Halloween Was Spooktacular…But Where The Hell Has My Year Gone?!

We are finally getting to the home stretch of 2017! Where the hell has my year gone guys?! Like…I don’t understand. One day it was my birthday (in January) and then the next thing you know we are here! I guess it goes to show that the saying “Time flies when you’re having fun” is true in this case. Usually my years are pretty uneventful or boring or filled with drama (we haven’t skipped on the drama part at least), but it seems like 2017 is turning out to be an okay year for me.

I’ll be glad when it is over though.

My birthday is coming up quick! We have decided on a onesie/slumber party theme this time around and I CAN’T FREAKING WAIT! I am ready for late night snacks, candy galore, and pillow forts. Who doesn’t want to be a kid again? No one likes adulting anyways. I would love to go back and be a wee tatertot…that way I don’t have to pay my bills anymore. #adultingsucks #Ineedanap #pleasesendhalp

So how was everyone’s Halloween? Did you go out, stay home, or go trick or treating? I wanna know! My roommate and I went down to see my parents for the weekend. We went out for a bit in my old stomping grounds (which was pretty fun for the most part) but I felt like Halloween last year was waaayyy busier there. Meh…still enjoyed my time while I was gone.

I almost didn’t go out last night (in the city I live in now) because I was already pretty tired from this weekend but we eventually did. We saw tons of really cool cosplay costumes! People here put a lot of effort into what they were wearing. (Probably due to the fact that this is a college town and people are a lot more nerdy here than my old town). I also got complimented WAAAYYY more last night than I did this weekend. I was quite proud of my costume this year…and I should be for how much money I spent on putting it together XD

So without further ado here is my forest nymph/queen costume (please excuse my dirty mirror in the last photo lololz):20171101_11401720171101_01155220171101_114706

That is all I have for you guys today! I will see you all back here on Friday for some more anime related content. I think I need to do another Fantasy Friday or Face-off Friday since I have done a ton of Friday Favorites recently. I have to keep you guys on your toes! Plus no one likes to keep seeing the same shit over and over again. Need to add a little spice into my life. Alright…I better go before I keep rambling on and on for no apparent reason. Cheers my pandas! ❤


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