Violet Evergarden Episode 8: Harsh Reality

VE episode 8 scene 1

Opening scenes:

We have finally come full circle in this week’s newest episode of Violet Evergarden. We are now back to where it all began for Major Gilbert and Violet-chan. The Major and his brother have a brief conversation about Violet and how the Captain (once again) refers to Violet as a “weapon.” As Dietfried bluntly puts it she’s “just a war tool.” Violet is a child of war. We have known that from the very first episode, but we never really knew how much of a tool she was until this episode. This is when Major Gilbert decides to take Violet in.

*Que opening song*

VE episode 8 scene 2


Violet makes her way over to where Captain Dietfried is located and confronts him about Major Gilbert. She wants confirmation that he is truly “missing in action” as Claudia had previously mentioned. Dietfried seems a bit surprised that Violet doesn’t know. Dietfried starts to say, “Gilbert is no longer…” but Violet cuts him off saying that he must still be alive. Violet is in denial through and through. My poor Violet-chan! I don’t want her to suffer 😦

Dietfried then asks why Violet is making such a face (I’m guessing she looks distraught/bewildered). KyoAni decides to focus more on Violet’s body language rather than her face. It is nice detailing because we as the audience can picture her face in our minds. It leaves this scene open to interpretation and a bit of mystery. Dietfried mocks Violet by saying she was nothing but an emotionless tool to Gilbert (which is a pretty low blow in my opinion). I guess he is confused on how Violet can be sad if she doesn’t portray emotions like a normal human being.

We cut scenes to Cattleya giving Claudia an earful after she finds out Claudia told Violet the truth. Claudia wants Violet to accept the truth but we know it’s not going to be that simple for our Violet-chan. Cattleya slams her hand on the desk and says, “You idiot! You always have the worse timing! To top it off, you have no idea about how women feel.” I mean…Cattleya does have a point. I can’t argue with her there. Also, I kinda like seeing Cattleya mad. It gives her character a new sense of depth.

Back to Violet-chan. We see her on a train heading to God-knows-where and she is clutching the emerald brooch Gilbert gave her. I feel her pain!

VE episode 8 scene 3


It seems we are transported back in time to when Gilbert takes Violet to his home for the first time. A (what I’m guessing) servant opens the door to greet Gilbert and is surprised by the presence of Violet. Gilbert asks the women to give Violet a bath and a change of clothes. Violet is looking kind of ratty at this point. She could use a good scrubbing! The lady reaches her hand out to Violet and says, “It’s okay. Just come with me.” Our wild Violet-chan ends up biting this poor ladies hand. Ouch!

VE episode 8 scene 4

I can now see why she was called Gilbert’s dog. I wonder if Violet always had an affinity for biting? Maybe it was a survival thing since she was an orphan? That is my best guess.

Later that night Violet is asleep on the floor. Gilbert tries to place a blanket on top of her, he doesn’t want her to catch a cold. Awww…how sweet! Violet is startled and jumps back from him.

VE episode 8 scene 5

Gilbert urges again that she will catch a cold if she doesn’t have a blanket on her. He mentions that it will be cold again tomorrow as well.

VE episode 8 scene 6

Violet awakens to a missing Gilbert and frantically searches all throughout the house for him. She comes up empty handed. She races for the front door and just as she’s about to open it Gilbert comes in. It knocks Violet down on her butt. It seems our Violet-chan has taken a liking to Gilbert-san’s presence.

VE episode 8 scene 7

Front lines:

Top brass wants Violet-chan out on the front lines with Major Gilbert but he is completely against it. He claims Violet is too unstable (which I don’t disagree with). Violet is still a child after all. This douche canoe then goes on to tell Gilbert that he should just exploit Violet as much as he can and then dump her on the battlefield when she is no longer of use. EXCUUUUUSE ME? Who the fuck is this dude? Do I need to jump into this anime and beat some ass? Cause I will. I hate when people talk about Violet-chan this way. It gets my blood boiling!!!

Gilbert objects one last time and fuck boy says he doesn’t have time for Gilbert’s hypocrisy. He then gives Gilbert the order of dismissal. Ugh…I can’t even with this dude. So freaking arrogant.

Major Gilbert is given the task to fight the enemy head on in a night mission. Violet is with him but Gilbert urges she must stay put until he gets back. Uhhhh…I highly doubt that’s gonna happen Major XD

As the Major’s squad traverses through a river they stop when they notice an enemy guard. Gilbert signals for advancement with his hand but it isn’t his team that charges forward…you guessed it! It is Violet-chan! Orphan girl by day, flying monkey by night. The usual. Violet carefully kills the enemy guard with such precision that it’s almost terrifying. It’s crazy to see Violet act on senseless regard and have no emotion when it comes to taking someone’s life. This must be the weapon Captain Dietfried speaks of when he talks about Violet.

Violet takes out two other enemy guards near by but catches the area on fire since one of them was holding a lantern. The next scenes are what I believe to be the best of this episode:

The look on Violet’s face, the worry in Gilbert’s eyes, the way the flames dance all around Violet while she takes out the enemy one by one…these scene’s were absolute PERFECTION. These moments encompass what Claudia was trying to tell Violet at the very beginning of the series, “You haven’t realized that everything you’ve done so far has sparked a flame that is now burning you up.” Violet is that very flame right here in the midst of war and there is no turning back.

