Face-Off Friday: Rias Gremory VS. Mio Naruse

Let me just say this,

I always enjoy coming up with new topics/discussions for you my pandas! I’m always constantly thinking about how I can improve my Ani-blogging or what I can do differently from my fellow anime peers. I mean…this blogging business is no joke. I take my post very seriously and I am sure my other fellow bloggers feel the same way. We want to provide the best quality anime content we can. So instead of today being Fantasy Friday, I want to bring you guys a new idea of mine. FACE-OFF FRIDAY!

Today I will be taking two anime characters and pitting them against each other in a fiery pit of death! MUAHAHAHA XD

Just kidding!

More like I will be comparing two alike characters, (whether that be in appearance, personality, or them as a character overall), and seeing which character would win if they were to crossover and battle each other. Just a good ol’ fashion fight to the death. Nothing out of the normal…ya know what I mean jellybean? ūüėõ

Today’s opponents are Rias Gremory from Highschool DXD


Mio Naruse from Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha (The Testament of Sister New Devil)! 

Sexy red-headed Demon princess VS. Sexy red-headed Demon princess!

Here is what we know about Rias from my lovely friends over at http://highschooldxd.wikia.com/wiki/Rias_Gremory:

“She is the next heiress of the Gremory Clan after her older brother Sirzechs took the title of Lucifer.¬†She is the only daughter and youngest child of Zeoticus and Venelana Gremory, the auntie of Millicas Gremory, and the cousin of Sairaorg and Madgaran Bael. She is known as the¬†Crimson-Haired Ruin Princess.¬†

Rias is the daughter and second child of the Gremory Family. She became the heir after her brother,¬†Sirzechs, became the Satan Lucifer, losing his right as heir to the house. After being announced as the heiress of the Gremory Clan, Rias was eventually placed into an engagement with¬†Riser Phenex. When she was a child, she was attacked by a camel for making fun of it, which caused her to have a strong fear of camels ever since. Just seeing imagery of a camel is enough to trigger her fear, as shown when she gets frightened seeing her clan’s mascot which is a camel.

Prior to the series, Rias has reincarnated¬†Akeno Himejima,¬†Koneko Toujou,¬†Yuuto Kiba, and¬†Gasper Vladi¬†as members of her¬†peerage. Rias met Akeno, her Queen, first servant and best friend, in Japan saving Akeno from being killed by her fellow Himejima Clan members after Akeno accidentally entered Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa’s territory. She then met Koneko, her second servant, after her brother rescued Koneko from being executed, leaving Koneko under Rias’ care. She later reincarnated both Yuuto and Gasper, the former who died after being a part of the “Holy Sword Project” and the latter killed by vampire¬†hunters.”

Rias Grem

Rias’s powers include:

  • Power of Destruction: A type of demonic energy that allows her to release energies that can disintegrate matter, both living and inanimate, with relative ease. She is further able to control the shape and power of the technique such as creating multiple softball sized bullets to lessen the destructive force yet increase the range of her attack.
  • Extinguished Star¬†“Demonic Star of Extinction”: Rias’ ultimate one-hit kill technique created from the change in Rias’s demonic power due to the influence of Issei’s power. Rias manipulates her Power of Destruction into a compression of unimaginable amounts of demonic power; takes the form of an enormous sphere with a mixture of crimson and black aura radiating from inside of it that launches it toward her enemies in a slow velocity. It has the ability of a magnetic force; pulling the enemies towards it and get disintegrated by the latter similar to a black hole. Its destructive power is stated to surpass the speed of the retiring system in the Rating Game.

Magic Expert: Rias is also shown to be proficient in using magic such as the ritual to drain energy from Issei’s left hand to let it appear human again, healing spells, teleportation magic, as well as defensive magic to protect herself as well as her servants from powerful attacks.

Oppai Beam: Rias has gained the ability to project a red light from her breasts, which recharges Issei’s energy. Each use of this power causes her breasts to temporarily shrink in size, which makes Issei cry even though it’s sometimes necessary. Her breast size will restore itself after a few days of rest.

Expert Tactician: Though outsmarted several times throughout the series, Rias has proven herself to be an excellent tactician and has saved her team along with others many times due to her profound intellect and her ability to handle unexpected difficulties calmly.

Flight: Being a Devil, Rias can fly using her wings.

Memory Alteration: Rias has shown that she has skills in memory alteration using it on Issei’s Parents.

