TTT: Top Ten Tuesday-Fall Anime Series I’m DYING To Watch. Gimme Gimme!

It’s never too early to talk about upcoming anime right? Right!

Eat. Sleep. Watch anime. Repeat.

That seems to be my daily life these days, with the occasional work thrown into the mix as well. We are finally getting down to the last few weeks of summer anime season and I am already SOOOO PUMPED for fall series to start. My mind is always thinking miles ahead when it comes to anime. Like, “What’s coming out next?” or “How many more weeks till we get new shows?” Yeah…just typical otaku shit.

I’ve come to the realization that I have friends who enjoy anime but no one seems to be on my level of “enjoyment.” I’m pretty deep into the realm of anime/otaku culture, but not like other people I’ve seen on the interwebs. I wonder if I’ll ever get there someday? Who knows! But I am willing to find out. Tehehe 😀

I’m getting off topic…let’s focus here Ayano-senpai! Your fellow pandas have come for the animus not you. Well, maybe a little bit for you….hopefully you guys come here for more anime knowledge and not my witty sarcastic humor….cause I’m pretty bad at it sometimes. I’m not a freakin’ comedic okay?!

WHAT ELSE DO YOU WANT FROM ME?! *silently sobs in the corner while cuddling my Ein plushie*

I’ll kick off this list with the anime I am most anticipating…Kujira no Kora wa Sajou ni Utau!

1. Kujira no Kora wa Sajou ni Utau

Anime synopsis:

“Chakuro is the 14-year-old archivist of the Mud Whale, a nigh-utopian island that floats across the surface of an endless sea of sand. Nine in ten of the inhabitants of the Mud Whale have been blessed and cursed with the ability to use saimia, special powers that doom them to an early death.

Chakuro and his friends have stumbled across other islands, but they have never met, seen, or even heard of a human who wasn’t from their own. One day, Chakuro visits an island as large as the Mud Whale and meets a girl who will change his destiny.”

2. Kekkai Sensen and Beyond

No synopsis needed for this since it is the second season of Kekkai Sensen (Blood Blockade Battlefront). If you haven’t seen the first season then just skip over this or if you want to know about it just click here:

3. Mahoutsukai no Yome (The Ancient Magus Bride)

Anime synopsis:

“Chise Hatori has lived a life full of neglect and abuse, devoid of anything resembling love. Far from the warmth of family, she has had her share of troubles and pitfalls. Just when all hope seems lost, a fateful encounter awaits her. When a man with the head of a beast, wielding strange powers, obtains her through a slave auction, Chise’s life will never be the same again.”

There is also a two part special of this already out. One episode was released on 09/10/2016 and the other was released on 03/10/2017. I suggest watching those two episodes before you dive into this!

4. Shokugeki no Souma: San no Sara

This is the same as Kekkai Sensen…no anime synopsis needed since this is the third season of Shokugeki no Souma (Food Wars!). If you haven’t seen the first two seasons then just skip over this or if you want to know about them just click here:

5. Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou

Anime synopsis:

“Civilization is dead, but Chito and Yuuri are still alive. So they hop aboard their beloved Kettenkrad motorbike and aimlessly wander the ruins of the world they once knew. Day after hopeless day, they look for their next meal and fuel for their ride. But as long as the two are together, even an existence as bleak as theirs has a ray or two of sunshine in it, whether they’re sucking down their fill of soup or hunting for machine parts to tinker with. For two girls in a world full of nothing, the experiences and feelings the two share give them something to live for…”

6. Net-juu no Susume

Anime synopsis:

“Moriko Morioka is a 30-year-old single NEET woman. After dropping out from reality, she has taken off in search for a fulfilling life and ended up in a net game or “netoge.” In the netoge world, she began her new life as a refreshing and handsome character named Hayashi. While starting out as a beginner, a pretty character named Lily reached out to help her. Meanwhile, in the real world, awaits a shocking encounter with a good-looking elite company employee, a mysterious blue-eyed blonde.”

7. Konohana Kitan

Anime synopsis:

“The manga’s story is set in Kokohana-tei, a hot spring hotel located in an inn town between our world and the other world, where many people go to visit. The story portrays the lives of fox spirits, who take the form of girls and work at the hotel.”

8. Inuyashiki

Anime synopsis:

“Ichiro Inuyashiki is down on his luck. While only 58 years old, his geriatric looks often have him written off as a pathetic old man by the world around him and he’s constantly ignored and disrespected by his family despite all that he’s done to support them. On top of everything else, his doctor has revealed that he has cancer and it appears that he has little time left in this world. But just when it seems things couldn’t get any worse, a blinding light in the night sky strikes the earth where Ichiro stands. He later wakes up to find himself unscathed, but he soon starts to notice that there’s something…different about himself.”

9. Black Clover

Anime synopsis:

“Asta is a young boy who dreams of becoming the greatest mage in the kingdom. Only one problem – he can’t use any magic! Luckily for Asta, he receives the incredibly rare five-leaf clover grimoire that gives him the power of anti-magic. Can someone who can’t use magic really become the Wizard King? One thing’s for sure – Asta will never give up!”

10. Houseki no Kuni

Anime synopsis:

“In the distant future, a new life form called Houseki (gems) are born. The 28 Houseki must fight against the moon dwellers who want to attack them and turn them into decorations, thus each gem is assigned a role such as a fighter or a medic. Though he hopes to fight the moon dwellers, Phos is a gem who is given no assignment until the gems’ master Adamantine asks him to edit a natural history magazine.”

Other shows I’ll be watching for fall season:
Blend S
Two Car
Dia Horizon
Juuni Taisen
Just Because!
Vanishing Line
Imouto sae Ireba Ii.
Ousama Game The Animation
Osake wa Fuufu ni Natte Kara
Code:Realize – Sousei no Himegimi
Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World – the Animated Series

Disclaimer: All imagery and photos come from searching for them on the internet. I have no claim or right to them.

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