Violet Evergarden Episode 6: An Arrow Of Light

VE episode 6 scene 1

Opening scenes:

It seems our Violet-chan is off on another grand adventure in this weeks newest episode of Violet Evergarden. We are taken to the city of Justitia (which seems to be a town way way way up in the mountains of nowhere). We see Violet, along with many other dolls, arriving by cable car to the city for some sort of purpose. We are then introduce to two male characters, one of which is named Leon. He has black hair and piercing blue eyes, quite like Violet-chan’s. I have to admit, I’m already crushing on him from looks alone! Leon gives us a bit of inner monologue before the opening song and we learn he has quite the distaste for Auto Memory Dolls.

Leon…why you gotta be all handsome, and broody, and cold towards the Auto Memory Dolls?! You don’t even know them…(not yet anyways). But will you look at those eyes?! Those eyes look just like the ocean and I could fall deep into them. *insert blushy face here*

VE episode 6 scene 9

Work and a small reunion:

After the opening credits we see Violet have a small reunion with her old classmates Bluebell, Iberis, and the EVER adorable Luculia. LUCULIA!!! My beautiful red-headed princess! I am so happy to see you again. Luculia comments that she admired Violet’s work with Princess Charlotte (from the previous episode) and I couldn’t be more ecstatic! Violet did an AMAZING job in the last episode, so I think it is only fitting her old acquaintances would mention it.

The chief for the Shahar Observatory then pops up to welcome all of the Dolls and states what work they will be doing. It seems the ladies, along with the male transcribers from the manuscript department, will be carefully copying works that are distressed/falling apart. These manuscripts are astrology based and contain pertinent information. They need to be preserved for future generations to come. Seems like a very important task not only for the Dolls but for Violet-chan as well. There are 80 Dolls and 80 transcribers, so each one will be paired up with one another in order to complete this task within two weeks. Whew! That is quite a bit of people working towards one goal in a short amount of time.

And who do you think gets to pair up with our Violet-chan? You guessed it! The ever morose Leon.

VE episode 6 scene 10

But Leon has an “ah ha” moment when he meets our Violet. You can see it on his face when Violet-chan introduces herself. You know…the usual way she does…but it seems to have an affect on everyone she meets. It’s almost as if Violet is casting a magic spell over all the new people in some weird way.

Violet, what kind of voodoo magic are you using girl?! I NEED TO KNOW!!! I wish I had that kind of affect on people. I think my life would be a whole hell of a lot easier if I could make people fall for me.

Leon and Violet get to work right away (I mean they kinda have to since this is such a large project for everyone). Leon gets kind of cocky with Violet-chan saying that if she can’t keep up with his decoding then he’ll have to give her the boot. But you guys already know my baby Violet-chan is up for the challenge! She’s kinda becoming a pro at typing up letters. Violet finally unveils her mechanical hands to Leon and (to no avail) Leon is surprised at what he sees.

Leon decodes a manuscript of the comet known as Ally’s Comet. It only appears every 200 hundred years. The folklore that this manuscript contains is quite beautiful if I do say so myself. Here is what Leon decodes:

“The arrow of light pierced through the dark heavens. Its long tail slashed the head of St. Barbarossa. According to Astrologer Ariadna, the arrow of light was a bad omen. After it passed, the plague spread, and the king’s death shook the country. St. Barbarossa was also pierced with the arrow of light which separated his body and soul. The arrow of light appeared in the past as well, according to the words of Ariadna. According to the legend it’s also known for taking the bride of King Reinhardt, the king of the land of fairies. The light brought death to nobility. Women became royal mistresses. Men were sacrificed at the banquet.”

*Leon stops to admire the artwork in the manuscript*

VE episode 6 scene 21

“With that being the case, its parting was not a tragedy. In the eternity of the land of fairies, they were blessed with a new vessel and its soul would be protected forevermore…” *Leon pauses for a moment and Violet tells him to continue* Leon notes that Violet can indeed keep up with this translations. “The death of the nobility cause distress among the people, as the arrow of light caused fear.”Β Cut to next scene! I actually really liked this little moment between Leon and Violet-chan. Mainly due to the fact that I have a huge fascination with folklore and legends, but also because Leon’s hardened exterior seems to be melting away by Violet. I’m telling you guys, she has the affect on people!