VE episode 8 scene 10

Home again:

Violet ends up at Gilbert’s home once more, but this time it is only her standing at the door when the servant opens it. Violet looks like she has gone through hell. She’s all scuffed up and dirty from her journey. She proceeds to ask if the Major is home but we already know the answer to that question.

The faces Violet makes after seeing this grave is so fucking gut-wrenching that I almost can’t even take it:

GOD DAMN. This is just getting worse and worse. My depressed little heart can’t take much more. Violet then recalls the scene where Major Gilbert gave her her name. We saw this part in a previous episode, but this time Violet repeats her name after the Major gives it to her. Major Gilbert then decides to teach Violet to read and write. Violet replays the things everyone said about Major Gilbert and it seems she is on the brink of having a meltdown. Her eyes say it all….

VE episode 8 scene 22

The next scenes are basically the very beginning of episode 1. We see Major Gilbert and Violet in the city of Machtig for Thanksgiving. It is when they take a walk through the shopping district and Violet stumbles upon the emerald brooch that Gilbert decides to gift her. Violet was mesmerized by it because it was the same color as Gilbert’s eyes. Gilbert is surprised that Violet didn’t want one that matched the color of her eyes instead but Violet’s response is a memorable one:

THAT’S MY VIOLET-CHAN! You make my heart melt baby girl. ❤ Even the Major is taken aback by Violet’s words. The Major then steps over to Violet and places the brooch on her uniform under her neck. Violet thanks Gilbert but he doesn’t respond. He just stares at the ground with tears in his eyes. Violet says thank you once more but Gilbert doesn’t say a word. Gilbert must be heartbroken on the inside. I get the feeling he knows something is going to happen and he can’t come to terms with it.

Also….can I just say I hate when guys cry! It is literally one of the saddest things to see. It tears me up inside and I can’t handle it! It makes my heart break into a million little pieces. So for Gilbert to get all teary-eyed I know something is going to go down. Always trust your gut.

VE episode 8 scene 28

An old friend:

Finally we get to see Claudia and Gilbert interact as war buddies. I was waiting to see Captain Claudia in action! It seems Claudia’s family was an important financier of the military, so it was always important to keep Claudia safe. Violet is wary of Claudia and almost defends Gilbert before Gilbert tells her to stand down. He then introduces Claudia as his old classmate and this is when Claudia recognizes Violet from the training ground. Claudia goes on to ask Gilbert why he still has Violet by his side. He even notes, “Isn’t she the one who wreaked havoc in Capria?” To which Gilbert responds with Violet’s name. He says, “She didn’t have a name, so I gave her one.” Claudia then asks if Gilbert is going to use her for Operation Regain Intense. Gilbert says if they can regain Intense then the enemy will crumble. This will likely be the final fight. Claudia starts to walk off from Gilbert and Violet, but before he does he mentions that once the war is over he’s thinking about quitting the army to start a company. He wants Gilbert to come work for him but Gilbert doesn’t like the idea of working under Claudia. Claudia then retorts with:

VE episode 8 scene 29

If only Claudia knew how true those words would become.

VE episode 8 scene 30

Operation Intense:

Operation Intense kicks off with Gilbert’s crew heading into the enemy’s headquarters via the sewers underneath the structure. Attacking them front the front would prove to be too difficult, so they opt for the latter. The artillery team will bombard the enemy first, and while the enemy was distracted they would use the sewers to infiltrate Intense, rush the cathedral, and take control of the enemies headquarters. Alright, seems like a solid enough plan. I can get behind it.

Once the headquarters were controlled they would send up a flare to signal reinforcements to charge, and the operation would be complete. Should be easy peasy right? Wrong.

Violet leads the team through the sewers, taking out enemies left and right. Some of the squad members don’t make it past the first point. Sad. The team is able to get past the first throng of enemies and races to the cathedral as planned. Upon entry of the cathedral we get a birds eye view that it is empty. OMG…IT’S A FUCKING TRAP. I KNEW IT, I KNEW IT!!! FUUUUCCCKKKK.

VE episode 8 scene 31

The enemy fires from above and Violet dashes to push Gilbert out of the way. Bullets and blood fly all over the place.

VE episode 8 scene 32

Violet manages to get Gilbert behind a wall before matters get worse. They both take a moment to catch their breath before diving back into the fight. Violet and Gilbert shoot up the enemy in a matter of seconds. The are a force to be reckoned with! It seems a fire has started outside and we see forces moving out.

Gilbert and Violet make it outside to the top of Intense and Gilbert fires off the signal flare.

VE episode 8 scene 36

They were able to pull off the initial plan. We get a brief moment of Claudia giving a smile before reinforcements head out to take over the rest of Intense. Violet stares at Gilbert from behind before calling out in a questioning tone, “Major?” Major Gilbert turns to Violet and gives her a weak smile.

And then the dreaded moment happens. I knew it was coming but I was still in shock. My hand went right over my mouth and I couldn’t help but be surprised that it finally happened. I’ll leave you guys with the final seconds of the show:

Disclaimer: All imagery and photos come from searching for them on the internet. I have no claim or right to them.

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