Lostorage Conflated WIXOSS Collaboration: Episodes 6 + 7 with Jon Spencer Reviews and the on & off again Lethargic Ramblings XD

If it’s not one thing, it’s another for our poor Leth. He is currently out sick now. I’m wishing him a speedy recovery because I enjoy having him on this collab post…but sometimes life just gets in the way of things. Personal life always comes before anything else! Remember to take care of your health guys. That includes mental health as well!

Today is going to be a combined post of Lostorage Conflated WIXOSS episode 6 and 7. Jon and I had our thoughts completed for episode 6 last week and Leth was supposed to host the half way point but that is when he fell ill. So I am here to bring you both episodes! Let’s get into our thoughts for episode 6 first.

JonFinally! The show did the smart thing and is getting everything ready to move forward with all the girls working teaming up. The plan is to battle each other and let the strongest of them take on the big bad. This makes a lot of sense given the current system and is really their best bet at winning. However, the good guy team has been taking quite a beating from Carnival and “Miss Masochist” so it won’t be easy. While I’m sure the girls will largely come out on top, it is undoubtedly going to come at a hefty cost.

I was curious about how Tama would become an LRIG again but I guess she can just turn herself back into a card whenever. Um… ok then. I mean, I don’t really need that explained but I did find that a little bit funny. Also, what the heck Tama?!? Why you running around the house yellin’ about panties???

In seriousness, I felt like this episode got the show back on track for the little bit of stalling we had in the previous episode. I’m excited to see what happens next!

AyanoGreat episode…still a little disappointed that Carnival and Kiyoi’s battle was cut short though! I wanted more DRAMA from the fight. We also learned that while Kiyoi and Carnival both have three LRIG’s, Kiyoi can’t have more then two players on the field while Carnival can. Which is a little unfair to me! The girls took note that Carnival is not like the other LRIG’s. She’s some type of special. I wonder what gives her the advantage over the others? While a lot of questions were answered this episode we are still poised with others. Like what is this supposed “keyhole?” I’m guessing Tama is part of all of this and so is Mayu. Maybe Ruu is the keyhole or Tama? Gaaaah! I need answers like…NOW!

I also thought it was pretty interesting to see Layla’s true feelings towards Carnival. She just wants to beat her with her own hands and if that involves the other Selectors then so be it. The battle between Suzuko and Chi-chan was super fun! As Jon stated, the girls are finally working towards some type of plan. Why not give the stronger player your LRIG to help defeat Carnival? I think it is in the best interest of everyone if the strongest girl goes against Carnival. There is only one way to defeat her and that is by battling.

Tama running around the house screaming “panties” was freaking hilarious. I loved how Ruuko was like can you just fold them please??? Hahaha. The girls have gotten so close as friends that I only want the best possible outcome for them….but I highly doubt it is going to end up that way. Someone has the pay the piper eventually. I also loooovvvveee seeing Tama in her LRIG form! She has one of the best character designs in the show. Go Tama and Ruuko!!! I believe in you both. At the end Carnival says,”Just as planned. Now, at last, all the pieces are in place. And…the keyhole, too.” This is what leads me to believe it either has to be Tama or Ruu! It’s gonna be a long few days until the next episode premiers. I better get my answers then WIXOSS!

And now for our episode 7 thoughts!

Akira Lostroage

JonRuu has joined the battle and the good guy team is looking like they might have a fighting chance now. A decent chunk of the episode was devoted to that battle and giving a little more light into Kiyoi, or rather, her rival. Aki was down and out but now she’s back in the fray due to a vindictive LRIG named Remember. I’m very pleased that she wasn’t just a brief flash in the pan because between her and Layla, I’m getting a healthy dose of crazy. Speaking of, the plot thickens with Aki back to her usual tactics when she kidnaps Kiyoi’s friend Amika.

Sorry I don’t have a ton more to say on this episode. I’ve been enjoying the series a lot but coming up with meaningful insight each episode isn’t something I’m very good at. Still, things seem to be on course and barreling full steam ahead. I’ll certainly be looking forward to next week’s episode!

Lostorage Conflated

Ayano: It seems we have an abundance of yandere girls this season. Not only with Akira but with Carnival, Layla, and now Remember. I mean…I’m not complaining! Yandere girls are some of my favorite character types. Akira is on the hunt to battle Kiyoi once more, but without an LRIG she can’t participate. The first half of episode is dedicated to how Kiyoi and Remember are connected and how Remember wants to see, battle, and be with Kiyoi-chan all over again. She is practically obsessed with Kiyoi and it’s driving her to the point of no return. We then see Akira confront Kou, but she soon finds out Kou doesn’t exists anymore and Carnival has taken over his body. Akira asks Carnival to borrow an LRIG but Carnival says that isn’t possible. Akira grabs Carnival’s arm and we see a flash of light. Out pops a card and which LRIG do you think appears in that card? You guessed right! Remember.

The A Team (Suzuko, Hana, and Kiyoi) all meet up to talk about the room with white windows. They discuss the possibilities that Mayu might have something to do with the voice they are hearing but Kiyoi doesn’t think it’s her. I still think something is going on with the idea of Mayu, I’m just not 100% sure what it might be. Hana leaves to go look for Yuzuki, but of course she isn’t at work because she’s a freaking LRIG held captive by Layla!!!

Speaking of Yuzuki, the episode then makes its way to Ruu battling against Layla to get her back. Layla is on the defense this time because Carnival told her that Ruu is strong and might even give her trouble if they battled. The battle is pretty quick with Ruu winning in the end and getting Yuzuki back as an LRIG. Ruu wants to battle again for Hayano-san and Midoriko but Layla refuses. Layla says, “Next time, your LRIG and I are going to fight a battle that makes blood and flesh and bones all scream.” Yeah…Layla is cuckoo bananas y’all.

The last few minutes of the episode is Akira telling Remember that she doesn’t want to be friends with her and that if she doesn’t shut up she’ll rip her in half. Remember then counters with the fact that she knows Kiyoi-chan’s weakness. ENTER KIDNAPPER AKI-LUCKY! Pretty sure Akira has a kidnapping problem guys XD Akira kidnaps Amika in order to get Kiyoi-chan to meet up with her. The episode ends with Kiyoi looking upset and maybe even a little pissed off. Now we will have to wait a whole week to see if Kiyoi falls for Akira’s trap!


Another fantastic episode per usual! Gotta love a good cliffhanger-kun. That seems to be the trend in anime these days…but that’s how they get you to come back. I actually enjoy watching episodes weekly. It sucks having to wait sometimes but I also don’t feel overwhelmed to finish a series right away. I can take my time and enjoy each episode individually when I watch things one at a time. That’s it for us this week! We will see you guys next weekend for episode 8! See you guys then ❤

Disclaimer: All imagery and photos come from searching for them on the internet. I have no claim or right to them.

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