Sunday Funday: Just A Few Anime Characters I Really, Really, REALLY Want To Cosplay As In The Future.

What’s up my pandas? How is everyone’s weekend going? I finally joined a gym on Friday and made my way over to workout today. I have to say today was pretty successful! I also started eating better. Hopefully I will get some results in the next few weeks. Wish me luck y’all (cause the universe knows I’m gonna need it). XD

I am trying to make some positive changes in my life. I’ve noticed over the last couple of months how negative my energy seems to be, so I’m trying my best to overcome that. You know…the whole New Year, new me trend. Ah! Who am I kidding?! I’m still the same person…but hopefully I’ll have a better attitude in the future. Don’t worry guys! I’ll still be the same sassy Ayano-senpai you know and love. That’s something that will never change ❤

Since today is Sunday Funday I wanted to compile a small list of anime characters that I’m hoping to cosplay as in the near future! I have only cosplayed about 3 times so far and each time has been super duper fun. I was Espeon from Pokemon a few years ago for Halloween, then I was a Lolita Doll the year after that, and this last year I was a Forest Nymph. I made a blog post about that costume in November. Here is the link to that post if you want to check it out: Alrighty! Let’s get to these characters shall we!

Saya from Blood C

^Because Saya is a fucking beast.

Ren from Konohana Kitan

^Really thinking about doing Ren this year for Halloween.

Krul from Owari no Seraph

^I have an obsession with vampire characters.

Koan from Sailor Moon

^I love the Black Moon Clan from Sailor Moon.

Queen Nehelenia from Sailor Moon

^One of my all time favorite villains in Sailor Moon.

Yaya from Unbreakable Machine Doll

^Yaya is a bratty crybaby just like me!

Magane from Re:Creators

^Magane is such a sly fox. I wanna be a trickster just like her.

I have a few other characters I’m interested in doing but these are my top top choices. Has anyone else joined in on the cosplay game? If so, which characters have you done? If you haven’t, are you interested in cosplaying as anyone (anime/movie/gaming wise)? Let me know in the comments section below! You guys know I love chatting with you all. 🙂

Disclaimer: All imagery and photos come from searching for them on the internet. I have no claim or right to them.

9 thoughts on “Sunday Funday: Just A Few Anime Characters I Really, Really, REALLY Want To Cosplay As In The Future.

  1. Ooo me and you have a thing in common for having a thing for vampire characters ahaha Lol I still need to complete my goal of cosplaying sailor Jupiter I’ve done her many years ago. Was my first cosplay ever but I’ve wanted to redo her for a long time.

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