Leon and Violet complete 3 days worth of work in one sitting. 3 WHOLE DAYS WORTH OF WORK! Holy crap balls! That is one fast decoding work between the two. I humbly applaud you Leon and Violet. *insert golf clap here*

VE episode 6 scene 22

The value of work:

After work is completed for the day Leon and Violet have a starry moment it what seems to be the ruins of some old building. Leon wants to know how Violet can still be standing after completely such an enormous endeavor. Violet replies that writing is less tiring than traveling and it is a Dolls duty to travel anywhere in order to please their clients. Violet-chan is starting to sound like a real dedicated Doll! I’m one proud momma.

Leon then asks Violet why she chose this line of work. Violet says that she was given this role. Violet only saw it as her duty at first but soon realized, through various emotions with clients, that she is entrusted with the thoughts of people of the past in order to preserve them for future generations. She now realizes the true value of her work. Dawww! Violet-chan…you’re making my heart melt. But even with this self revelation Violet still questions whether she is worthy of this work.

Violet-chan…YOU ARE WORTHY MY SWEET BABY GIRL! I just know in my heart of hearts you are soooo worthy of this job. Just keep believing in yourself Violet!

VE episode 6 scene 26

One in the same:

We finally get to learn a little bit about Leon’s past from a few of his fellow (insufferable) transcribers. These guys try to bait Violet into coming by and seeing them after work, but Violet isn’t biting. Leon was an orphan and couldn’t afford to work at the observatory without Shahar’s support. They really lay it on thick by even telling Violet that Leon doesn’t deserve to work with a beautiful woman like her. If there was ever a time I could jump into an anime and beat some ass this would be that time!!! No one talks about my Leon-kun this way!!! HOW DARE THEY! But Violet-chan comes to Leon’s defense stating that she was an orphan too. She tells these assholes that she hasn’t lived a privileged life as they so assume. Yes baby girl, yes! You tell them what’s up! These punks then try to use Leon’s mother as an excuse to get Violet-chan to like them. MY BLOOD IS BOILING NOW!!! ARGGGHHHH.

Violet refuses their advances yet again and they finally decide it isn’t worth their time anymore. THANK THE LORD BABY JESUS. Get the hell out of here with that shit! Leon-kun comes down from the second floor and Violet asks if he is angry. Leon responds with a sassy no and that is how he just normally looks. Violet says she is often told she looks expressionless and that is (also) how she just normally looks.

Another emotional connection between Leon and Violet-chan! I simply love when two characters can connection on an emotional level due to their past. It really paves the way for character development and future relationships later in the series. We saw that when Violet met back up with Luculia and the other girls earlier in this episode.

VE episode 6 scene 29

An invitation:

It seems there are only 4 days left until all of the Dolls go back home. Kiel (who got paired with Iberis) wants to invite her to the comet viewing of Ally’s comet, which is due in 3 days time. You can tell he is totally crushing on her! Leon-kun is spacing out when Kiel is trying to talk with him. It seems our Leon-kun is also crushing on a certain someone with the way he is acting. Just look at that face! That is the face of a young man in love ❀

So what does our love struck Leon-kun do? He asks Violet-chan to view the comet with him! How effing cute πŸ™‚

Side note…R.I.P to bread-kun 😦 your sacrifice was necessary in order for Leon to ask Violet-chan to the comet viewing. YOUR EFFORTS WILL NOT BE IN VAIN!

VE episode 6 scene 1

An arrow of light:

Fast forward to the night of the Ally’s comet viewing party. Everyone heads to the rooftop of the observatory and gets settled in to watch the comet pass through the night sky. Leon-kun gives Violet a blanket and some hot soup in order to keep her warm. What a gentleman! I need one of those in my life #foreveralone

Leon tells Violet-chan that the best view of the comet will be right before sunrise as the comet enters the east sky. So they have a little bit of time to kill before that happens. Leon-kun opens up to Violet-chan, stating that what the guys said in the library to her was true. Leon’s mother was a wanderer and a traveling entertainer. She would tour around to sing, dance, and perform. It is only when she went to Justitia that she fell in love with a man. *Que Leon-kun being born*

