Lostorage Conflated WIXOSS Collaboration: Episodes 8 + 9 with Jon Spencer Reviews and Lethargic Ramblings…Well…Mainly Myself Because The Boys Are Super Busy With Their Personal Lives & We Are Way Behind On This Collab #sorrynotsorry

Sorry for the very long and very extensive title! Yes, the boys have been super busy with their personal lives. If you didn’t already know Leth is getting married in just a few short weeks and Jon just started a new job not too long ago. I know they both have been very very busy IRL. With that said, I decided to take it upon myself to get our episode thoughts out to you all. Well…at least Jon’s and mines thoughts anyways XD

Leth you totally get a free pass because you’ve been planning a wedding…but don’t think you can get away with all this freeloading in the future good sir! Ayano-senpai collects her debts when they are due! Hahaha…all jokes aside I wanted to get something out for our followers because episode 10 just aired today and I didn’t want to get even further behind. I think we would just be at the point of not even finishing the collab and I definitely don’t want that! I need to finish something in my life for once. Just kidding…I have actually accomplished a relative amount of things in my 28 years of life and this collab will be one of them! Mark my words.

Let us hop right into our Episode 8 thoughts before it’s too late!

Akira crazy

Ayano: Well…that escalated quickly.

In this week’s episode Kiyoi obviously goes to go save Amika from the clutches of Akira. I’m pretty sure Kiyoi cares more about her friends then she does herself. Which I actually can relate to in some aspects. That’s what happens when you are an empath! Kiyoi meets up with Akira and this is when things get heated. Akira has gone full blown sadistic and Remember is following suit. Before the battle even begins Akira tells Kiyoi she will become an LRIG so she can beat the living crap out of her…and yes, Kiyoi isn’t allowed to fight back. Akira sure loves playing dirty doesn’t she?

We then see a brief convo between Layla and Carnival, with Layla confronting Carnival about when she will get to battle Ruuko again. This time with no holds barred. Carnival, being Carnival, says “eventually.” Layla of course gets pissed at Carnival’s empty words, but we all know how good Carnival is at putting things off until her plan falls into place. This is when Carnival reveals that Tama is the “keyhole.” I KNEW IT, I KNEW IT! I knew there had to be a reason Tama was hearing Mayu’s voice again.

The battle between Akira and Kiyoi begans. Of course, watching Kiyoi get hit time and time again without fighting back is pretty sad. It makes my blood boil in fact. WIXOSS isn’t about dirty tricks or tactics, but this IS Akira we are talking about. She’ll stop at nothing to achieve her goal. Kiyoi looks back on her memories with Amika and we learn how much she really means to Kiyoi. Ahhh…the power of friendship. Luckily, Amika is able to escape being tied up and finds where Akira and Kiyoi are battling. Amika reassures Kiyoi that she is fine and tells her that she needs to fight. YAAASSS. Kiyoi can finally kick some Aki-lucky ass! Kiyoi also mentions to Akira that once she loses all her coins that she will disappear from this world. Remember chimes in and says, “Don’t tell her that. I was going to tell her at the right time.” So even Remember likes to play dirty as well. Very fitting for this episode.

Kiyoi ends up beating Akira (like we didn’t know that was going to happen). Akira reflects on her life and tries to say things about herself before her eventual disappearance. Still kinda surprised they actually off-ed Akira this time around. I know a ton of viewers like her character and her misguided deeds in the series, because lets face it, Akira makes for one hell of an antagonist…buuuut…I guess the bitch had to go. Amika and Kiyoi then discuss the fact that Kiyoi now has 5 coins but the game hasn’t ended for her. So now even if you get 5 coins you still have to play. Things have really changed this time around! In the last few minutes we see Tama and Yuzuki sleeping in their cards. We then see Carnival creep up behind Tama and say, “I finally found you, keyhole.” When Ruu comes back from her bath Tama is gone from her card. Huh, I didn’t know going into other LRIG’s cards was possible. Now we have to wait a whole week to see what the hell is going on?! ARGH! This season has been making for one crazy turn of events….but I ain’t mad at it! Can’t wait to see what ensues for Tama and the gang next.


Jon:  The rules keep changing, or rather, the rules keep getting more defined each episode. For episode eight, a big question of mine got answered: what happens when you run out of coins? I’m getting a bit ahead of myself though because this episode was fairly unexpected. Not only that, but I’m starting to suspect that we are going to get more than 12 episodes here. So much changes episode-to-episode and the good guys seem so far behind still. This is especially true with the surprise ending.

Starting from the top, we start the episode pretty much right where seven left off. Aki and Kiyoi are going to have their battle. Both Aki and Remember want some sweet vengeance (and really heap on the crazy) and Kiyoi wants to save her friend at any cost. Kiyoi seems willing and ready to sacrifice herself when, and this is maybe the silliest bit of the episode, her friend manages to escape when Kiyoi is at the brink of losing. Then there is no holding back and Kiyoi decides to cross a line we didn’t know existed by taking Aki’s last coin.

