TTT: Top Ten Tuesday-Baby It’s Cold Outside…So Lets Heat Things Up With My Favorite Heartwarming Scenes In Anime!

I know, I know!

You are all awaiting my lovely review of Genocidal Organ…but you know what? I still haven’t done it yet. I’m sorry! Every time I get the chance to do it I either get called into work or I have no energy to write a lengthy and thought out post. My brain is literally mush sometimes.

So, I have mustered up what little initiative I have to bring you guys my favorite heartwarming scenes in anime! Yippee! Ya’ll should be grateful that I am writing anything right now because all I want to do is be a warm little potato and cook inside my blankets and not do jack shit until I’m done baking. It’s getting COLD my pandas! We are going to be freezing our butts off very soon (well if you live in the U.S. anyways). I totes wish I had a fireplace in my house. That would be utter heaven ❤

Also if you like Hip Hop and R&B (like myself) then I highly suggest you check out Blackbear’s new album Cybersex! It is literally FIRE!!! It will get you so hot and bothered that you won’t even know what to do with yourself lololz XD I’ll leave Gucci Linen linked down below if you guys want to check him out: 

Alright…enough with the shameless music promotion! Let’s get to the animu’s shall we?!

1. Tsukasa’s confession to Isla in Plastic Memories

^This is when Tsukasa finally told Isla he loved her…dawww I can’t even with these two.

 2. Literally any scene Momo is in from 3-gatsu no Lion (March comes in like a Lion)

^No explanation needed for how effing cute Momo is!

3. When Naru and Handa FINALLY connect in Barakamon

^Love when these two don’t get along…but I like it better when they do.

4. When Yuki confesses to Souhei in Wolf Children

^I love Yuki’s courage and her determined spirit to face the truth

5. When Ren and Kumatetsu become one in Bakemono no Ko (The Boy and the Beast)

^With out powers combined…oops wrong show! But these two make a fine comedy pair in this film. I adore them!

 6. Yakumo reciting Rakugo for young Konatsu in Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu

^The most unlikely pair in anime (you’ll get what I am saying if you have seen this anime)

7. When Altair and Setsuna are reunited in Re:CREATORS

^A happy ending for these two

8.  Anytime Hikari blushes in Nagi no Asukara

^Because he is so in LOOOVE with Manaka

9. The group from Kyoukai no Kanata (Beyond the Boundary) reuniting

^I love this group of friends so much! I mean just look at this gif hahaha

10. Tomoe and Nanami’s moonlight kiss from Kamisama Hajimemashita

^One of my all time FAVORITE anime couples EVER :3

What are some of your favorite heartwarming anime scenes or any favorite scene in general? I would love to know in the comments section below! As always thank you guys for joining me this evening. Your patronage is always appreciated. Cheers!

Disclaimer: All imagery and photos come from searching for them on the internet. I have no claim or right to them.

5 thoughts on “TTT: Top Ten Tuesday-Baby It’s Cold Outside…So Lets Heat Things Up With My Favorite Heartwarming Scenes In Anime!

  1. I loved that scene in Plastic Memories as well. It was really beautiful 😊One of my favorite and quite frankly both heartbreaking and heartwarming scenes was the final pianoscene between Kaori and Kousei from Your Lie in April. That was such an amazing scene that both made me cry as well as warmed my heart. Really amazing 😀

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    1. I also love the scene where Isla tells Tsukasa “I hope one day you’ll be reunited with the one you cherish.” Makes me freaking ball my eyes out every time! There are some really good moments and I could make this list endless but I don’t have the energy for that haha


  2. Nice post!! I recognized only wolf children and boy and the beast xD i guess I just don’t watch many heartwarming anime but I know Erased had some feels packed ones. My fav is when he’s a kid and he runs home to find his mom and he starts crying when she gets home. Like wow after seeing her dead that must’ve been a relief 😭😭😭 uhhhh yeah that’s the only one i can think of 👀 tho wolf children is my fav soooo yeah oh and in your name too!! But those were more like heartwrenching Orz

    Liked by 1 person

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