Violet Evergarden Episode 13 (Fin): Dear Major Gilbert…I Understand It A Little Now

VE episode 13 scene 1

Since this is the final episode I don’t want to spend too much time on the opening scenes. It’s pretty apparent what happens. Violet’s right arm is shot off by General Brigadier but Dietfried is able to land a shot on him in the process. We then hear an inner monologue coming from Dietfried.  It’s as follows, “The tool I cast away became Gilbert’s dog. But even after losing her arms, her master, and everything she had, she still stood tall.” Uh…that’s because our Violet-chan is one determined girl! General Brigadier tries to jump off the train in order to escape, but Violet kicks him back. Violet’s emerald broach flies into the air and Captain Dietfried nabs it. He tosses it back to her. Violet looks relieved to have it back and Dietfried is surprised by this.

As the train approaches the bridge crossing we see a bunch of timers go off. I knew it! I knew the train was gonna be rigged with bombs! General Brigadier gets up and calls both Violet and Dietfried naive. He then goes on to say, “If you’d kill me right at the outset, you might have made it.” And then he laughs his crazy laugh before bailing off the train into the water down below. Of course he would get away! That’s usually how it happens in anime. This spurs Dietfried and Violet into action. The train won’t stop with the regular breaks so Violet has to opt for the emergency ones. Benedict even joins in with helping and manages to knock off one of the bombs placed directly on the bridge. That’s my boy! Go, baby go!

Violet struggles with pulling the other bomb off the bridge. We see her left hand/arm break off bit by bit…but that doesn’t stop our Violet-chan. She gives it her all before her arm completely shatters. The bomb finally separates from the bridge and it goes off in midair. Violet starts to fall but Benedict comes to the rescue! Thank goodness! Both the people and the train are safe.

VE episode 13 scene 2

Whew! I am so glad that part is over. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. I kept thinking, “You can do it! Please, oh please let Violet get this damn bomb off.” My poor little heart can’t take much more of this anxiety.

Everyone makes it to the peace signing ceremony in one piece. Leindenschaftlich becomes a token of friendship and will provide one year’s worth of emergency aid to Gardariki. It’s a win win for both nations. The war is FINALLY over.

VE episode 13 scene 3

But even with the war declared over many soldiers have not returned home to their families. Violet continues to write letters for the families of these missing soldiers, even declaring she knows how they feel. Violet finally has come to a point where she can relate to the people she writes for. This is what Major Gilbert was wanting all along for Violet; to understand and to live freely as she wishes.

We then cut to Cattleya speaking to Violet about the upcoming Air Show. It was suspended during the war, so everyone is excited to see the return of it five years later. Cattleya then declares she might even write a letter of her own accord, and she pushes Violet to do the same.

VE episode 13 scene 4

Violet gives her usual answer of, “I’ve never written a letter of my own.” and Cattleya simply states, “Just write how you feel right now-as your heart wills you.” The best type of letters are ones that come straight from the heart.

Flashback to the final night of Gilbert and Violet before the battle of Intense. We see Violet question Gilbert once again if she is needed. She then exclaims, “Will you not give me orders anymore?” And then we see for the first time Gilbert challenges Violet’s thoughts/questions. We can see Gilbert is clearly upset at Violet asking for orders. Gilbert knows deep down that Violet can live without his or anyone else’s orders, but she doesn’t comprehend that.

Violet tells him once again that she really doesn’t understand and it is in this moment Gilbert realizes she truly doesn’t. He then apologizes to Violet. He says he can no longer sit by and watch her force herself to remain a tool. You can tell Gilbert blames himself for taking Violet in and turning her into a war tool. The sadness wells up inside him and he is ashamed that Violet, even after everything, still believes in him. I can’t imagine the guilt Gilbert must be feeling. It must eat at him every single day and this is moment where it finally came to a breaking point for him. 😦

We return back to the present where Violet tells Claudia and Cattleya she couldn’t write a letter. She has emotions and also had them back then, but she says she doesn’t know what she should tell Gilbert. This is when Claudia says try to write something, even if it short-even if it is one sentence-they will keep the letter deadline open for her. Dawww! Claudia is such a softie for Violet-chan.

