Violet Evergarden Episode 4: A Nameless Flower

VE episode 4 scene 1

Opening Scenes:

This weeks episode revolves around Iris and her hometown. I’m not gonna lie, I honestly didn’t know how I was going to feel about this episode since Iris kinda rubs me the wrong way…but O.M.G! This is the episode I relate to the most out of the other three. I mean, I can relate to the other episodes pretty well but episode 4 struck a major chord in my heart.

Iris gets a personal ghostwriting request (her first one at that) and she is called away to her hometown of Kazaly. Cattleya suggest the girls go out to lunch in order to celebrate Iris’s request. As the ladies are heading downstairs to the first floor Iris is boasting about her friends and family (mainly about how jealous they are going to be that she has become a working Doll) when we see Iris lose her footing and almost tumble down the stairs. I knew something was going to happen! Usually this is the case when character’s start to become too cocky or ignorant of their own conceited personalities. It is par for the course. #karmaisabitchhuhIris? XD

We see a brief interaction between Cattleya and Erica talking about the post-war election before the next scene cuts to an Iris with a (what I’m assuming must be) broken arm or wrist. It could just be sprained but I don’t think her whole arm would need a cast if that was the case.

VE episode 4 scene 2

A train ride home:

This little incident leads Violet to go along with Iris to her hometown so she can type for Iris’s in her stead. Violet then goes on to talk about Iris’s hometown. We learn that Kazaly is a fairly new settlement midway up the mountains and its principal industries are dairy farming and agriculture. Violet remarks that Kazaly doesn’t seem to have any other useful resource and we see Iris take offense to this comment. But Violet-chan covers her observation with a very valid point!

War can literally start because of ANYTHING. If someone deems something valuable or wants the power to control “said object” someone somewhere is going to do everything in their power to obtain this valued object. That is just how power and control works in the real world. We hear a little about Iris’s family and how her uncle wanted to enlist in the war but her aunt was against it. In the end her uncle stayed home and he was ultimately regarded “safe” due to this decision. This is when Iris’s eyes are drawn towards Violet’s hands/arms. You know…due to Violet losing them in the war. Iris apologizes to Violet for the remark she made but Violet being Violet (and so literal) asks Iris what she is apologizing for. I know Iris is apologizing for being insensitive to Violet’s condition but Violet doesn’t understand this. My girl is just too unemotionally detached from things!

Oh Violet-chan! What are we ever going to do with you? She is making some progress though! I can’t fault her for not trying. Hopefully by the end of the series Violet will be a lot more understand of people and their emotions.

VE episode 4 scene 11

Family reunion:

Kazaly’s atmosphere is quite the change from the city of Leiden. It is warmer, lush, and more on the tropical side of the spectrum (which I find quite odd since it’s supposed to be in the mountains?). I don’t know. I don’t understand anime logic sometimes. We will just roll with it! Iris and Violet are greeted by Iris’s family when they get off the train and of course the first thing they notice is Iris’s injured arm. Iris tries to subtlety play if off but Violet-chan is having none of that. Violet calls Iris out right in front of her family and it is quite hilarious if I do say so myself.

Of course Iris’s family wants to know how she’s going to ghostwrite with an injured arm/hand…because let’s face it…we know Iris can’t work while she is injured. Iris then turns to mention Violet’s presence. And let me tell you my friends! This is when one of the best scenes in this show thus far happens. I wish I could display it for you in a gif or something to that affect because these still shots aren’t going to cut it. Not for how well this scene plays out.

The way Violet-chan introduces herself to Iris’s family is simply STUNNING. The wind rustling her clothes, the leaves blowing all around her, the detail KyoAni put into focusing on each piece of Violet’s outfit literally felt magical. Even Iris’s father makes the comment, “That took my breath away for a second.” Me too sir! Me too. I really applaud how well this scene came together. Iris gets a tad jealous at this remark and tries to play herself up as a Doll. Iris sadly doesn’t get the same reaction as Violet does.

VE episode 4 scene 17

Real intentions:

We soon find out that Iris’s mother is the one who called for Iris to come ghostwrite. Violet immediately tells Iris’s mother that under contract with the state they cannot accept request made under anonymity or pseudonyms, so her request would be invalid (since she used Iris’s grandmother’s old name). In order for Violet to do this job Iris’s family has to submit a new request. In doing so we learn that Iris’s mother wants invitations for Iris’s birthday typed up. Iris forgets her birthday is in two days time. How the heck do you forget it’s your birthday?! I never understood that about people. I feel like I always make a big ordeal out of my birthday. It’s my day of birth for Christ’s sake! You bet I’m gonna do something extravagant for my birthday.

Iris’s mother gives Violet-chan the guest list to type up but Iris says she wants to look at it first. She notes that there are many male guest on the list and this is when Iris’s mother says maybe it’s time for her to get married. We see Iris get super pissy when her mother also mentions that she should quit her Doll work and come back to live with them. (Iris is their only daughter). *Que dramatic Mother/Daughter fight*

Even though Iris is a little bit full of herself (okay…more like a lot) I feel for her in this scene. It sucks having parents who don’t believe in your ability or your work. I would get pissed off too. Even after the yelling match Iris’s mother says the party will still go on despite Iris’s wishes. Jeez…pushy much? Don’t parents know when to lay off? I guess not.

