Merry Monday: Moments In Anime That Will Make You Go Awww

I wanted to make today’s post more Christmas themed (hence the title Merry Monday), but I couldn’t quite find scenes in anime I was looking for. Google seems to be on the naughty list this year. Coal for you Google! Coal for you.

A little update for you guys! I finished Sweetness and Lighting, as well as Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru (My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected). Two anime series down, three to go! I think I can do it my pandas. I also got this bright idea the other night that I would try and calculate all the anime I have seen in my lifetime (which god only knows why I did this to myself because it took several long hours to do so)…but I managed to come up with a (rough) estimate. I have seen 436 anime series (OVA’s and special episodes are included on this list), with another 52 shows/movies planned along the way. That equivocates to 4,831 episodes! Yup…this is what I’m doing with my life XD (I say rough estimate because I might need to go back through My Anime List to double check for series I might have missed or one’s I didn’t add because I don’t remember if I have seen them or not).

Also just a heads up I will be posting Wednesday but after that I am going down to see my family on Friday for Christmas so I will be taking a small break from here. I will be back sometime next week! Sometimes you just need a little rest and relaxation without having to worry about everything else. I know you guys will understand! ❤

Alright! Let’s get into some cute anime moments that (might) make you say awwww…or might make you feel like a loner just like myself! The choice is yours. #singlepringle #singleandreadytoflamingle

Victor’s smile when he sees Yuri at the end of Yuri!!! on Ice

^That’s the look of true love right there.

Kouhei’s love for Tsumugi in Sweetness and Lighting

^Tsumugi is too freaking cute! I can’t handle her sometimes.

Anytime Momo eats in March comes in like a Lion

^Would you just look at that face? LOOK AT IT!!!

When Nozaki-kun says he loves fireworks to Sakura in Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun

^99% Nozaki knows how Sakura really feels. He’s just playing dumb 😛

Yin and Hei hugging in Darker than Black

^I mean…who doesn’t love a good hug? I know I do!

There are so many good moments in anime! This list could go on and on buuuttt I won’t do that to you guys. What are some of your favorite awww moments in anime? Drop your answers in the comments section below. Thank you for joining me today! You continued support is ALWAYS appreciated! 😉

Disclaimer: All imagery and photos come from searching for them on the internet. I have no claim or right to them.

4 thoughts on “Merry Monday: Moments In Anime That Will Make You Go Awww

  1. Anytime I see Momo I can’t help but squeal! She’s a literal ball of sunshine. By the way, thank you again for suggesting this to me! I seriously love the anime so far. 😆​

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  2. I definitely understand. I really hope you will have a great break, enjoy it 😊 As for your question, I’m always running behind on anime so I always see things later than everyone. But on of my favorite moments this year (as I have seen the series for the first time this year), was the final episode of Your Lie in April. Truly touching, sad, but also incredibly beautiful 😊

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