Violet Evergarden Episode 5: A Moonlit Garden

VE episode 5 scene 1

Opening scenes:

This week we open up to Claudia speaking with a former military colleague about his new life as a business entrepreneur and the possibility of another war breaking out. It seems the North isn’t too happy with the peace that has bestowed the country and they haven’t come to terms with it quite yet. *Que dramatic music and scenes of Violet on her way to the country of Drossel *

It seems our very own Violet-chan is on her way to the Kingdom of Drossel to help write letters for Princess Charlotte Abelfreyja Drossel. What a mouth full! Say that name five times fast XD

Princess Charlotte is arranged to marry Prince Damian Baldur Flugel, the Prince of Drossel’s neighboring country Flugel. The two countries will participate in the exchanging of public love letters (which is done in order to get the countries people behind the arranged marriage and view it as something to celebrate). This duty comes down to Violet’s ability to write proper love letters to the neighboring Prince. What a tall order to fill for our Violet-chan! The pressure is on. *bites nails nervously*

VE episode 5 scene 8

Violet says she is up for the task and won’t let Princess Charlotte down. Charlotte remarks that she doesn’t feel like she is speaking to a real person. *Insert another comment about how Violet is so “doll” like* I don’t think this will be the last comment we hear about Violet being a doll. I think we might even be able to make a drinking game out of all these comments 😛

Princess Charlotte then goes on to ask Violet’s age and for the first time we get a round about number; Violet says she is fourteen. FOURTEEN?!?! My baby Violet-chan is so young but looks so much older!!! WTF?! The logic of anime. We learn that Princess Charlotte is around the same age as Violet and wants to know Violet’s opinion on age gaps. More or less how much older can a man be and still be kosher? The suitability of a proper romantic partner. My Violet-chan gives (what I believe) is the best answer anyone can give to someone of that age:

We then learn that Prince Damian is ten years older than Princess Charlotte (putting him at 24 years old). Princess Charlotte inquires about this large age gap difference and Violet responds that she doesn’t think it will be an issue.

VE episode 5 scene 12

Princess Charlotte remarks, “Even if there is no love?” And of course Violet doesn’t have sufficient knowledge of the term “love” so she retorts with, “I do not posses sufficient knowledge or understanding of the topic to answer your query.” Princess Charlotte then throws a temper tantrum at this response saying Violet should show some kind of emotion towards this conversation. What Violet does next is the best thing ever! She tugs at her face to try and force a smile lololz

Oh Violet-chan! You are trying your best. Keep up the good work.

VE episode 5 scene 15

An exchange of love:

Soon after we get to see the first several rounds of letters exchanged between Princess Charlotte and Prince Damian. They are pretty, flouncy, and mainly for the will of each country’s people. WE HAVE TO RALLY THE HOPES AND WISHES OF THE PEOPLE! We know these letters are for show. There is no real depth or meaning behind them. You can tell that these letters don’t contain the true emotions/feelings of Princess Charlotte or Prince Damian. Princess Charlotte even notes this observation when she is speaking to Violet about the next letter that is to be sent to the Prince.

VE episode 5 scene 16

Princess Charlotte asks Violet if she can speak with her in a more informal way. She doesn’t want to speak to Violet as a Princess but as Charlotte. Charlotte goes on to tell Violet the story of how Prince Damian and her meet. The Kingdom of Drossel threw a huge birthday party for Charlotte when she was ten years old. For royalty, marriage arrangements officially begin when a princess turns ten. Every boy/man who was at the party was a potential marriage partner, but Charlotte felt like no one was there to celebrate her actual birthday. Her own feelings didn’t matter anymore. Young Charlotte leaves the party and enters into a beautiful moonlit garden. This is where she starts to cry. Dawww! Don’t cry baby Charlotte. Mama Ayano will take care of you and your feelings! *Enter in the handsome Prince Damian*

VE episode 5 scene 17

Uhhhh…where can I find one of these?! I’ll take one extra handsome, charming, and caring Prince to go please! The handsome Prince Damian tells Charlotte that it is okay to cry; that she should cry as much as she wants. He says at the party she seemed to come off as a sassy little brat but he is relived that she can cry too. Damian even remarks that the party was drab and it’s only fitting that the Princess would want to cry. Cause…IT’S HER PARTY AND SHE’LL CRY IF SHE WANTS TO! CRY IF SHE WANTS TO!

