Lostorage Conflated WIXOSS Collaboration: Episode 10 with Jon Spencer Reviews and FINALLY Lethargic Ramblings.

No my pandas, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. A wild Leth has appeared and it’s a rare opportunity to catch him. You better bust out your Poké balls…no…Great balls in order to catch him. Maybe throw some berries or a Pokéblock in order to get him to stay.

All jokes aside Jon, Leth and I are here to bring you guys another play by play of Lostorage Conflated WIXOSS. This time we are diving into episode 10! Yes, I know episode 11 is out now…buuut this is progress for the boys! I mean…Leth is getting married in like a week and I am surprised he can even join us for this episode review/thoughts. Say it with me guys, “GO LETH, GO!” Leth has also made progress on his own blog and brought us an awesome post on why My Anime List is important. If you want to check that out then just click here: https://lethargicramblings.wordpress.com/2018/06/16/the-importance-of-myanimelist/. 

Don’t forget that Karandi is hosting this months Jon’s Creator Showcase (which was invented by none other than Jon himself). Karandi is taking submissions until the 25th of June! If you want to be apart of the showcase then get your booty in gear and go submit your work. Just click here for more details: https://100wordanime.blog/2018/06/15/reminder-jons-creator-showcase-june-2018/.

Now that all the important anime junk…I mean info is out of the way let’s get to this episode review!

Lostorage Conflated

Jon:  I don’t have many words for episode ten but the ones that I do have are very positive. I’m engaged, having a great time, and so excited for the next episode. Everything is getting nuts and I mean that in the best way possible! I don’t even have anything negative to say. The pace was great, everything that happened made sense, just a solid episode.

The biggest surprise was when Tama was able to come to Ruu. Definitely didn’t expect that. For those who haven’t watched everything in the series so far (as I am aware that some just watched the previous Lostorage season) then by now you have to be completely lost. I had a moment of, “Oh yeah!” as I remembered some stuff about the first series. Any way, it was cool but you definitely need the whole picture to follow this plot.

Hmm, other than that I thought the way the girls managed to stop the fighting between Ruu and Suzuko was really smart. The show hasn’t really had many dumb moments which is a real plus. In the past (season one in particular) did have some silly moments but from then on out they have only improved the writing.

All in all, great episode and I’m wanting more. That’s it for this week!

Lostorage scene 1

Leth: So it’s been a long time since I contributed to this collab because I’m getting married and I haven’t had much time to focus on blogging at all, never mind contribute to this awesome collab every week.

That being said, I’ve been keeping up to date with the series in hopes of coming back to this each week, and I’m finally back to share some thoughts. I guess before I jump into the most recent episode, I’ll start by sharing what I’ve thought of the series as a whole up until this point as well, since I’ve been absent for such a long time.

This season has been pretty phenomenal so far with a lot of memorable moments and plenty of callbacks to the original Selector series that honestly gave me chills. I’m glad to see Ruuko jump back into world of the Selector battles and seeing her team up with Tama again was really awesome. It was fan-service to the fullest.

As the world’s biggest Aki-Lucky fanboy I was also very emotional when she was literally erased from existence, but I guess all good things must come to an end… I was very upset, but I guess she deserved it. 

The series has also been doing a great job keeping me engaged by unraveling many of the mysteries surrounding Carnival and the nature of the WIXOSS battles. The new rules have kept the battles fresh and interesting. And of course there’s plenty of hooks in the form of cryptic mysteries that I’m just dying to know the answers to.

Overall, Conflated has been something else and it’s amazing that after 4 seasons, this series is still going as strong as ever. It’s definitely a highlight of the current Anime season for me.

As for this episode, like Jon I don’t have too much to say, but everything I do have to say is very positive. Things are escalating and the plot continues be as engaging as ever. The two epic battles that started last episode are both concluded, with the one between Ruuko and Suzuko ending in a pretty unconventional way that surprised me a little. We’ve also got Chinatsu slowly regaining her memories, which is bound to cause some crazy stuff to happen later on if it keeps happening at the rate it’s going.

And of course, Tama coming back to Ruuko’s side was something I didn’t expect, but I was very glad to see it happen. The ultimate duo is back. Thank god! It’s a little confusing how it exactly happened, and is definitely a moment that highlights that Conflated is a part of a much bigger franchise, which means newcomers could be left confused. But for those who have seen everything up until this point, it’s a great moment that calls back to the original series.

I’m looking forward to seeing how things end in the last two episodes. The hype is real!

…And it’s good to be back!

Lostorage scene 2

Ayano: I pretty much agree with everything the boys have said about this episode. I feel like the pacing is pretty spot on! It doesn’t need to be dragged out more than necessary. The battle between Ruu and Suzuko was pretty tantalizing. Ruu and Suzuko are both strong in their own ways. Ruu fights for Tama, while Suzuko fights for Chi-chan. The importance of friendship is a great parallel for this series. It contrasts quite perfectly with the dark and harrowing themes of psychological warfare, loneliness, and despair. Just like many other series, hope is what drives most main characters to be the way they are/shape them into the character they will become. It is a common universal theme that can be used over and over again without being overdone.

I thought it was quite amusing that Hana put Ruu’s and Suzuko’s battle location on a message board in order for the battle to be interrupted. That’s my girl! Smart thinking on Hana’s part. I also knew that Chi-chan would start to regain her memories at some point. We have seen subtle clues of this throughout the season. It is the same concept of Hitoe regaining some sentiment of her friendship with Ruuko and Yuzuki in the first season.

The girls all chat about the room of white windows and how Carnival is striving to become the master of it. Now that Kiyoi has the same information as Carnival it’s time for the girls to turn the tables once more! I know you can do it guys! I believe in you!!!

At the end of this episode Ruu and Hitoe run into Layla…of course Layla would be waiting for them. She has a blood lust for battle! On the other side of the city Suzuko, Hana, and Kiyoi all run into Carnival. Uh oh Spaghetti-o’s! These next battles are about to get WILD. Ruu starts to battle Layla with Yuzuki as her LRIG, but somehow manages to call Tama to her aide. Before Tama leaves the room of white windows we get to see a brief moment of Yukki! MY GIRL!!! Yukki is one of my favorite characters in the series so you know I was hyped to see her…even though it was only for a second. XD

Tama shows up and is ready to kick Layla’s ass! Carnival draws her card and says, “Now, let’s begin.” OMG. OMG. OMG. Who is going to battle Carnival?! Will it be Suzuko or Kiyoi? Or plot twist! The both of them?! Guess we will have to wait till next week…oh wait…That’s right! It IS next week already. Time to go find out what happens next! Excuse me while I go watch episode 11 now. We’ll catch you guys on the flipside 😉

Disclaimer: All imagery and photos come from searching for them on the internet. I have no claim or right to them.

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