VE episode 6 scene 2

Leon thought they were a happy family when he was a child, but then his father disappeared and never returned. His father was in charge of gathering documents for Shahar. He traveled the world in order to collect valuable books, but by traveling to many foreign places involved certain risks. They searched for him for two years before finally giving up. After that Leon’s mother decided to leave in search for his father. Leon chalks up her reason for leaving because of her undying love for his father. *Insert sarcastic scoff here*

VE episode 6 scene 3

Leon describes (what I think is the lesson of love) as:

VE episode 6 scene 4

Yes Leon-kun, yes! This is EXACTLY how I feel about love. Love turns us all into fools. No matter how hard you try to challenge love, it is undeniable that love makes us crazy. Violet notes that Leon’s mother was very important to him. You can tell by his expressions that he loved his mother dearly. Leon then asks Violet about her family. Violet tells Leon that she doesn’t have any blood relatives, but there was someone else that always took care of her. We know it was Major Gilbert. *Cue heart pains*

Leon wants to know if Violet is lonely being apart from her “somebody,” but in true Violet fashion she doesn’t know what being lonely feels like. The emotion of being lonely is something that she does not yet understand. She understands the concept of loneliness, but she cannot tell whether it is happening to her or not. Leon-kun doesn’t believe her at first, but Violet replies that she cannot lie. Leon tries to give Violet examples of what it means to be lonely. He asks her if she thinks about “that” person sometimes? Violet says:

Leon-kun then asks Violet, “Doesn’t your heart feel heavy when you don’t see that person for a long time?” Well, does it Violet-chan?! I need to know the answer! Violet quickly replies “yes” and Leon-kun says, “That’s what it feels like to be lonely.”Β Violet’s expression turns almost sad at the thought of this and we can see Leon-kun feels a bit guilty for telling her about loneliness.

In order to change the subject slightly, Leon ask Violet what she would do if the person she cared about was in a dangerous situation but couldn’t leave her contracted position while out on the job? I think Violet’s response is the realest thing I have ever heard her say thus far in the series:

Poor Leon-kun! He totally got freind-zoned by Violet-chan…but there is still hope! Don’t give up that easily Leon. As Leon is about to suggest that Violet may love Major Gilbert, Ally’s comet comes into view (well into better view anyways).

VE episode 6 scene 11

It is a once-in-a-lifetime encounter these two will never see again. Leon-kun really wants Violet to remember that.

VE episode 6 scene 12

Moving forward:

It is time for the all of the Dolls and Violet-chan to part ways with the observatory. Their task is complete. I’m gonna miss this place! It felt like this episode was a whirlwind of emotions and I wanted to learn more about astronomy. Leon escorts Violet down to the cable car in order to see her off. Leon-kun says that he has always wanted to collect documents just like his father and the only reason he stayed inΒ Justitia was on the off chance his mother would return with his father someday. But Leon-kun has decided he is gonna travel the world just like our Violet! He wants to forge down this path even if he faces danger or death. He hopes that one day he can meet Violet under the starry skies once more, both as travelers. I’ll leave you with Leon-kun’s heartfelt words to Violet as she heads down the mountains of Justitia:

Disclaimer: All imagery and photos come from searching for them on the internet. I have no claim or right to them.

10 thoughts on “Violet Evergarden Episode 6: An Arrow Of Light

  1. This was another beautiful story but I do also have to admit that I was a tad bit disappointed that they did not follow up on last week’s ending of the episode. Still, the rest of the episode more than made up for that. Lol…loved you going all fan girl with this post! 😊😊

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    1. I think KyoAni has something up their sleeves in regards to not following up last weeks episode. I just have a feeling. I don’t think they would leave us hanging like that! I think we will get some clarification at some point or another. I mean…they didn’t even give us an opening song until the third episode. Next week is the half way mark! I don’t want it to end!!! XD

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Yeah… would be weird if they didn’t follow up on it. But..stranger things have happened of course. Still it’s still highly enjoyable. And I don’t want it to end either….😭😭😭

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yeah….I wish I could…but sadly that one isn’t available for me. I have heard some great things about it. Oh well…it’s not as if my backlog isn’t huge already anyway lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I think these episode reviews are turning into me being a crazy fan-girl lolololz XD Yeah Bread-kun went to bread heaven all for the sake of love! Did you see that chapter 49 and 50 of Koi Wa Amaagari No You Ni were out!? I read them last night πŸ˜›

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