VE episode 4 scene 22

Mystery man:

On the guest list for Iris’s birthday we hear of a man named Emonn Snow. Ooooo….who could that be? My guess is it has to be an old friend or flame that Iris doesn’t want to see. Hence why she tells Violet not to send him a birthday invitation. Violet wants to know why but Iris doesn’t really give her a reason. You can tell she is beating around the bush. Violet plays the “parent card” with Iris but Iris still insist that she doesn’t invite Emonn. AND THE PLOT THICKENS!

VE episode 4 scene 23

Iris’s Tanjoubi:

It is the day of Iris’s birthday. I have to say I love Iris’s birthday outfit in this scene! She looks more carefree and relaxed, unlike when she is at work. It is a nice change of pace for her. AND THEN IT HAPPENS! We get to meet the mysterious Emonn!

VE episode 4 scene 24

HUBBA HUBBA! Be still my heart! Emonn is a very very handsome fellow. Where have you been my whole life? XD

Emonn wishes Iris a Happy Birthday and we see her get quite flustered from this sentiment. Even Iris can be a girl at times! I knew she had it in her.

VE episode 4 scene 25

And then she goes right back to her usual snippy self. She wants to know why Emonn is there and he replies, “because I got an invitation.” Uh oh spaghetti-o’s! Someone is gonna be in trouble. Iris confronts Violet for sending an invitation to Emonn and all Violet-chan says is, “I checked with your mother, and she said I should send one after all.” Lololz Violet kills me with her responses every time. So cut and dry and to the point. *Insert angry girl meltdown here*

VE episode 4 scene 26

Awwweee…Iris is just like me! I tend to cry a lot when I’m angry or upset. This scene is really relatable for me.

VE episode 4 scene 27


Violet checks on Iris later in the evening and this is when we learn that Iris was once rejected by Emonn. Oh snap! This poor girl. Rejection is never easy, especially if it’s coming from someone you have feelings for. *And enter yet another pissed off Iris yelling at her mother*

I wonder if Iris ever gets tired of hearing herself yell all the time? Haha…probably not but this girl needs to take a chill pill. You can’t be hollerin at your momma every ten seconds! She’s only trying to do what she thinks is best for you. That is what parents do for their kids.

VE episode 4 scene 31

Emotional complications:

After Iris yells at her mother, it is Violet’s turn to take some heat. Iris doesn’t understand why Violet can’t communicate emotions properly. This is when Violet admits she is having a hard time understanding people’s feelings.

Waaahhhh! Baby Violet-chan is admitting she can’t understand everything and it makes my heart hurt. She even apologizes to Iris! You don’t have to apologize Violet-chan. You don’t deserve to get yelled at like a small child. You are just trying your hardest and Iris needs to recognize that!

*Ding ding ding* Iris does in the next scene! She tells Violet she doesn’t need to apologize and it’s not like she understands everything about how people feel either. WE HAVE A BREAK THROUGH HOUSTON! I repeat! WE HAVE A BREAK THROUGH! Yippee! Iris tells Violet-chan the story of how she has known Emonn since they were children. Iris says he was sweet and kind to her and she had a crush on him since forever. Iris convinced herself that his feelings were mutual so she confessed to him before they graduated school. But alas, she was rejected.

With a broken heart Iris left her hometown for the city of Leiden to become an Auto Memory Doll. YOU GO GIRL! SCREW HIM! You don’t need a man. Live your life how you want. Don’t let anything stop you from reaching your dreams.

VE episode 4 scene 42

A letter, some courage, and love:

Violet has a small moment of emotional clarity when Iris finishes her story of Emonn. Violet makes reference that saying “I love you” must take a lot of courage to say. Violet-chan finally gets one thing right! Violet mentions Major Gilbert and his final words to Iris. It seems that decisively Iris and Violet can agree on something…LOVE. The one emotion that is the most complex, irritating, yet oddly satisfying feeling humans can posses.

Iris then recruits Violet to write apology letters to all the guest that attended her party. Violet ask Iris if she wants one to be sent to Emonn as well. With a little bit of hesitation Iris agrees that one should be sent to him. Violet then offers to write a letter to Iris’s parents. She believes that a letter will help them understand her feelings a little better.  I love the line Violet-chan uses to help convince Iris. “A letter can help you express it. If you’re having trouble speaking from the heart, a letter can help you do it.” So true Violet-chan! So true!

Violet types up the perfect letter for Iris’s parents and it seems they manage to come to an understanding. They thank Iris for the letter, give her a bouquet of iris flowers for her birthday, and send the girls off with a smile. Go Violet-chan, go! You did a fine job my baby girl.

Violet looks at the flowers Iris was given and inquires about their name. This is why Iris was named Iris, after the flower of course. They seem to grow abundantly in Kazaly (probably due to that tropical like weather…eh eh? Tehehe).

VE episode 4 scene 46

I feel like it would be fitting to leave you guys with the ending scenes between Gilbert and Violet (since this post ended up so effing long! I’m so sorry guys! I didn’t think it would be this long today). These flashback memories are killing me in the feels department. I teared up twice during this episode. I’m still waiting for the moment where I just completely lose it and bawl my eyes out. I know it’s coming…I feel it in my bones.

Disclaimer: All imagery and photos come from searching for them on the internet. I have no claim or right to them.

One thought on “Violet Evergarden Episode 4: A Nameless Flower

  1. Haha: isn’t it great when an anime series can do that you? Touching your heart in such a way. I really have to admit that with every episode this series is getting better. I know it isn’t for everyone but I absolutely love it too. And you keep writing those long posts for it: its’ great to relive the episode in this way 😊😊

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