Then one of the front desk girls comes into the office stating someone is there to see Violet.

VE episode 13 scene 20

Of course Violet gets her hopes up and thinks it’s Gilbert, but we already know it is Captain Dietfried. He then takes Violet to their Leindenschaftlich mansion to meet their mother.

VE episode 13 scene 21

ANNNDDD this is where we cue the waterworks for Ayano-senpai….I can’t help that I’m a big ol’ crybaby guys! Stop judging me XD

VE episode 13 scene 22

Dietfried introduces Violet to his mother and she recalls Gilbert saying he wanted them to adopt her. She says, “You’re finally here.” and then goes on to ask, “Isn’t Gilbert with you?” But just as Dietfried is about to mention he isn’t Violet steps forward, grasping her broach, and says, “He is with us.” 

VE episode 13 scene 23

She then presents the broach to Gilbert and Dietfried’s mother.

VE episode 13 scene 24

Gilbert’s mother remarks, “It is the same color as his eyes.” The moment Violet finds the broach flashes in-front of us and she states the same thing. We even see the moment Violet receives the broach from Gilbert once more.

VE episode 13 scene 25

Violet shakes from recalling the memories of Gilbert. My poor baby Violet! She misses him terribly so. I just want to hold her hand and tell her everything will be alright.

Gilbert and Dietfried’s mother ask Violet what her relationship is with Gilbert. Violet conjures up an answer for her. “The Major took me in, raised me, and gave me a purpose. But…” She falters with the rest of her answer. But Gilbert’s mother knows that he is missing, even if her memory is a bit hazy. Dietfried leaves the room to give them some privacy. Gilbert’s mother goes on to tell Violet it wasn’t her fault. She says it isn’t Violet’s cross to bear. While Dietfried tells his mother to give up on Gilbert, we know deep down he hasn’t either. He loves his brother very much. Gilbert’s mother says he is alive and puts her hand on her heart saying, “within my heart. So I won’t ever forget him. Even if it always hurts to remember, I’ll live the rest of my life thinking about him. I mean, even now, I still love him.” Violet starts to weep but she agrees with her.

VE episode 13 scene 26

As Violet is leaving Captain Dietfried calls out to Violet. He gives her some final orders:

Then the moment we’ve all been waiting for happens:

YAAAASSSS! Violet finally did it guys. She made it to the point where she can live on her own now. *Throws confetti in the air* My baby is all grown up now! I am one proud momma bear.

We end this part with Dietfried’s outer monologue:

That night it snows in Leindenschaftlich as Violet types up her letter to Gilbert. Which is a little odd considering there are palm tress around the city lololz….but anime I right? XD

VE episode 13 scene 40

The weather clears up the next day just in the time for the Air Show. Everyone gathers at the seaport, including the beautiful Miss Luculia! I still wish we got more air time of Luculia. She is just totes adorbs! Luculia is glad she could make it and Violet tells her she finally wrote a letter of her own for the first time.

VE epsiode 13 scene 1

Luculia mentions she wrote one to her parents. Violet tells her, “I am sure it will reach them.” Yes, yes it will Violet-chan. Iris chimes in that she also wrote a letter. It seems she wrote one to her future self. She still believe that she will be Leiden’s…no, the continent’s most popular Doll. Good for Iris! You have to start from somewhere. I’m glad she is believing in herself. Luculia then asks Erica if she wrote a letter. Erica gets all shy and flustered before responding with:

VE epsiode 13 scene 2

Iris interrupts Erica’s response by jumping on her and asking who the mystery person could be. The scene then shifts over to Benedict, Cattleya, and Claudia walking up to the girls. It seems our Erica-chan has fallen for Benedict…tehehe. Benedict then says he wrote a letter to Claudia. He wrote, “One day, I’m going to be the boss.” You would Benedict, you would! *giggles uncontrollably at Claudia’s defensive response* These two seriously make my day. Claudia says, “Wait, you want to take my place? What kind of letter is that?!” Ahahahahahahahaha. The Cattleya calls out Claudia in her usual fashion. She says, “You’re one to talk. What kind of letter is this?” 

