Violet Evergarden Episode 3: Thank You For Everything

First of all we need to talk about Violet Evergarden’s opening song! We finally have one after 2 episodes (which is a little strange…but beggars can’t be choosers…so I’ll take what I can get at this point). It was totally worth the wait though! Sincerely is a beautiful song and the lyrics really hit home for me. I think it was a fantastic choice! If you want to take a listen then just watch the video below:

Now we can get on to the episode review!

VE Episode 3 Scene 1

Opening scenes:

Violet-chan has finally made her way into Auto Memory Doll’s school. Yay Violet! I don’t want to spend a lot of time on the first 9 minutes of this episode. It is important for Violet herself, but for you viewers I am just going to sum up what happens to Violet while she attends class. Violet excels at both typing and grammar/vocabulary while attending class, we have a stern but solid teacher, and we get another beautiful side character that has made her appearance, Luculia. Of course when it comes to the meaning behind writing a letter Violet doesn’t meet the standard requirements. Huh, I wonder why that is? *Insert hefty sarcasm and pause for dramatic effect*

I think we can all guess why Violet fails this part of class. This is the obstacle that Violet is trying to overcome. The understanding of the phrase “I love you” and what emotions really mean, not only Violet herself, but to everyone else in Violet’s life (mainly focusing on Major Gilbert final emotions/moments being alive). This is a motive, that we, as humans face in our everyday lives. I believe KyoAni is really setting the standard of what it means to be human. Thoughts, emotions, and feelings all really come into play in these first few episodes.

VE episode 3 scene 5

City View:

What I mainly want to focus on in this episode review is the second half of episode 3. The second half we see Luculia trying to connect with Violet on a more personal level. I feel like she wants to understand Violet since she seems so “doll” like. You know…the whole devoid of emotions, doesn’t know how to write a proper ghostwriting letter, etc etc. Y’all know the drill by now. I think it’s cute that Luculia wants to make a more intimate connection with our Violet-chan. It shows initiative and it also allows for character development. Violet can’t stay the same forever. She’s going to have to learn a little something from everyone that she crosses paths with. This is probably why we are getting many side characters thrown into the mix of things. When Luculia takes Violet up the bell tower I knew in my gut that it was going to be an important memory from Luculia’s past. With a city view like this it had to have some sort of significance:

VE episode 3 scene 6

And then Violet’s memories of Major Gilbert come rushing at us; hard, fast, and deeply emotional.

Ahhhh…punched right in the feels once again! KyoAni why you gotta do this to me?! My heart is slowly chipping away while I watch this series. It will probably be dust by the time I make it to the finale. This imagery of Major Gilbert and Violet laying their fellow soldiers to rest is brutal beyond belief. It really shows the weight of war and how much one country must lose in order to win. This memory is beautifully done because while there is so much sadness and pain going on this scene there is also a brief glimmer of hope. Major Gilbert wants Violet to see the view of Leiden one day. That is Major Gilbert’s last piece of humanity hanging on by a thread. It dwells deep within the walls of remorse and sympathy.

VE episode 3 scene 11

Brotherly love:

The emotions of remorse and sympathy not only play a part in Major Gilbert’s and Violet’s lives, but also Luculia’s and her brother Spencer’s as well. That is what the rest of episode 3 hinges on. We can see in a few scenes that Spencer is a lazy drunk who spends most nights being taken care of by Luculia.

VE episode 3 scene 12

This is due to the fact that Luculia’s parents died in the war.

VE episode 3 scene 13

Eight ladies, including Luculia graduate from the Auto Memory Doll’s class while Violet does not. Poor Violet-chan! But we already knew this was coming. While Violet doesn’t necessarily have to graduate from school in order to become a doll, she still questions Hodgin’s purpose for sending her.

In a way Violet has a point. She really can’t become a “proper” doll if she can’t even graduate from training class. My response would probably be very similar if I was in Violet’s position.

