Violet Evergarden Episode 7: Play’s and Parasol’s

Hey guys.

If you don’t already know (because you don’t follow me on Twitter) my great uncle passed away on Wednesday. I haven’t seen him since I was a kid but I do have some fond memories of him. It sucks when you have family in another state but don’t get to see them for years and years. It’s like you’re related but you’re not…if you know what I mean? I wish I got to know him longer. 😦

Emotionally I don’t have it in me to do a long lenghty post about Violet Evergarden’s newest episode, so I hope you guys are okay with me just giving my overall thoughts/feelings instead. I quite enjoyed this episode even though it did feel kind of like a filler episode. Beautifully done none the less!

VE episode 7 scene 1

Violet heads to a lake side cabin to help Oscar Webster scribe his newest play. When Violet arrives Oscar is almost taken aback by Violet’s appearance. His inner monologue also states, “She had the same hair color as the girl I wanted to see again. I can’t even say her name because it makes me so sad.”  At this point we know Violet reminds Oscar of someone we just don’t know who yet.

It seems Oscar is messy and a bit of a lush, but it has to be for some good reason right? Right. He says he drinks because he can’t work otherwise but I would beg to differ. There is a tinge of sadness behind Oscar’s cold facade and I was eager to find out why. After some extensive cleaning of Oscar’s dirty place, Violet’s first attempt at cooking carbonara (Violet trying to crack eggs was priceless! Super adorable in my opinion), and Oscar trying to find alcohol in the middle of the night (Violet hid the bottle in a cabinet) we end the evening and go straight into work the next morning.

Violet and Oscar work on the newest play with precision. We see Violet even becoming emotionally involved with Oscar’s words. Violet is exuberating more emotions everyone! Yippee! Violet is confused by her thoughts and this is when Oscar clarifies that Violet is empathizing with the character. (The character’s name is Olive btw) The two step outside of the cabin and it is a breathtaking fall day. The lake looks absolutely radiant against the sunlight! This is when Violet finds a pretty light blue parasol. Oscar looks at it with sad eyes. Violet remarks that it is a “really beautiful parasol” and we are shown images of a young girl with said parasol. I think I know who Oscar wishes to see again! It must be his daughter.

VE episode 7 scene 2

Oscar says he needs a break and goes back inside the cabin. We are shown more images of the young girl and hear her say, “I promise to show you one day.” Something heartbreaking has happened to this girl! I just know it. KyoAni doesn’t show you flashbacks for no reason. Oscar looks out the window to see Violet under the parasol and something in him snaps. He rushes outside and knocks the parasol out of Violet’s hands. Hey now! How dare you do that to my poor Violet-chan! You leave her alone mister grumpy gills. Oscar tells her to go home but Violet urges that the play will not be completed if she leaves. Oscar claims he can no longer write but he must finish the story. He needs to finish the story he once told Olivia. There’s her name! Olivia is Oscar’s precious daughter.

Oscar and Olivia moved to the cabin after Oscar lost his wife to an illness. Oscar believed his daughter was sad when she lost her mother but she never showed it. Instead she helped her father focus on his work. Her favorite things were that frilly blue parasol and water birds. We are then thrown back to Oscar’s memory of Olivia and her parasol.

But poor Olivia wouldn’t make it across that lake. Instead Olivia spent her final days watching it from afar. Oh my god!!! WHHHHYYYY? Why do you do this to me KyoAni??? You introduce this sweet carefree little girl and then snatch her away from us in an instant. I’m so sad! *Cries uncontrollably in bedroom corner*

Violet also cries at the memory of Olivia. She says to Oscar, “Parting with someone who is important to you…Never being able to see them again…I never knew it was so sad…and painful.” Yes Violet-chan, losing the ones you love the most is something you will never be able to understand or get over. It is something you will carry with you for the rest of your life.

Later that evening Oscar apologizes to Violet for behaving rash and uncivil. Violet says he doesn’t need to apologize because she knows he is in pain. Oscar then claims that he will finish the play. He will finish Olive’s story no matter how difficult the adventure, Olive will get a happy ending. When Oscar declares this it seems as if he is not saying this to Violet but to Olivia. I feel like Oscar wants to finish this story for the sake of his daughter since she didn’t get her happy ending. In a way this play will bring Oscar some closure and acceptance of his daughter’s death.

