Topic Tuesday-Do You Think It’s Possible To Narrow Down Anime Series/Manga To A Favorite Top Ten?

Here we go.

Every otaku’s FAVORITE dreaded question…”What’s your favorite anime?”

Where does one even start with that quizzically imposing question? How do we tell our fellow non-otaku’s that the question they are asking is harder to answer than anything else in our tiny mundane weeaboo lives? How do we let them gently without anyone getting hurt?

The answer is…YOU DON’T. I’ve been thinking A LOT about said question over the last couple of days while visiting my family over the weekend. I even asked you guys over on Twitter (follow me here: about this, (and while it only got 4 votes), many believe you can narrow down anime/manga to a favorite top ten list.

But for me personally, I don’t know if you REALLY can. Don’t get me wrong, in many instances you CAN narrow down anime/manga by a considerable margin, but in all retrospect I think it’s almost impossible to do.

Anime/manga can NEVER be perfect. Anime/manga series always contain some type of flaw; whether that be execution, character reliability, if it engages the viewer or not, etc etc. It all comes down to the viewers perception of the anime/manga. As I have stated many many times before, everyone has different taste. We are all wired differently! I may like said anime/manga while Jane Doe hates it. That is the nature of the game.

So here I am with the grandiose question…can we narrow down anime to a measly top ten manifest?

I tried Googling this question and was met with a selection of sites that talked about choosing the right anime to watch, which shows were top ten in their specific category, and how to rank your top ten anime. (Keep in mind this was just the first page on Google). I decided to check out some of these pages for myself.

Alfonso “Fonzy” Ortiz over on Honey’s Anime ( had 6 tips for choosing the right anime if you are a newbie and don’t know where to start. I actually find these tips quite useful! He had some great points and I think even veterans of anime/manga can use these as well.

Dark_Sage over on Crymore ( has some interesting concepts on how to rank your top ten. Basically, you make your list and then cut all the bullshit from that said list in order to come up with something MOST everyone can agree on. This concept mainly applies to seasonal anime/manga though, not every series/story as a whole.

And of course many web pages were dedicated to top ten list in “specific categories” from top ten fantasy anime, to top ten favorite siblings in anime, to even the top ten best anime boobs of all time. I couldn’t help but get a kick out of that one! XD

Revolutionary Girl UtenaThe only really useful article I found was on page 5 of my Googling. It was a blog post by Scott on Mechanical Anime Reviews ( In his post he went on to talk about why he DOESN’T have a favorite anime. He talks about seeing other people’s favorites on My Anime List and being jealous of not being able to narrow down his list to several favorites. He knew these series were good, if not great, but why stop at just choosing one? How could he solve his problem? This is what he states:

“To solve this problem, I just decided to not choose any of them.  It was the easiest solution to fixing this problem.  I continually watch more seasonal anime and anime that have long since aired so my pool of anime knowledge is always growing.  Knowing that the number of anime I’ve watched is nearing 500, why would I want to choose one anime to title as my favorite.  Anime is a diverse medium/art form and choosing one anime to represent my taste feels completely wrong.  Not even a top ten list would give me the capacity to do that.  Yes, there are some anime that I like much better than others, but in my repertoire, there are some that I consider on the same level for different reasons.” 

But then he faced another problem…how can you stand to compare “favorites” when all of them can be favorably, if not equally, better than one another? Having a favorite anime/manga means it is always facing uncertainty, because the next big thing could be right around the corner or not even released yet.

“My second problem with having a favorite is uncertainty.  When you watch something that is on a close level to being your favorite, how are you sure that the series that you decided is your favorite is still your favorite?  Unless you rematch your favorite series all the time to reinforce that it is, you don’t know for sure that it is.  A favorite is always based on bias, but a person’s taste changes over time.  After a while, when you rewatch a series that you consider a favorite for a long time, you might not feel the same way about it.  Then you wonder why you ever thought it was in the first place.  There is also a possibility that you like it even more for different reasons too.  It’s impossible to know.” 

I love how he ends his article! ❤

“Just know that when people ask me what my favorite shows are, I’m going to respond by saying “I haven’t watched enough yet.” 

In a way I wish we got to see more of Scott’s thoughts on this question. I felt like he could have really dove into the aspects of a “top ten favorite anime list,” but what he did state was 1000% how I feel about this question! You can come up with a top ten list now and I can GUARANTEE it will change 10 years down the line. I have a top ten favorites list myself currently, but know I already need to change it. There have been so many AMAZING anime release since I created it. Sometimes I feel like I can’t keep up! It’s exhausting.

Sometimes you just need to crawl under a rock and never come out! Other times you need to face the music and tell people how you really feel. My own personal ideals lie with the fact that you can narrow down a top ten list but in ALL types of categories. You know…favorite Sci-Fi, Mech, Film, Yaoi/Yuri, Ecchi, Fantasy, Psychological, etc…you guys get the point!

I feel like a favorite anime/manga is something that is protected by time, so with each year that passes anime/manga gets better. Kind of like how something is good for nostalgic purposes or what might be in store for our future selves. I DO feel like there is a PERFECT anime/manga out there for all of us and we will know when we watch/read it. It could have been already created or it could be coming out sometime in the future, but we will definitely know when we cross that threshold. It is something that makes us giddy inside or gives us goosebumps when we see/read it. I love that feeling!

What are your guy’s thoughts on this? Do you think it’s possible to narrow down anime/manga into a top ten list? Do you have a top ten favorite list already? Does it need some rework or will you leave it “as is” for now? Let me know your thoughts and opinions down below! 😀

P.S. This is my 101th blog post! HOLY GUACAMOLE! I can’t believe I have already created that many blog topics. *Does the happy dance* Thank you for being here my pandas! Your support is greatly appreciated!

Disclaimer: All imagery and photos come from searching for them on the internet. I have no claim or right to them.

15 thoughts on “Topic Tuesday-Do You Think It’s Possible To Narrow Down Anime Series/Manga To A Favorite Top Ten?

  1. Yes, I avoid ever actually having a favourite anime because I know someone will mention another title in the next breath and I’ll think, yeah that was also really good. When I did the thirty day anime challenge, I totally cheated on this questin and just did a montage of images from anime I really loved.

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    1. Right?! It is so hard to choose just a handful! It’s like, “Yes, I like this one, and this one, and this one…” and then the next thing you know your list is ENDLESS! Lol I don’t think we should have to play favorites when it comes to anime/manga.

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  2. Excuse me while I hide my face in embarrassment. *blushes and covers face*

    Thank you for qouting my article a lot. It made me so happy and made a hard day of work go off better. Maybe I’ll look into the aspects of a top ten list in the near future here, because while I have some ideas on what I want to write about, I have written them down in any kind of form yet.

    Thank you so much…again…forever…

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    1. I would definitely love to hear more of your thoughts on this topic. If you want I would be so down for a joint post as well! I liked how your post was short, sweet and to the point. Not many people can convey their feelings in such a small amount of words. I can’t wait for people to ask me what my favorite anime is now XD I’ll be using your line!

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  3. I have a top 10 list, it changes sometimes by the hour so it’s completely meaningless but some deep dark part of my soul feels compelled to constantly put things in order. This said, does anyone have a bottom 10 list?

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