Violet Evergarden Episode 2: He’s Never Coming Back Anymore

VE Episode 2

Opening scenes:

This weeks episode opens up to a flashback of Major Gilbert and his brother, Captain Bougainvillea, four years prior to recent events. It seems Gilbert hasn’t seen his brother in quite sometime so we get to see the two of them have a few spars of witty banter and a brief mention of their father. Captain Bougainvillea comments that he is glad their father is dead. I’m thinking this might be a key into Major Gilbert’s past (i.e. maybe this is why he has strong feelings towards Violet). Gilbert looks at his brother with a concerned, almost pained expression on his face. The Captain notices Gilbert’s expression and even apologizes for the remark. He then changes the subject and tells Gilbert he has brought something nice for him after his promotion. *Que dramatic music and close up face shots*

Ta da! We have the girl known as Violet Evergarden.

VE Episode 2 scene 2

Back to the future:

The audience is then brought back to present day where Violet introduces herself to the other Auto Memory Dolls. Boss man Hodgins tells the other Dolls that Violet will be an apprentice and to train her on everything. *SIDE CHARACTER TIME!* This is when us viewers hear inner monologue from the Doll known as Erica. Erica proceeds to compare Violet to a real life doll, remarking that she has no facial expressions.

The next few scenes are of Violet getting to know the Auto Memory Dolls service and introductions of the other two ladies. We have Erica, Iris and the ever popular Cattleya (who seems to be the leader of the group). You know…the one with the big oppai’s 😉 Iris seems brash and outspoken, while Erica is timid and seeks to please others with her work. Cattleya, well she’s just Cattleya. Beautiful, friendly, and on her A game. She definitely knows what she is doing. Cattleya asks to borrow Iris’s manual and gives Violet a typewriter to start practicing on. When Cattleya suggests that Violet should take off her gloves the ladies are (of course) surprised to see Violet has mechanical hands. This will probably be the same reaction a lot of characters have throughout the series.

VE Episode 2 scene 3

Violet gets to typing on the typewriter but then stops to adjust her left hand. This is the first time we actually see Violet fidget with her new arms. If that was me I would be messing with my hands and arms all the time! After the adjustment has been made Violet starts feverishly typing once again. She goes a heavy and tumultuous pace, which in turn makes Cattleya yell STOP because the sound is so irritating.

VE Episode 2 scene 4

Lunch for one:

My boy Benedict gets a little screen time by trying to bait the front desk ladies into having lunch with him. To no avail they turn him down on his offer and he is stuck in the break room eating his fried noodles alone. Well, besides an old man listening to Benedict mumble on and on about how women are so “calculating” these days. Why yes, yes we are. The old man then offers to eat friend noodles with Benedict and you can see that Benedict is happy as a clam when this happens. Gosh! Benedict is just totes adorbs! I love him so much ❤

After lunch Benedict stumbles upon Hodgins and Cattleya speaking in the hall. Hodgins asks Cattleya how Violet is doing at the job and Cattleya replies that Violet is working away without needing a break. Typically Violet-chan.

Cattleya, being the devilish woman that she is, then decides to imperatively cozy up to Hodgins asking him to take her to dinner. Ah ha! So that is the extent of their relationship! Hodgins…you old dog, you. Cattleya even calls Hodgins by his first name, Claudia…but the best part of this scene is Benedict’s reaction to Cattleya and Hodgins. *Insert embarrassed face here*

VE Episode 2 scene 5

Benedict is too pure for us! We don’t deserve him. Hodgins has to apologize to Cattleya because he can’t take her out. He mentions he won’t be getting paid for the month. Hmmm…I wonder what this could be about?

VE Episode 2 scene 6

A house call and a letter:

Cattleya is off to make a house call for a client but before she leaves Violet-chan asks if she can take a typewriter home with her. For training purposes of course! But in all actuality Violet ends up typing up a letter to Major Gilbert. Just keep stabbing at my heart Kyoto Animation! Jesus. My heart is going to be in pieces before we even get to the end of the series.

Violet presents her letter to Hodgins, telling him she wants to report her status to Gilbert. She presumes the Major must be busy and that is why he hasn’t come to see her yet. *Another knife in the heart* Hodgins reluctantly agrees and offers to send the letter out for Violet. MY POOR BABY VIOLET!!! She has no idea what really happened. I want to coddle her and tell her everything is going to be alright.

VE Episode 2 scene 7

Shadow training:

Violet is the definition of literal. She takes everything at face value and basis her responses on what she hears/is told. So, it isn’t a surprise when Violet shadows the other Dolls at work that she comes off as cold, calculating, and tactful. This really comes into play when Erica is writing a letter for a man who seems to be a ticking time bomb. Erica’s meek personality isn’t well suited for this customer and we see displays of her nervousness during this scene. She apologizes in a soft tone, her hands are shaking in her lap, and when the guy throws the letter back at her she clinches up in fear. Poor Erica is just trying to do her job. That’s when Violet decides to step in and protect Erica.

VE Episode 2 scene 8VE Episode 2 scene 9VE Episode 2 scene 10

I just love the fact that Violet got up and put this man in an arm hold after he refused to pay! XD Go Violet-chan, go! Of course boss man Hodgins received some complaints about Violet working as a Doll and he asks if she is okay. Violet responds that there is nothing wrong with her health. *Insert more literally responses here* Personally, I love the fact that Violet is like this. I know some people in my personal life who could learn a thing or two from Violet. Erica offers that Violet could work on some other projects besides writing letters for clients. Violet stood up for Erica and Eric returned the favor. That’s how a team should work!