As you may recall, last season that just meant your LRIG got your body and you stopped existing in that sense. This season it is way darker. Aki literally disappears. Gone. She’s erased from the world. During the battle she isn’t worried about it because of all the bad stuff that has happened to her (even if most of it is self inflicted). However, when she finally fades away, she has a real human moment and things got fairly dark. I loved it.

That was a big chunk of the episode. Still, there is one more thing left. There was a fairly big twist at the end of the episode!

Carnival kidnaps Tama and refers to her as, “keyhole.” Woah! I definitely didn’t expect that. I didn’t even know that Tama could be kidnapped in this way and it sounds like she serves a higher purpose for both the game and the door that has been alluded to. Again, the bad guys just seem so impossibly far ahead, even after that brief glimmer of hope from the last episode. I’m really intrigued to see what happens next.

I’m curious to discover how Aki’s erasure impacts the world. Is it like she never existed? Will people look for her? I mean, she is a sort of famous model and student. Surely people will look for her? Not only that but I want to know who (or what) the key is. How come Carnival could kidnap Tama? Can any LRIG be taken this way? How is all this going to play out if it is only 12 episodes especially? There seems to be just too much going on for things to get wrapped up quickly with too many questions. If we do only get 12 episodes it better stick the ending because things have been fantastic so far and that would really sour the experience.

For now, I’m excited to see what we’ll get next!

And now for our thoughts on episode 9:


Ayano: Whoa…whoa…whoa….the room of white windows is called Eternel? Things are getting pretty cuckoo bananas around here. I have to say this was by far my favorite episode of the season. Tama enters the room of white windows and basically turns into the keyhole, Carnival decides to take the Selector games up another notch, and our girl’s still don’t know how to win considering the battles no longer end after you get five coins. This sure has been a turn of events for all the players involved! Suzuko is determined to get Chi-chan’s memories back at all cost. She meets up with Carnival and this is when we find out that the room of white windows is called Eternal. Huh…that’s new. Chi-chan has a chat with a former Selector and memories from her past start to make an appearance. I feel like Chi-chan could end up like Hitoe and remember some stuff but not everything.

We also finally get to see Carnival’s TRUE intentions this episode. Carnival wants to create a world where the battles continue on and on and on…so basically for like an eternity. This is her sadist side coming out. Carnival then eggs on Suzuko saying she needs to battle the rest of the Selectors in order to get Chi-chan’s memories back. Soon after Ruu runs into Carnival on the streets and this is where she takes matters into her own hands. She tells Ruu that a Selector named Suzuko stole Tama. OH HELL NAH! She did what?! Yup! That’s right my friends. She lied to Ruu in order to get her to battle Suzuko. It’s like plot twist after plot twist! So of course a good chunk of the episode is Ruu trying to find Suzuko in order to confront her about Tama.

Hana and Hitoe meet up so they can exchange information about the battles. They decide it’s best if they are all on the same team. They meet up with Kiyoi and Hitoe learns she once battle Kiyoi as an LRIG. It’s nice seeing all of the seasons come together like this! Hana suggest that Hitoe should contact Ruu in order for all of them to work together. Hitoe calls Ruu and they find out she is chasing after Suzuko because of Carnival’s meddling. Shocked at this incident Kiyoi tells the girls they must find Ruu and Suzuko before they battle. Kiyoi is taken to the room of white windows and Eternal tells her she must find the key. Kiyoi wakes up from the room and the girls take off to find Ruu and Suzuko. In the final few minutes Ruu finally catches up to Suzuko and she calls her out. Suzuko is confused by Ruu suggestion of her taking Tama but wants to battle for Chi-chan’s sake. Cut to Carnival talking about the set-up and Layla overhears about this match. Layla goes A-wall and challenges Carnival to a battle. OMG! OMG! OMG! TWO EPIC SELECTOR BATTLES AT ONCE? I don’t know if my poor heart can handle it. The episode ends with all four Selectors saying “open.” Well, well, well. Looks like we will have to wait and see what happens next! Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z…oh wait. That’s not right XD Find out next time on Selector Conflated WIXOSS!


Jon: Remember when I said earlier that everybody seemed to be on the same page now? Well I guess that wasn’t entirely true after this episode. The first half explained a bit about Tama and the second had Carnival setting up some infighting between Ruuko and Homura. This was definitely another setup episode, but in a good way.

I need to give some credit for the lack of communication for Carnival’s plan to get a fight between the good guys to work. Normally, that kind of writing doesn’t work well but here it actually made a lot of sense. Not everybody has had a chance to meet in person and Japanese courtesy for riding in trains dictates no cell phones. It is a small detail, but one that made the episode work really well for me.

I’m left wondering who the key is supposed to be. I sort of feel like I should know, but I’m really unsure because of that. That’s perhaps the biggest question the episode poses. The hype for the battle to come is real for me too. I’m just really into this season of WIXOSS in general and can’t wait to see what goes down next.

Now that we have our thoughts up for episodes 8 and 9, I’m going to go watch episode 10 and see all the madness that ensues! I gotta see how these battles go down. If you have been following along with this series let me know all of your thoughts and feelings in the comments section below. I would love to chat with some more people about this series…because we all know this shit has been cray cray! ❤

Disclaimer: All imagery and photos come from searching for them on the internet. I have no claim or right to them.

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