VE episode 7 scene 9

Violet and Oscar are working on the ending of the play. Oscar seems a bit stuck on how he should conclude the piece. This is when Violet mentions that Olive could return home if she were a bird. Oscar has a light-bulb moment! He suggest a flying parasol. Stubborn Violet-chan retorts “you cannot fly with a parasol.” This is fiction Violet-chan! FICTION! Let’s be a bit more open-minded when it comes to these sorts of things. Oscar has Violet open the parasol for reference and this is when he comes up with the final words of the play. Olive reunites with her father but Oscar has trouble finding the right words (yet again) on how Olive should greet him. He then asks Violet to walk towards him from beyond the lake so he can visualize Olive’s scene.

Then the best part of the episode happens! Our Violet-chan walks across water!!! Well…more like jumps across water.

In the end Olive’s story was Olivia’s story. Olivia was able to keep her promise to her father thanks to Violet. Olivia floated across that lake atop the fallen leaves and returned home to her father. Olivia finally got the happy ending she deserved. Oscar crying was the purest thing I have seen in a long time. A parent’s love for their child is something that can never be replaced. I can’t image what that must feel like, nor do I want to go through the idea of losing a child. I don’t think I could handle it.

Oscar gives Violet-chan Olivia’s parasol and tells her that she fulfilled Olivia’s “one day” wish. I am so so pleased with Violet’s character development this episode. She is really learning how to understand feelings/emotions through other people’s experiences. As Violet heads back home she recalls the words of Dietfried and Claudia, mainly focusing on how Claudia said she would one day understand that she has many burns. Violet almost fights with her inner self…asking does she deserve to live? She claims she has probably taken away many people’s “one day wishes” and it is making her feel guilty/remorseful. I’m glad Violet-chan is finally making advances towards feeling this way. She can’t feel unemotional forever and she’s going to have to face the truth someday.

Speaking of facing the truth…we finally come to the conclusion of the episode. Violet gets off the boat and runs into Mrs. Evergarden. Violet takes this opportunity to apologize to Mrs. Evergarden for being disrespectful the last time they met. Mrs. Evergarden says there is no need to apologize and is proud at how far Violet has come since their first encounter. AND THEN SHE SAYS IT….

VE episode 7 scene 18

Uh oh spaghetti-o’s!!! You’ve done it now Mrs. Evergarden.

VE episode 7 scene 19

Violet burst into Claudia’s office and confronts him about Major Gilbert. She wants to know if he is alive and safe. Poor Violet-chan looks so distraught! This is when Claudia finally tells Violet-chan the truth. After the final battle of Intense, Violet was found alone on the ground under a church. Major Gilbert most likely pushed Violet out right before it was bombed. While they didn’t find Gilbert’s body, they did find his ID tag under the rubble. Major Gilbert was declared ‘missing in action.’ Of course Violet doesn’t want to believe what Claudia is telling her. She can’t fathom the idea of her being the only one to survive. Claudia urges Violet to accept his words even though it may be difficult. Violet runs out of the building in a panic.

VE episode 7 scene 20

Her rushed breathing and final gasp at the end made my heart well up with sadness. I didn’t want her to find out about Major Gilbert but sometimes finding out the truth is what’s best. I am intrigued on where the story will go from here. In a way I want Major Gilbert to be alive, but on the other hand I don’t want him to be. I want Violet to be able to grow into her own person without having to rely on the sake of other’s. She has always been with the Major and I think it’s time for her to spread her own wings. It may not be what Violet wants but it is what she needs. It’s time to fly on your own Violet-chan, it’s time.

Disclaimer: All imagery and photos come from searching for them on the internet. I have no claim or right to them.

2 thoughts on “Violet Evergarden Episode 7: Play’s and Parasol’s

  1. First off, I’m really sorry to hear about your uncle passing away. You have my condolences and I hope that you are doing okay. I can totally understand that you are not going into a very lengthty post at this moment, but I still very much loved reading it nonetheless. It really was (for me at least) one of the most beautiful episodes to date. That bit where she walked on water was absolutely amazing.
    As I said I hope you are okay. Please take care 😊

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    1. Thank you for your condolences! I really appreciate the sentiment. I’m doing okay. It’s sad knowing someone in my family has passed. I usually don’t like when anyone dies really. I’m an emotional crybaby sometimes! Glad to know you still enjoyed the post even though it wasn’t super duper long ❤

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