Topic Tuesday: I Bought Three “Adult” Themed Blind Boxes From RightStuf Anime And Here Is What I Got

I swear I’m alive my pandas!

Man…it feels like I haven’t written a post in ages (when in reality it’s only been a few days). I ventured out to see my family this weekend since I took some time off from work. I was originally supposed to go see an EDM show in Tacoma, WA but my friends decided to bail on me last minute. Merp. Oh well!

I resolved to making a last minute trip down to my old stomping grounds to see my immediate family and some friends. I had a very nice time! I won’t be seeing them again until Christmas so it was good that I got to spend some quality time with them beforehand. I’m also glad I won’t be driving this weekend because Black Friday traffic is going to be a fucking nightmare!!! Make sure to leave early if you work this Thursday/Friday! Don’t want to be late because of all the idiot drivers out and about.

Anywho…let’s get to the point of why you are all here reading my drivel and sometimes my mini-rants. Just say, “Aya-chan! We are here for the animus! Not your personal life…get to the point already.” In which I will shut my yapping mouth and get to why I am writing this post in the first place. Yes, ANIMUS! Which we all know and love so so much.

^Me when I look, think, or talk about anime

A few short weeks ago, (I say short because they sent my order out pretty damn fast), RightStuf Anime (which you can find here: had their Blind Box sale going on. They actually do this sale a few times throughout the year but this is the first time I actually purchased these items this time around. They gather a collection of items and place them in “blind boxes” in which you can purchase from $1 up to $10+, but with the sale the $1 items were actually $.75 and the $5 items were like $3.50 and the $10 items were $7.50. I decided to purchase three of them just for the fun of it. They also have different themed boxes from regular, magical girl (which always sells out first! I want this theme so so bad!), t-shirt boxes, to adult and shonen boxes. There is a wide variety of boxes to choose from but I wanted to try my hand at the “adult themed” boxes in this case.

Blind boxes

Ordering was a breeze and like I said in the above paragraph shipping was quick! RightStuf has never done me wrong. I love getting items from this website and I am actually going to be ordering some more stuff for Black Friday and maybe even Cyber Monday. I’ll tell you what…if you want to buy anime (series or movies) the holiday season is the BEST time to do it. Stuff is always super cheap and they usually do their 30 days of Christmas specials in December.

Okay here is the photos of my adult themed “blind boxes.” They just sent my order to me in one box because who wants to waste three fucking boxes for one person?! I know I wouldn’t XD

20171120_205756^Opening the box first

20171121_113923^First item I received

20171121_113818 ^Second item out of the box

20171120_205927^Last item out of the box

P.S. the first two covers don’t show nudity but I am trying to be polite here for people who might not be into these type of items.

For spending around $12 and $3.99 for shipping…so like $16 bucks…getting an adult manga and two DVD’s is a pretty good bargain! I’m pretty sure the Nudes on Credit is the $.75 item and the Variable Neo Geo is the $3.50 item or vice versa. DVD’s aren’t cheap my peeps! I opened up the manga last night and of course all the naughty bits are blurred out but you can clearly see the girl’s boobies…tehehe. I know in Japan showing everything is a no no so I totally understand that aspect.

Overall, this experience was fun! I think I may buy some other blind boxes and gather up the items up to send to someone as a Christmas giveaway. What do you guys think? Would you want me to do a little holiday giveaway for you guys? I made it past 100 followers now and I think it would be nice of me to do something to give back. Of course they will be regular themed boxes and not adult 😉 Let me know in the comments if you would be interested in participating! Cheers my pandas!

Disclaimer: All imagery and photos come from searching for them on the internet. I have no claim or right to them.

8 thoughts on “Topic Tuesday: I Bought Three “Adult” Themed Blind Boxes From RightStuf Anime And Here Is What I Got

  1. I always see blind boxes at conventions but hadn’t heard of them online??? Aside from crates but now I want to try one out? Sort of. I always feel like I’m a picky buyer and if I get something obscure I’m just like what is this?! XD

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