VE episode 3 scene 19

True feelings:

Even though class has been dismissed, Violet heads back to the school and runs into Lucuila. This is when Lucuila ask Violet-chan about the Major. She insist on helping Violet write a letter to the Major because she knows that’s who she really wants to write too. The letter that they wrote in class was to Claudia the first time around. Who writes a formal letter to their boss? Oh yeah! Violet does. XD

Low and behold Violet can’t express how she feels and doesn’t know what to write to Major Gilbert. More obstacles and hurdles for Violet-chan to overcome. Luculia understands that sometimes it’s hard to express how you feel. This is when we learn that Lucuila’s parents died and her only family left is her brother. Lucuila wants to write something to Spencer, but just like Violet, she doesn’t know what to say.

VE episode 3 scene 20

We learn that Spencer was drafted at the beginning of the war but where he was deployed was pretty calm. The soldiers didn’t really see any fighting or action on the Western Front. This in turn made it feel like there wasn’t a war going on. Lucuila’s parents went to Herne for buisness one day and that is when the Western Front was broken. Hence Lucuila’s parents dying. Spencer came home, Lucuila was grateful that he was alive, but ultimately Spencer blamed himself for their parent’s deaths. The anger and guilt consumed him, all the while Lucuila wanted to thank him for coming home. Violet tells Lucuila they should write a letter but Lucuila says she has tried many times. The words simply won’t come out. She must have a serious case of writers block!

Enter our main heroine Violet-chan! You all know Violet isn’t going to pass up on a mission.

VE episode 3 scene 21

Memories and a mission:

We see Spencer lying on the ground after getting drunk and beaten up by some men from around town. A past memory of Spencer’s surfaces and we see why the bell tower is so important to Lucuila. It seems Lucuila and Spencer often visited the bell tower when they were children. Violet approaches Spencer and hands him a letter. And do you know what is written in that letter? Lucuila’s thank you. All thanks to our wonderful Violet-chan!

With Violet being able to write Lucuila’s letter for her she in turn graduates from Auto Memory Doll class! YEAH!!! I AM SO PROUD OF MY BABY!!! She is growing little by little. I can’t wait to see her growth in the next episode. A letter doesn’t have to be a thousand words to get its meaning across, sometimes a letter can be short and sweet but still convey important feelings. That is what this episode was all about; conveying one’s feelings when sometimes you can’t find the right words but still trying to anyways.

VE episode 3 scene 26

Disclaimer: All imagery and photos come from searching for them on the internet. I have no claim or right to them.

6 thoughts on “Violet Evergarden Episode 3: Thank You For Everything

  1. Yes! I had been waiting for this post, and just as this week’s episode, it did not disappoint! I’m totally glad you liked it as well. It’s so true: that moment when Violet gave the letter to Lucuila’s brother. It contained just a few words, but sometimes that is all you need. You captured that moment perfectly!. I really enjoyed this episode, for me it was the best one so far. I am still wondering where they are going to be heading with the story, but…I am glad to just be along for the ride so far!. Wish it was next week already 😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I would have gotten this out sooner but work was a bitch tonight. I had no free time at work to write the rest of this, so I had to wait till I got home. Today was bleh. Glad it is over! This episode was perfect in terms of Violet’s growth and meaningful memories. I am glad we got introduced to Luculia. I hope we get to see her again! Also did you notice Cattelya and Benedict’s reactions to each other? What if they actually like each other? Like “like like”? Lol I’m kinda picking up on that vibe.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, no worries about that😊😊 I have a very busy dayjob myself, so I know how ugly things can get at times. And some things are definitely worth the wait!
        Yep I noticed that too…it was done very smoothly, but I also picked up on that vibe. Will be interesting to see where that is going to go πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Well, after we talk about the episode. Can we talk about the Opening? I wonder what is written in the letter that make Vaioretto-chan cried. Someone must be solve it already, but I can’t find it because all the hype that KyoAni makes.

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