Here is what we know about Mio from my lovely friends over at http://shinmaimaou.wikia.com/wiki/Mio_Naruse:

“Mio¬†is a¬†Demon¬†who is the Demon Princess and next in line for the¬†Demon Lord¬†position. She is the daughter of the previous Demon Lord, the late¬†Wilbert, and is the niece of¬†Ramusas. She inherited her father’s abilities after his death and became aware of her heritage 6 months before meeting the Toujou family who unofficially adopt her and her retainer,¬†Maria, into their family. Mio became¬†Basara’s servant through the¬†Master and Servant Contract.

When Mio was born, her father entrusted her to two demons to raise her on earth like a normal human girl in order to protect her from his enemies. However, this plan failed when her father died and her adoptive parents were killed by¬†Zolgear, traumatizing Mio and leaving Maria as her only guardian.”

Mio 2

Mio’s powers include:

  • Gravity Magic: The signature ability of her father. Mio is capable of using the same gravity magic as her father, but not to the same extent. While her control of this magic is lacking, it’s raw power is still enough to easily crush any opponent, including a¬†Heroic Spirit, albeit leaving her extremely exhausted afterwards.
  • Gravity Barrier: An ability Mio once used without even realizing it. By focusing her Gravity Magic, she creates a concentration of distorted gravity around herself, capable of blocking almost any attack.

Magic Expert: After discovering her Demon heritage, Mio trained with Maria for six months in the use of magic. Initially, her level of competency was of low-level, and she needed the assistance of Maria to perform more complicated spells and enchantments, with varying results of success. After further training, and frequent “subjugation” sessions with Basara, her power and skill have increased drastically, to the point that she could single-handedly destroy a Heroic Spirit in one attack.

  • Elemental Magic: Mio’s signature method of attack. She has displayed great skill in the use of natural elements, her most frequently used ones being lightning and fire.
  • Flight Magic: During the events of volume 7, Mio has shown the ability to fly¬†via¬†magic.

Master-Servant Contract: Though not one of her own abilities, the Master-Servant contract that Mio has with Basara is still considered a demonic power. As the first person who signed the contract with Basara, Mio has set time aside almost everyday to deepen her bond with Basara and increase her overall power with the contract. As such, her power has grown to the point that even after having the lion’s share of her power sealed off by Zolgear, Mio was still powerful enough to blow off his hand just by getting near it.

Sexual Resilience: As a result of her frequent “subjugation” sessions with Basara, Mio has acquired a high level of resilience to the aphrodisiac effects of the Master Servant contract. Though at the same time, she’s also gained an extremely, sexually sensitive body that makes being touched by another person difficult at times.

High-Level Charisma: As a pretty high school girl with an appealing body, Mio has often attracted unwanted attention from the opposite sex. But, she is able to use this attention to her advantage by getting the members of her fan club to work for her on occasion. For example, during the preparations for the school festival, Mio simply joined one of the departments with the least amount of people working on it, and half of the male population of the school followed her.

Two very formidable opponents if I do say so myself! Both are totally cute, and sexy, and childish all at the same time. I feel like Rias is a bit more sure of her powers while Mio still struggles with hers. But that doesn’t mean Mio should be taken lightly! Rias still has a lot to learn and will become quite skilled/powerful when the time comes (as if she isn’t already lololz). Mio seems like she might be a loose cannon, especially when it comes to Basara. I guess the same could be said of Issei and Rias! These two ladies have very very similar looks and character attributes. That’s why I stuck them together! I feel like this battle would be a pretty damn close call.

I think I may have to go with Rias on this one. Mainly due to her¬†Crimson Extinct Dragonar. Which is a combination technique between Rias and Issei. Issei uses his Red Wyverns and they sync both of their auras and the Wyverns attach themselves to Rias to create her own female version of Issei‚Äôs Scale Mail. The armor acts just like Issei’s, boosting Rias’s abilities and giving her the ability to utilize Boost, Transfer, and Penetrate until she reaches her limit.

I want to hear your thoughts on this Face-Off battle! Who would you choose to win? Rias Gremory or Mio Naruse? Who do you think has the better set of magical skills? Do you think it could also turn out to be a draw? Let me know in the comments section below! ūüėÄ

Disclaimer: All imagery and photos come from searching for them on the internet. I have no claim or right to them.

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