Violet Evergarden Episode 10: Future Letters

VE episode 10 scene 1

With this weeks episode of Violet Evergarden I feel like I don’t really have to explain the whole premise of the episode. The first half is pretty self-explanatory. The story is told through Anne’s eyes; a little girl who likes playing with dolls, is (a bit) bratty from time to time, and someone who loves their mother dearly. Violet comes to Anne’s home to help her sickly mother write letters. Violet is there for only seven days but Anne seems to make a connection with her even though she blames Violet for taking her mother’s time away from her.

You see, Anne’s mother is dying. Anne knows without anyone having to tell her that her mother is going to pass on without her. Hence why she has such a selfish personality throughout the first half of the episode. I mean what child wouldn’t be like this? Anne already lost her father and now she’s going to lose her mother. I felt like it was only fitting that Anne acted the way she did. Anne really just wanted every last moment with her mother before she was left alone. As Keiko states on her blog, “Here’s a little girl who, in her own way, understands that her time with her mother is being held in a timer and the sand is falling fast. She may be acting according to her own desires but there is a desperation there and an earnestness in her actions. It felt very real to say the least.” I couldn’t agree more! I’m sure when my mother or father are put in this position I’m going to feel those very same emotions. I felt like KyoAni did a wonderful job portraying Anne’s raw emotions in this episode.

As the episode progresses the audience can gauge that the letters Anne’s mother is writing are for her. We don’t know when Anne will receive these letters but without a unreasonable doubt the letters are for her in the future. It was fun watching Anne poke and prod Violet into telling her who the letters were for. Of course a lady never tells her secrets! Violet is pretty darn good at keeping client confidentiality.

VE episode 10 scene 2

That’s my Violet-chan! An unwavering mountain when it comes to people’s inquires about specific jobs.

What I want to focus on is the last 10 or so minutes of this episode. While Violet and Anne’s mother are working in the sun room Anne’s mother has a bit of an illness related episode. Possibly chest pains or maybe her whole body is giving out? It really isn’t explained, but we can speculate. Anne burst into the room and confronts her mother. She wants to know why writing these letters are so important. Anne even plays the guilt card, asking if the letter is more important than her. Uh oh.

Of course Anne’s mother responds with:

VE episode 10 scene 9

But Anne calls her mother a liar. She says, “But you’re not getting better at all! You said you were going to get better!” Anne’s mother responds with, “That’s right.” And Anne counters with, “I already know.” Anne knows her mother isn’t getting better and she knows she is going to die. Poor Anne knows she’s going to be all alone once her mother passes on. This pretty much brings Anne’s mother to tears. Anne then begs her mother to stop writing the letters and to spend time with her.

But Anne’s mother can’t stop writing these letters now. They need to be completed for Anne’s sake. Anne ends up running out of the room and Violet follows her. Violet does her best attempt to comfort Anne:

Keiko sums up this scene perfectly, “Violet sees a sense of permanency in what’s about to happen. It is unchangeable just like how she can’t go back to a time when she still had her arms. It is a loaded sentence and Anne isn’t going to understand that but the simple meaning rings loud and clear. What’s happened and will happen is nobody’s fault, we just have to learn to deal with it and use it to make us stronger. It’s a beautiful message to say the least.” 

Anne asks Violet once more, “Why is she writing a letter?” Violet responds with, “People have feelings they want to express to others.” Anne says tearfully, “Who cares? They don’t need to.” In which Violet refers to what old man Jenkins told her last episode, “There is no such thing as a letter that doesn’t deserve to be delivered Miss Anne.” I’m so happy that Violet is starting to use her life lessons! Violet is growing as a person and she is now helping someone who doesn’t understand what is going on. It is like the roles have been reversed this time.

VE episode 10 scene 24

The seven days finally come to a close and Violet is about to head home. Anne stops Violet and gives her an adorable kiss on the cheek. Dawww…see! You can be sweet when you want to Anne. This is when Anne wishes she could have read the letters Violet wrote.

VE episode 10 scene 25

At the time Anne didn’t know the letters were for her, but in the final few minutes of the episode after Anne’s mother passes away those letters arrive on Anne’s birthday. To me, this was the best part of the whole episode. In the end we get to watch Anne turn from a young girl into a beautiful woman. We see Anne on her eighth, tenth, eighteenth, and even her twentieth birthday. As Anne grows we get to hear some beautiful and encouraging words from her mother.

This is what all of those letters were building up to. I have to admit this was the episode where I finally cried like a baby. I just kept thinking of my own mother during this episode…because we are all going to have to live without our parents someday. The tears just kept flowing! But it was all worth it in the end. I applaud KyoAni for making such a masterful episode ❤

At the very very tail end of the episode we are brought back to the present. Violet is back at the office with the girls and they are stunned to see how many letters Violet wrote. For the next fifty years Anne will receive letters from her mother. Violet ends up breaking down knowing that Anne is going to be all by herself once her mother passes away. In a way this is irony for Violet. Having written letters herself to the Major and knowing they will never be delivered is an emotional roller coaster. It is the opposite for Anne. Anne will get the letters her mother wrote but at the expense of her mother dying. Violet now knows the sense of grief and can relate to Anne’s situation. Finally, what Violet is feeling/experiencing is turning her into a normal girl just as the Major wanted. This ending really hit home for me.

Words can be a powerful tool. I wish we still wrote letters like this. I know some people still do, but sometimes I feel like this is a lost art. Letters are written with the upmost love and care. People pour their thoughts, feelings, and emotions into them. Even when a person is gone, their words can still echo in the hearts of their loved ones. I would definitely give this episode a 10 out of 10. Stunning job KyoAni!

Disclaimer: All imagery and photos come from searching for them on the internet. I have no claim or right to them.

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