VE episode 5 scene 18

Those few spoken words from Prince Damian made a lasting impression on Princess Charlotte. After that fateful meeting in the garden it seems Charlotte couldn’t forget him or his kind words.

The war halted any talks of marriage, but after it was over Princess Charlotte received a proposal out of nowhere. Princess Charlotte didn’t want this proposal to go to waste. She spent a lot of her time studying the benefits a marriage between Drossel and Flugel would bring her country. She even laid out the groundwork with her father and his cabinet. This girl is one determined Princess. You go girl! In the end Drossel chose Flugel to partner with. Yippee!

But Princess Charlotte still has her concerns about Prince Damian. She wants to make sure his feelings are the same (mainly due to their difference in age). Which is totally understandable for a young girl her age! I mean…she is only fourteen. Princess Charlotte has a lot of growing up to do.

VE episode 5 scene 23^Me too girl! Me too.

I think a lot of Princess Charlotte’s worries are also focused on her leaving her country. She will be in a new land that she has no idea about and she will also be without her court maid, Alberta. Alberta practically raised Princess Charlotte from infancy and Alberta has always been by her side. I can see why Princess Charlotte has so many concerns about this marriage. It is a lot to take in for someone who is so young. I don’t think I could go through with it if I was still fourteen.

In exchange for Princess Charlotte’s concerns, Violet decides to take it upon herself to help Charlotte.

As morning ushers in Princess Charlotte is met with another letter from Prince Damian, but this time it is a hand written letter. It reads, “Princess Charlotte do you remember meeting me that moonlit night in the White Camellia Castle’s garden?”

It seems our Violet-chan was being a bit sneaky and met with Prince Damian’s doll to lay out a plan for future letters. Go Violet-chan! GO!

The next round of letters ensue between Princess Charlotte and Prince Damian, but this time in their own heartfelt words. In a way these letters help them get to know each other on a more personal level. This helps ease Princess Charlotte’s worries and concerns she has with the arranged marriage.

VE episode 5 scene 30

A proper purposal:

After several exchanges of letters Prince Damian asks Princess Charlotte to meet him in the moonlit garden. He goes on to tell her that she is smart, tough, an intriguing person and that she will be an amazing wife. MY HEART! How effing adorable! He then says to Charlotte, “let’s get married.” And then Prince Damian offers Charlotte a proper proposal!

VE episode 5 scene 31

Guuurrrllll! You better say yes or else I’ll have to marry him myself!

VE episode 5 scene 32

THANK THE LORD! HALLELUJAH! I am so happy for them! Finally an episode where we get a happy end. As Violet says, “their love came true.”

We then move to the day of Princess Charlotte’s wedding. Alberta enters Princess Charlotte’s chambers to get her ready for the big day. Charlotte plays one last game of hide-and-seek with Alberta before saying she is finally a “grown up” too. As Charlotte sits in front of her vanity (looking stunning in her wedding dress) we get a heart-aching final exchange between Alberta and her.

Princess Charlotte takes Alberta’s hand, places in on her forehead, and bows down to Alberta. Waaaahhh! Who left these onions here again?!

What a great way to end this beautiful love story! Oh wait….the episode isn’t over yet? What?

VE episode 5 scene 1

Ending scenes:

It seems the lovely Miss Cattleya was Prince Damian’s Doll all along. I had a feeling it was someone Violet knew!

And Violet-chan smiled at the end?! WHAT IS THIS BREAKTHROUGH?! Holy mother of God. We finally see some emotion from Violet ❤

Then it happens! The final moments of the episode where Violet gets off the boat back in Leiden and is met by Captain Bougainvillea (Major Gilbert’s Brother in case you forgot). This is where he throws around some harsh words to our Violet-chan. I’ll leave you guys with the bitter pill of resentment from Captain Bougainvillea.

Disclaimer: All imagery and photos come from searching for them on the internet. I have no claim or right to them.

2 thoughts on “Violet Evergarden Episode 5: A Moonlit Garden

  1. It seems the story is going to head in a bit of a darker direction now, when we look at this weeks cliffhanger. It will be interesting to see where this is going now. It’s still an absolutely amazing series, but but you were so right about those names though lol 😂😂
    Ps…haven’t forgotten about Orange, but don’t think I can make it this month. Hopefully I will be able to in March, but will let you know as soon as I can.
    As always great post!. Love how these let me relive the episodes every time 😀

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