VE Episode 2 scene 11

A messy situation:

While Violet is working on a list for the Chamber of Commerce (and Erica is supervising) a colorful woman comes in seeking the service of the Auto Memory Dolls. She originally wants Cattleya, but Erica informs her that she is out on a house call. The woman goes on to tell Erica that she has a marriage purposal from a wealthy man but doesn’t want to answer right away because she doesn’t want to seem too “easy.” *Scoff* Sure thing hunny. Women love playing it coy, don’t they? This is when Violet pops out from the back and the woman asks her if she is going to write the letter. Uh oh spaghetti-o’s! This has bad news bears written all over it.

VE Episode 2 scene 12

I’m sure y’all can guess what happened next….

VE Episode 2 scene 13

Violet took everything the woman previously stated and put it into the letter. The letter was then rejected by the man and sent back. The woman storms in, makes a scene, states she actually loved the man (but of course the woman wanted the man to chase her), and she starts sobbing. Yup, sometimes playing hard to get doesn’t always work and neither does being upfront/literal about one’s feelings. This is another thing Violet doesn’t understand. Then comes my favorite part of the entire episode! Cattleya takes Violet out for tea and explains how that woman was feeling.

VE Episode 2 scene 14VE Episode 2 scene 15VE Episode 2 scene 16VE Episode 2 scene 17VE Episode 2 scene 1

Yaaasss Cattleya, yaaasss! My girl gets it! Words can be a double-edge sword sometimes and that is what Violet doesn’t understand (yet). Hopefully she can one day!

Here come the bittersweet moments of this episode. After her talk with Cattleya, Violet goes for a walk around town. We see her clutch for her missing brooch and the saddened look on Violet’s face is devastating. WHERE THE EFF IS HER DAMN BROOCH?! Someone find it for her PLEASE!

VE Episode 2 scene 19

Then this scene gets even more depressing when Violet sees someone who looks like Major Gilbert and she chases after him calling out Gilbert’s name, only to realize it isn’t him.

VE Episode 2 scene 20

Violet then encounters Benedict who says that maybe finding work besides being a Doll is better suited for her.

VE Episode 2 scene 21

On a side note…why the eff is Benedict wearing these boots?! LIKE WHY?! I NEED TO KNOW NOW!!! Gimme answers dammit.

VE Episode 2 scene 22

We then get a heartfelt interaction between Erica and Violet (who seemingly don’t care that they are getting drenched in the rain like two wet dogs). Violet asks Erica if she is suited to be an Auto Memory Doll.

VE Episode 2 scene 223

Erica proceeds to ask Violet the same question but Violet cuts her off saying she was not asking about her. This in turn gets a rise out of Erica who states that Violet isn’t suited to be a Doll. Erica wants to know why Violet took this job in the first place.

VE Episode 2 scene 24

*Insert Violet-chan’s catch phrase of the season* I want to know what “I love you” means. Violet states that even if she is not suited for the job she wants to continue working for the Auto Memory Dolls in order to know why Major Gilbert said those fateful words to her. Seems like a good enough reason to me! I believe in you Violet!

When Erica and Violet head back into work they overhear Iris telling Hodgins that Violet should quit. Erica burst into the office saying that Violet shouldn’t leave and she offers a variety of things Violet can do until she is able to write letters. Yeah…you can say Erica has taken a liking to our Violet-chan. Violet calls Erica out on this sentiment stating she is “contradictory.” Five minutes ago Erica was telling Violet she wasn’t suited for this work and now she wants her to stay? The heart is a fickle thing my friends! I love Erica’s embarrassed face. It’s up to par with Benedict’s!

VE Episode 2 scene 25

Another melancholy ending:

In the last few minutes of the episode we listen to Erica explain about the history of the typewriter and what it means to her. She hopes that one day she can write beautiful letters that will move people’s hearts.

We finally get to see Violet in her ever famous Victorian dress (the one that seems to be all over the advertising for this show) and she looks STUNNING! I adore this look on her. She seems like a proper lady now. Then Hodgins hands her a wooden box while stating, “Sorry for being late.” Violet opens the box to reveal her emerald brooch from Major Gilbert. FINALLY!!! AHHHH! I’M SO HAPPY FOR MY BABY!!!

VE Episode 2 scene 26

VE Episode 2 scene 27

VE Episode 2 scene 28

Hodgins says the brooch was on the black market and says someone must have stolen it from Violet’s belongs. Those scoundrels! How dare they touch my baby girl’s precious goods!

The episode then cuts to Hodgins and Cattleya having a drink at a local pub where Cattleya calls out Hodgins for spending all of his money on getting Violet’s brooch back. That is why he said he wasn’t getting paid for the month! What a gentleman ❤ Cattleya inquires about the Major and what Hodgins says about Gilbert makes my gut clench. I’ll leave you all with the final scenes for today.

VE Episode 2 scene 29

VE Episode 2 scene 30

VE Episode 2 scene 31

VE Episode 2 scene 32

VE was

VE Episode 2 scene 33

VE Episode 2 scene 34

VE Episode 2 scene 35

Disclaimer: All imagery and photos come from searching for them on the internet. I have no claim or right to them.

6 thoughts on “Violet Evergarden Episode 2: He’s Never Coming Back Anymore

  1. I literally just saw this episode myself (confession time: I saw your post, and wanted to read it ASAP, so I decided to quickly watch the episode 😉). I’m really beginning to enjoy this series, abd especially the character of Violet. I loved that scene where she began to read the letter she had written and was not in any way concerned about what she wrote. In her mind she just did her job (which of course she did, and then some 😂). The animation is stunning, the atmosphere is amazing, and I love the story. Can’t wait for next week 😀😀

    Liked by 2 people

  2. This series is tearing my heart up >< the novels are super good but I'm glad they choose to open up the anime with Violet's story rather than just dumping us into the thick of it. God the animation is solid too ;A;

    Liked by 1 person

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