Violet Evergarden Episode 12: Bombardment

VE episode 12 scene 1

I don’t want to spend a whole lot of time on this week’s episode of Violet Evergarden. And that’s not to say I didn’t enjoy it, because I did, I just have a very busy weekend going on. I am back in school so I also have to shift my time over for that, I have a friend coming down today to spend the weekend with me, and I have a whole lot of errands to run. I wish there was more then 24 hours in a day sometimes! So forgive me if this week’s episode review isn’t as in depth as my others XD

Basically this episode sums up to the anti-peace force making their move. They believe the war hasn’t ended and you can tell they are bitter about it. Captain Bougainvillea is asked to help in assisting with these rebels. There is a peace signing ceremony happening and the higher ups are worried that the opposition is coming to disrupt these negotiations. Captain Bougainvillea asks if they know what these rebels are planning to do. In three days the completed transcontinental railroad will carry envoys and civilian Dolls from Distery to Gardarik as a symbol of peace. This is where the rebels are believed to strike.

Cattleya is the civilian Doll appointed to this peace signing ceremony and I believe Benedict is escorting her? They never really say. Captain Bougainvillea meets up with them and he has some harsh words to say about Violet. What’s new? He still believes she’s a useless tool. But my baby Benedict and Cattleya stick up for our Violet-chan! Whoo! I’m so proud of them.

BOOM! In your face Captain Bougainvillea! There are people who love Violet for who she is rather than who she was. Violet is finally changing into the person Major Gilbert wanted her to be.

VE episode 12 scene 11

So…old man (originally from the battle of Intense) is back and he wants revenge for the humiliation he received. I mean….isn’t that what happens when your side loses? Hence, why all of this anti-peace stuff is going on in the first place. He can’t admit defeat.

As the envoy for the peace signing transfers over to the train, the rebels set fire to many different post along the railway. Captain Bougainvillea’s team investigate where these fires took place.

VE episode 12 scene 12

As Violet is making her way back from the previous episode (and yes she is still with that pilot) she flies over the areas that have been damaged from the fires. But Violet knows these are not ordinary fires…they were made from bombs. Uh oh spaghetti-o’s! These rebels are causing quite the distraction if I do say so myself. Violet and the pilot are making there way near the train and Violet catches sight of Cattleya. So what do you think our girl is gonna do? Yep! She asks to be let off the plane in order to help her friends.

And while all of that is going on the rebels end up infiltrating the train. This is not looking good guys!

VE episode 12 scene 13

Violet manages to get on the train and warn Captain Bougainvillea of the bombings she witnessed. She asks that everyone, including Captain Bougainvillea get off the train, but of course he won’t listen to her. The train leaves the station shortly after their encounter. The rest of the anti-peace fraction starts to set the rest of their plan into motion. Captain Bougainvillea tries to decipher where they will strike on the rest of the journey.

Yes, the anti-peace force decides to make their attack in this exact area. They end up separating the front of the train from the back of the train, making sure to keep the envoy right where they want it. Violet finds Captain Bougainvillea and he tells her he will stop the train. He then orders her to protect the rest of the people aboard the train. Captain Bougainvillea plays the “you only want orders” card on Violet again (he also stated this to her when she explained the bombings earlier). But Violet says no. Captain Bougainvillea then states, “Yes you do. If I ordered you to slaughter the enemy, you wouldn’t hesitate to kill them, right?” Captain Bougainvillea tries to hand her a gun and Violet responds with, “I will not kill anyone. I do not need a weapon.” Captain Bougainvillea then poses this question:

VE episode 12 scene 20

Violet then makes her rounds on the train looking for the enemy. She encounters the blonde soldier who basically sent Aidan to his death in the last episode. She proceeds to choke him out but eventually just resorts to punching him in the face. The anti-peace force heads on top of the train and this is where all the action takes place. Violet heads up there as well and encounters old man from Intense. She disarms his soldiers as best as she can without killing them. Violet then asks why they are doing this. Old man responds with:

VE episode 12 scene 21

GOD! This guy is so prideful! Just admit defeat and move on with your life buddy. Stop trying to start another war. Enough people have died already for Christ’s sake. Of course more soldiers come out to protect old man and Violet says she wishes to not kill anymore. The soldiers go after Violet and she fights them with her bare hands. She gets many injuries in the process. Oh Violet! Please don’t risk your life if you aren’t going to kill these guys! I was secretly hoping that after she injured them she would throw them off the train lolololz I mean…technically she’s not killing them so it could totally work!

VE episode 12 scene 22

Eventually the soldiers corner Violet and old man gets out his sword to kill Violet. Violet’s brooch gets ripped off during the battle and so the old man holds it in front of Violet’s face. Dangling the last piece she has of Gilbert right in front of her eyes. NOOOOOO! How dare he put his filthy hands on Violet’s treasure!!! I’m so mad right now.

Luckily, Captain Bougainvillea comes to the rescue! He kicks off the old man and throws off the other soldiers. THANK YOOOOUUU! That was my idea the whole time I was watching this scene. Captain Bougainvillea then grabs Violet by her collar and says, “You cannot even protect yourself, so, how did you expect to do this without killing? My brother Gil gave his life to protect someone like you?” Violet responds with, “I do not want to kill anymore.” And then she hits Captain Bougainvillea with:

VE episode 12 scene 23

But Captain Bougainvillea counters with:

You can tell Dietfried resents Violet. He blames her for his brother’s death. He is consumed by guilt and needs someone to blame…and what better choice then the person who was given to him for protection. Even though Dietfried wants Violet to die, she stands up and tells him, “The major ordered me…to live. I wanted to protect him! I…I wanted to protect him too!” We know you did Violet-chan, we know.

Then General Brigadier crawls his way back to the top of the train. Like…how? Anime logic I guess. We then see the blonde solider Violet punched out earlier on top the train with some type of bomb gun? I don’t really know…but the thing looks beastly! He points it at Violet and Dietfried.

VE episode 12 scene 29

Dietfried jumps in front of Violet and shoots at Isidor (I guess that was his name). Dietfried lands a shot on the right lower side of Isidor. As he is falling Violet notices Isidor still has the strength to pull the trigger, so she jumps in front of Dietfried. The bomb is shot off and ricochets off of Violet’s metal arms. Dietfried is in shock and we are left with Violet looking quite determined.

VE episode 12 scene 30

Gotta love those cliffhanger endings! I guess we have to wait till next week to see what happens next! Stay tuned for the next installment of Violet Evergarden my pandas 😉

Disclaimer: All imagery and photos come from searching for them on the internet. I have no claim or right to them.

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