Lostorage Conflated WIXOSS Collaboration-Episode 4 (With Jon Spencer Reviews & Lethargic Ramblings)

Moshi moshi my pandas!

We are back with another episode collaboration for you all. This week was my time to host! If you didn’t already know Jon Spencer Reviews, Lethargic Ramblings, and yours truly have been covering all the glory that is Lostorage Conflated WIXOSS for spring anime season. If you would like to check out the previous post starting with mine you can click here: https://kawaiipaperpandas.wordpress.com/2018/04/08/lostorage-conflated-wixoss-first-impressions-series-discussion-with-jon-spencer-reviews-and-lethargic-ramblings/. Jon covered episode 2 which can be found here: https://jonspencerreviews.wordpress.com/2018/04/18/lostorage-conflated-wixoss-collaboration-with-ayano-lethargic-ramblings-were-back-ep-2/ and Leth covered episode 3 which can be found here: https://lethargicramblings.wordpress.com/2018/04/24/lostorage-conflated-wixoss-collaboration-episode-3-with-jon-spencer-reviews-ayano-kitsune/.

So far the show has been AMAZING (a little fast) but great none the less! With all great anime series they tend to fly right by. I am excited to see how the rest of the story-line will play out. All of the girls are back in full force! I love that everyone (including our main characters from season 1) have finally come into play. The tables are turning and it is making for one WILD ride.

Unfortunately, Leth could not give his thoughts this week due to some personal issues. He will be back into the swing of things next week. So don’t you worry guys! Sometimes our personal lives need to be pushed to the forefront and dealt with before anything else. It is par for the course.

But without further ado let’s get into Jon’s thoughts on episode 4 first!

Jon: WIXOSS still continues to top the shows I’m watching weekly this season. I don’t have a ton to say about this episode, other than it was another step up from the previous ones. The pacing of the series is fast, leaving a lot of little things unexplained, but definitely planning on exploring them in the upcoming episodes. For example, how does battling without an LRIG work? Who’s voice is Tama hearing? Surely, these are things we’ll learn sooner rather than later.

The two things that caught my attention most this episode were the battle between Layla and Hitoe and the battle between Hanna and Carnival. In the first battle we know that Layla is Carnival’s lackey (at least the only one we know of so far) and she gave me Aki vibes. However, she is even MORE crazy than Aki was and I love it. It was also interesting to see Layla become an LRIG. We’ve seen that once prior but the original LRIG didn’t go away when that happened.

As for the battle between Hanna and Carnival, I found the two LRIG’s at once ordeal to be a neat development as well. Naturally, a lot about that is still left unexplained but there are clear indications that this will be given more attention in further episodes. The real reason I loved this fight though was for everyone’s little sister, Aya! I’ve really been spoiled for seeing characters I like between this episode and the last.

In all, things are unfolding nicely but still leaving plenty of gaps to keep me engaged and guessing. The episode felt like it came and went in a flash too, which is always a nice surprise for a show (well, except for the feeling of, “that’s it for this episode???” that comes after). I’m looking forward to the next episode and I’m sure it won’t disappoint.


And here are my thoughts (mainly an episode recap with my witty and sarcastic humor thrown into the mix) You guys already know how I am XD

Ayano: You have been chosen….to be…a Selector.

Well it’s time to saddle up once again ladies and gentlemen! Because Riru is back to battle alongside Suzuko. Episode 4 was another wild ride along with some useful information. I would consider this episode an “information dump” if you will. Suzuko learns from Riru about the memory alterations and new key card. Suzuko decides that she doesn’t want to battle for her own memories but for Chinatsu’s memories this time around. Awwww! Suzuko just wants to get her best friend’s memories back! How sweet of her. I would probably do the same thing if my best friend was in that position. Hanayo-san is also back with a brand new look! I have to say I quite like the short hair on her. Yuzuki wasn’t too thrilled to be selected as a Selector though. I mean…these poor girls have been through enough already so I understand Yuzuki’s frustration and disappointment, but Carnival has other plans for these Selectors. She wants this endless cycle to continue on and on and on. After awhile I would get bored of things…I don’t know how she does it XD

Hitoe ends up running into Layla (the new sadistic LRIG) and battles her for the sake of her friends. YOU GO GIRL! I am glad Hitoe has grown up a lot over the course of the other seasons. She isn’t as timid as she used to be. Layla ends up placing a coin bet and using her LRIG self to fight Hitoe. WHAT?!?! That’s a thing?! I have to say that is pretty damn interesting and intriguing. I want to know if other LRIG’s can do this now! Sadly, Hitoe ends up losing to Layla in battle after Layla uses her “doping” technique. Midori is now in the hands of Layla. NOOOOO! My poor baby Hitoe-chan. I was so heartbroken when she started crying. HOW DARE YOU LAYLA! You give Midori back right this instant! Guess we will have to wait and see if Hitoe somehow manages to get her back. Merp.

Hanna and Anonymous are having a chat about all the new rules for the WIXOSS battles when Carnival approaches. Uh oh spaghetti-o’s! Something is about to go down…I just know it. Hanna starts to question Carnival and we learn that Carnival basically wants to get revenge on Suzuko since Kou originally lost to her. Hanna gets pissed and decides to battle Carnival…totally saw that one coming. Hanna tries to use her “blind” technique but Carnival decides to summon a second LRIG to battle along with Slow-ko. It is none other then little sister Aya-chan! And I am sure you can guess what happens to Hanna and Anonymous-chan. Yuuuppp. Carnival wins this round! Things just keep getting deeper and deeper. Also, I am kinda bummed that these two battles weren’t longer. I wanted more action and intensity and Anonymous-chan! But I guess they say “we saved the best for last.” The ending better be freaking GOOD or I will riot.

Hitoe meets up with Yuzuki and they both go over what has happened thus far. Hitoe learns that Yuzuki is a Selector too. Yuzuki claims that they should work together and that she will get Midoriko back at all cost.  We then see Hanna meeting up with Kiyoi. They go over what they know once more; If you lose your LRIG is taken, with the key cards you can use two LRIG’s, and even if you lose you will remain a Selector. Hanna believes Carnival will set out to do what she plans to do, but she also believe that is only part of it. That Carnival is hiding something else. Hmmmm…I wonder what that could be? We end the episode with the ever adorable human Tama peeling green beans and stopping to look out the balcony. Ruuko comes in and asks, “What’s wrong?” Tama replies with, “I hear a voice…” WHOSE VOICE TAMA?! WHO IS IT?! Gaaahhh. We won’t know until the next episode. Blaaahhh. Undoubtedly, another great episode! We are getting more of the puzzle pieces we need in order to see the final picture. I can’t wait till next week! See you guys then ❤

Disclaimer: All imagery and photos come from searching for them on the internet. I have no claim or right to them.

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