Violet Evergarden Episode 9: You Have To Live

VE episode 9 scene 1

Opening scenes:

We are thrown into the aftermath of Major Gilbert being shot. He is then shot a second time in his right side by the enemy. This is when Violet goes into beast mode, she shoots twice, cocks the rifle, and shoots one of the enemy soldiers down. She proceeds to try and shoot the other soldier but is out of ammo. This guy is literally petrified of Violet and runs off out of fear. I mean…just look at Violet’s face. I would probably piss my pants if I was this dude.

VE episode 9 scene 2

The Major proceeds to tell Violet to save herself and leave him there. But of course our girl is having none of that! She proceeds to tell him, “I will not leave you behind! I will stay here and fight! I will only go if I take you with me.” As our heroic Violet-chan picks up Gilbert and tries to walk off with him an enemy soldier shoots Violet in her right arm. And there goes arm number one! Holy crap balls. Those are some powerful freaking guns! Gilbert whips out his pistol and shoots the enemy in the neck. BOOM SUCKA! That’s what you get for hurting my Violet-chan! Violet bears the pain and weight of Gilbert’s body and continues to walk him somewhere safe. *Enter runaway soldier from before* This time he has some type of stick bomb. Oh hell no! He’s gonna throw it at Gilbert and Violet! NOOOO!!!

Yup, he throws it at our main characters and this is when Violet loses her second arm. We have now come full circle to the beginning of this story.

VE episode 9 scene 3

You guys already know what happens at the end of episode one so I don’t feel like I need to rehash these scenes for you, but what we didn’t get to see is Violet’s reaction to Gilbert’s confession of “I love you.” This time we do.

The bombing of Intense happens and we see Major Gilbert lunge for Violet in order to protect her. End scene.

VE episode 9 scene 10


Cut to Violet digging through the rubble of Intense. She is seeking answers, but where will she find them? I doubt she will find them in the aftermath that is Intense. Claudia manages to find Violet and tells her why the bombing took place. It seems the Gardarik Army knew they were defeated and decided to bombard their own headquarters before retreating. WHAT COWARDS! But I’m sure anyone would do this if they knew they weren’t going to win. Seems like an unforgiving army strategy. Violet was found at the bottom of the stairs and we hear (once more) that Gilbert most likely pushed Violet out of the way in order to protect her from the blast.

Violet (in a way) calls out Claudia and everyone else for saying that the Major was fine while she was in the hospital. Claudia responds with, “We couldn’t tell you. You were more concerned about him than you were about yourself.” Well no freaking duh Claudia! Violet-chan has been with the Major for a long time! Major Gilbert is the only person to show Violet any sense of compassion. It is only fitting that Violet be concerned about the Major.

Claudia then says, “Let’s go.” You can tell that Claudia wants to take Violet-chan back to the office and make her feel better but Violet responds with, “Where…would I go? I can only go where the Major is.” Claudia gives the only answer he can, “We’re going back to the office. You’re our Auto Memory Doll.” In reality Claudia knows this answer isn’t good enough. We see him unclench his fist and try to muster up a better answer for Violet.

WHY MAJOR GILBERT, WHHHYYY? Why do you have to do this to me??? You knew something was going to happen didn’t you? You knew you were going to die in this battle but didn’t have the heart or the guts to say anything. You just wanted Violet-chan taken care of after your death. Gilbert, you are too pure for this world. We don’t deserve you.

And then even more disheartening words from Claudia about Gilbert! I don’t know how much more I can take guys and we are only 6 minutes into this episode.

Luckily Benedict comes to the rescue! He pulls up with a car in order to take Claudia and Violet-chan home. Benedict you the real MVP of this show! I love you so much.

In the car Benedict wants to know if Violet-chan is okay. Violet just stares out the window in an emotional daze. Claudia goes on to ask her, “You’re okay, right?” Silence from Violet. Claudia goes on to say, “I wasn’t sure what would happen when you were first discharged from the hospital, but you’ve learned how to be an Auto Memory Doll. You’ve come so far.” Yes, yes she has. Violet has grown an existential amount since the beginning of this series. Then Claudia gives Violet-chan the best sense of advice (or words of wisdom) in order for her to be able to move forward.

VE episode 9 scene 20

Violet should be able to live her life without Gilbert’s orders…but this problem mainly revolves around the idea of will Violet live her life without Gilbert’s orders? Violet is the only one who can solve her own problems, not anyone else. It will be up to Violet-chan to decide if she wants to move forward or live in the past.

Benedict has to stop the car due to the road being blocked by fellow soldiers. It seems the city of Claisseclaire was attacked by an anti-peace faction from Gardarik. We have seen sprinkles of this information throughout the series. I am sure this is going to play a bigger role coming up in the rest of the episodes.

VE episode 9 scene 21

Concerned friends:

There they are! Erica and Iris have finally made an appearance again my friends. It seems Erica and Iris are concerned about Violet-chan. They know she is back at the office but she hasn’t come to work. How sweet! The girls want to make sure she is okay.

We then see that Cattleya is also concerned for Violet-chan’s well-being. She asks Benedict to go check on her. Also Benedict is wearing those shoes AGAIN!!! I wanna know why he is wearing them!!! They better explain it sometime soon or I am going to have a hissy fit.

VE episode 9 scene 23

The old delivery man (who helped Benedict eat his noodles that one time) enters the scene to ask Benedict to help him look for letters. It seems one of the new deliverymen threw away letters he couldn’t get around to delivering. WHO THE HELL DOES THAT? That sounds like a lazy P.O.S to me! The old man and Benedict take off to go search for the letters.