VE epsiode 13 scene 3

Claudia’s reaction is effing priceless:

I was laughing through my tears at this point. Claudia’s letter is for his future daughter and it was oh so sweet. It read, “From Papa, to my future daughter. Papa’s eagerly awaiting the day you are born. And I’m praying that you grow up healthy and strong, that you find happiness, and that you love someone who loves you just as much. And I pray that the future you and your children live in a world free of conflict and filled with happiness.” I thought it was a perfectly suited letter for Claudia to write. Good job Pap…I mean Claudia 😉

As Cattleya reads out Claudia’s letter the air show starts and letters come raining down from the sky.

VE epsiode 13 scene 12

Violet reminisces about Major Gilbert and then we finally get to hear what Violet-chan wrote to him. Her letter reads, “Dear Major Gilbert, Do you have any news? Are you doing well? Where are you right now? Are you having any difficulties? Spring, summer, autumn, and winter…Many seasons have come and gone, but the one with you isn’t coming around at all. At first, I couldn’t understand. I couldn’t understand anything about how you felt. But within this new life you gave me, I’ve begun to feel the same way as you, if only a little, through ghostwriting and through the people I’ve met along the way. I believe that you are still alive somewhere. So I shall live, live, live and live some more, though there’s no telling what life might have in store. And if I can ever see you again, I want to let you know…that the phrase “I love you”…

VE epsiode 13 scene 13

VE epsiode 13 scene 14

VE epsiode 13 scene 15

VE epsiode 13 scene 16

VE epsiode 13 scene 17

VE epsiode 13 scene 18

I’M NOT CRYING, YOU’RE CRYING…I can’t stop these tears from flowing out of me. I need a mop and a bucket to clean them up. In the last 50 seconds of the show we see Violet making her way to an urgent client request. She has her typewriter and frilly blue parasol handy. She knocks on the door and the client slowly opens it up. Violet introduces herself just like all the other times, but this time when she looks up at the client she looks surprised. She blushes and smiles and then states that she is Violet Evergarden.

Is it Gilbert perhaps? Or maybe someone else who had an impact on Violet’s life? We won’t know because the show ends there. Cliffhanger-kun was in full force this final episode!!! I read some of the light novel and now I need to go finish it. I know it is a bit different from the anime, but I am all for differences in story context. Overall, I absolutely fell in love with this show. I am a huge sucker for emotional/sad anime so of course I loved it. I actually made an appointment to get a Violet Evergarden tattoo on the 20th of May. I’ll be sure to share it with you all when I get the chance! I applaud KyoAni for making another emotional masterpiece. *slow clap starts*

Thank you all for joining me on this episode by episode journey! It was a lot longer than I at had anticipated, but it was fun to do none the less. Now we are onto spring season. So many anime, so little time. I will catch you guys tomorrow for a very special collab post with some anibloggers you may all know and love. Stay tuned my pandas! ❤

Disclaimer: All imagery and photos come from searching for them on the internet. I have no claim or right to them.

11 thoughts on “Violet Evergarden Episode 13 (Fin): Dear Major Gilbert…I Understand It A Little Now

  1. Amazing show this was, KyoAni delivers once again with another masterpiece. Gonna miss this one but knowing there is more in the future is great.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Really enjoyed reading your analysis right after watching the episodes. You were definitely the most thorough of any reviewers who picked up the show! ^_^

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I suspect it is Gilbert. That would make for a happy ending, but if not it’s still cool to see that Violet has found the strength to live without him. Maybe the OVA will resolve the cliffhanger?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I enjoyed reading your review and this anime became one of my favorite saddest animes I had ever seen in my life. When I first watched this from beginning to end, I was crying a waterfall of tears throughout the whole series. But I think Gilbert is alive because she smiled at the end like she was happy to see someone she knew. It has to be Gilbert since they never had found him where she had last seen him. But I have found it as one of the most beautiful animes I have ever seen

    Liked by 1 person

  5. What is not to love about this anime? The art is spectacular. The plot is deeply moving. The theme is all about healing even the most terrible of wounds. I never thought it was sad because her arc never stopped pushing forward. I am so happy for her!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I really liked this show. I’ve heard it diverges from the source material, but I don’t hold that against it, mainly due to my unfamiliarity with said material.

    Liked by 1 person

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