Since The Crunchyroll 2017 Anime Awards Won’t Be Out For A Hot Minute Why Don’t You Come Here And Vote Instead!

You heard that right my friends! Voting for the 2017 Crunchyroll Anime Awards doesn’t start for another 22 days AND THEN we won’t even know the results until February 24th. So why not make our own little poll? Here you can vote for your 2017 anime favorites and maybe even see some equal opportunity amongst the series (unlike Crunchyroll’s awards last year…I’m looking at you Yuri!!! On Ice :P) I will link each category down below. All you have to do is go to each one and vote for your favorite of the group. Pretty easy peasy! These polls will stay up until January 5th. So you have 1 week to vote my pandas! Let’s see how these results turn out 😀

P.S. I gave you guys lots of options because I didn’t want you to think you only had a hand full of choices to choose from. I tried to include everyone as best as I could!

P.P.S I’m sorry if I missed any particular series or one of your favorite choices didn’t come up in a specific category! XD

Best Boy:

Best Girl:

Best Kiss:

Best Hero:

Anime of the Year:

Best Anime Movie:

Best Anime Short:

Best Action Anime:

Best Drama Anime:

Best Fantasy Anime:

Best Comedy Anime:

Best Mystery Anime:

Best Romance Anime:

Best Slice of Life Anime:

Worst Anime of the Year:

Best Supernatural Anime:

Best Psychological Anime:

Disclaimer: All imagery and photos come from searching for them on the internet. I have no claim or right to them.

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      1. I know what you mean! One of the reasons why I chose not to do a list for the whole year was because there were way too many good shows to pick the number one 😂 it’ll be interesting to see which shows comes out on top this way lol

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