertainment. Tehehe…you see what I did there? 😉

Elsa Re Zero

3. Koko Hekmatyar from Jormungand

Koko Jor

Koko is another lady that I feel gets overlooked simply because of her quirky personality in Jormungand. The audience sometimes sees rare glimpses of her being bat shit crazy/almost going yandere though! If you have seen Jormungand then you know Sofia and Chiquita usually take the cake in terms of being a “kick ass” female characters, but I don’t think Koko should be underestimated. She definitely has the “intent to kill” vibe when she wants someone to listen to her demands. You can see it in her wicked smile and her piercing blue eyes.

4. Clementine from Overlord

Clementine 2

Clementine is just a favorite character in general, but I do love the way she fights in Overlord. She is a character you love to hate and hate to love, but you kinda like her anyways. It was a bit disappointing how cocky she was in Overlord. I guess I wanted to see her character develop just a bit more before she…oops! Can’t spoil it for the people who haven’t seen the show yet! But I can tell you she got what was coming to her when Ains Ooal Gown showed up. You can’t expect to crush the MC of the show without a little (more like a lot) blood shed.

5. Altair from Re:CREATORS

Altair Recreators

Altair is one of my newest favorite ladies of all time. Her character design is STUNNING! I immediately fell in love with her when Re:CREATORS premiered. I also have a big thing for Magane from the show! Both of these ladies are so well done in terms of design, character development, skills, etc. Altair is another character that has this mysterious aura. She makes you feel anxious, like you want to uncover her secrets (and there are a lot of them) and know what her end game is. She is this big cloud of puzzlement that you can’t place your finger on. You would totally know what I am talking about if you watched the show. Actually, I am ordering you to go watch the show! Just do it. You will thank me later! 😀

What are some of your favorite demented, strong, underestimated ladies in anime? Do you agree with the ladies I have on my list? If so what are some of the qualities you like the most? If not, why? Let me know in the comments section below! And as always thank you for joining me on this grand random adventure! Cheers my pandas! ❤

Disclaimer: All imagery and photos come from searching for them on the internet. I have no claim or right to them.

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