So in the end Cattleya has to go check on Violet. Violet-chan is holed up in her room, not coming out for anyone. Just like me when I was a teen! We have so much in common Violet-chan. Cattleya offers Violet some food but Violet doesn’t respond. Cattleya sets the food outside the door and this is when Violet speaks about Claudia’s mentioning of her being on fire. You know…the quote from earlier episodes.

*Insert another earful from Cattleya*

Claudia comes in with the quick comeback!

Cattleya wants to know what Violet-chan should do. Claudia says, “She’ll have to decide on her own. After she looks at her burning body and accepts it.” More concerned words from Cattleya about Violet-chan losing the Major and everything else. Claudia responds with, “It’ll be okay. She hasn’t lost him or anything else.” Possible foreshadowing the Major is alive? The last five episodes can go in any direction at this point. Either he will be dead for good or he will be miraculously alive.

Erica and Iris reflect on their relationship with Violet-chan thus far. I think it’s great Erica and Iris are trying to be more involved with having a solid friendship with Violet! These type of connections are going to be important for Violet if the Major is really dead. Having a strong support system is key when someone must grow from losing someone they care about dearly.

VE episode 9 scene 32

While Erica and Iris talk amongst themselves Luculia’s brother, Spencer, comes into the work office and says, “I would like to hire a scribe.” Yay! More characters from past episodes. I love seeing old characters come into play.

VE episode 9 scene 33

Dream vs Reality:

When this scene came up I knew it was going to be a dream sequence. We see Violet back at Intense where the Major said his final words to her. She starts to cry and calls out for Major Gilbert. This is when he pops up and asks her, “What’s the matter?” Violet tells the Major through her tears that she is working as an Auto Memory Doll. The Major seems confused at this sentiment. Annnddd here comes the blood! Blood starts dripping down from the stairs and Major Gilbert’s face. We then hear the words of Captain Bougainvillea come out of Gilbert’s mouth. Those harsh and piercing words that will forever echo in Violet’s mind:

Violet awakens from her dream (more like nightmare) and calls out for the Major. Of course she is in her room all alone. Violet (upon realizing this) goes into a frenzy and knocks all of her items off the desk. She screams out and grabs the stuffed puppy Claudia gave her as if to destroy that as well.

VE episode 9 scene 1

But she can’t bring herself to do it. She drops to her knees, places the puppy on the floor in-front of her, cries for a few seconds before trying to strangle herself. Oh no! Baby girl, what is you doing?! That is not the answer Violet-chan!!! DON’T DO IT!!!

VE episode 9 scene 2

Violet is so distraught that she can’t even strangle herself to death. She weeps for Major Gilbert asking him what she should do.

I wish I could do something to help our Violet-chan! It makes me so sad to know she is suffering 😦

VE episode 9 scene 8


Old man Jenkins (that’s what I’m gonna call him since he doesn’t have a name) knocks on Violet’s door sometime later. He says he has a letter for her. I wonder who that could be from? It’s from Erica and Iris! So that’s what those girls were up to. Violet asks Jenkins about his late night deliveries and it seems Benedict and him found the discarded letters from earlier. Violet then asks about Benedict’s whereabouts. It seems he sprained his ankle wearing those boots! Still no word about why he is wearing those boots in the first place though! We may have to chalk it up as the mystery of Violet Evergarden.

Violet goes along with old man Jenkins to finish the deliveries. There was quite a bit of letters missing! They both have stuffed satchels. If I ever get my hands on the person who discarded those letters I’m gonna….ah! I’m getting off topic now. Back to business!

Old man Jenkins has the cutest opinion about the undelivered letters! I can’t help but smile at his words. I’m glad Violet had enough spirit in her to go help with the deliveries.

Violet finishes her deliveries and old man Jenkins is thrilled they have all made it home safely. Violet then gathers up her courage and reads the letter from Erica and Iris.

VE episode 9 scene 11

The letter reads:

“How are you doing, Violet? I thought about coming to see you, but after talking with Iris, we decided to write you a letter instead. It might be strange for a Doll to write another Doll, but we wanted you to know that we are worried about you. And that we are also…waiting for you. You might not feel like coming back to work right now, so take all the time you need. But if something happens, please don’t hesitate to call us. Both Iris and I have faith you will return. Also, someone named Spencer came asking to scribe a letter for him. He wanted to send a thank you and an apology letter to his younger sister. He specifically asked for you…and insisted on having you write the letter.” 

What a thoughtful and heartfelt letter from the ladies! Good job girls! ❤

Violet ends up writing Spencer’s letter for him and we find out the letter Erica and Iris sent was the first letter our Violet-chan has ever received. In turn Violet understands that the letter she received is important. It made her feel special.

There is not better feeling in the world than feeling special! It makes you feel like you are on top of the world!

VE episode 9 scene 15

One step forward:

As Violet is heading back to the office we see bits and pieces of all the people Violet-chan has helped thus far. From Princess Charlotte, to Oscar and Leon, Violet is slowly coming to terms with a life without the Major. She stops in front of a flower shop to look at the potted violet’s. She recalls the time the Major and her first met and then when he gave her her name. Violet then takes that first step forward into moving on into a new life of her own.

Violet heads to Claudia’s office and asks him the most important question of all:

VE episode 9 scene 21

And then Claudia even starts to tear up! Oh no no no! Please don’t cry Claudia. It will only make things worse for me. You guys already know I hate when guys cry…and if Claudia cries…then I’ll cry!

VE episode 9 scene 22

I’ll leave you guys with Claudia’s beautiful words of encouragement to Violet-chan:

Disclaimer: All imagery and photos come from searching for them on the internet. I have no claim or right to them.

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