Munchie Monday: I Went Shopping At An Asian Market!

Everyone loves snacks, right? Right! I’ll be the first to admit I actually like snacking a bit more than actually eating full meals. I don’t feel as weighed down and there are so many fun options to choose! Yesterday my roommate and I headed to a small Asian market in the neighboring town next to us. I’ve been looking for some good smaller markets to shop at and this was the first one I could find. I drove past it last week while I was working and I knew I had to go check it out! There is also an Indian market I have driven past several times that I want to explore that one as well.

This market was small in nature but had some very good options to choose from. A lot of different spices, sauces, snacks and other random amenities. I mainly came for the snacks πŸ˜‰ I wish this market was a little bigger (because they could sell more snacks for my fat ass) but I’m sure I can find another market with more options at a later date. Also, I probably shouldn’t even be eating any of these snacks because I’m trying to live a more healthy lifestyle (i.e. less carbs, going to the gym, eating more veggies) but I NEED THEM!

I need it

Yes, I need all the snacks! Some of these snacks aren’t too unhealthy though (mainly just full of sodium so I’ll probably die of a heart attack later on) but it will be so worth it in the end! All that flavory goodness swimming around in my tummy. Yaaassss. I accept my fate oh supreme snack lord.

Anywho…here are a few pics of what I bought at the market!

I was super hungry at this point so I had the ramen that is in the round plastic container in the first picture and while that was cooking I ate the whole box of Meiji Hello Panda cookies, had some of the matcha Kit-Kat’s (which were TO DIE FOR by the way), a few of the Oishii fish crackers (they tasted really good…almost like pork rinds), and some of the Nori Maki Arare (you really taste the seaweed on these guys). Later I tried the Black Sesame Mochi and it tasted like I was eating roasted sesame seeds and then it turned into mochi ice cream? It was a weird experience for sure. I’m really excited to see what the coffee ones taste like! The three smaller packets in the first picture are all different types of ramen which I am also excited to dive into. I’m trying to figure out what I will cook the sweet potato vermicelli noodles with…anyone have any suggestions? And of course the trip wouldn’t have been complete without matcha powder (the small grey container next to the Kit-Kat’s)! I wanna make all kinds of things with that!

My next adventure shall be the mochi bar at Safeway. They have a cooler full of all different flavors of mochi! I think you get six for like $3.00? I only glanced at it when I was there so I’ll have to double check. Now that I have written about all this food I am starving! I think I might have to venture downstairs and make one of those ramen packets. If you guys like this series I wouldn’t mind making it a reoccurring thing. I think it is fun to venture out and try new things! It really opens the door to unique flavors you normally wouldn’t try. Hopefully I can find more markets like this around here again. It was an awesome and enjoyable experience! πŸ™‚

6 thoughts on “Munchie Monday: I Went Shopping At An Asian Market!

  1. oh man, now i want to eat something but it’s like 10:10pm and there’s nothing in our fridge xD i go to this market called mitsuwa if i want some asian snacks but it’s like an hour away (or more) from my house so i don’t go often. i also am very bad at trying new things so there’s these two snacks that i get but that’s about it (they’re both crackers), maybe i should try something new next time xD

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  2. I had an Asian market near me when I was still at university, only went there once or twice and I miss it so much now. They had these sweet chilli flavour dried fish skewers… 🀀 I’m always so jealous of Asia’s variety of Kit-Kats, I’d love to try matcha flavour. Peach is another I’d kill to get my hands on πŸ˜† I’m feeling that hankering to buy a few online now.

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