TTT: Top Ten Tuesday-A Swing and a Miss

Sometimes we just feel indifferent about anime. We didn’t think it was necessarily good nor bad, we just know it probably could have been better. As the title says I would call this “a swing and a miss” type of anime series. Initially you get hyped for these series based on their synopsis or trailer, but then they kinda fall flat after you get to the end.

Honestly, there aren’t too many anime that I completely and undoubtedly hate. Most of you should know by now that I am pretty easy going when it comes to anime/manga and I like to find (some) good in each series/work. I guess if anything I more of an indifferent type of watcher. Some people can explicitly pick out which anime series they absolutely love and which series they absolutely despise *cough cough* I’m looking at you Sword Art Online haters *cough cough* but for me I’m all about enjoying the anime as much as I can without jumping on the bandwagon with everyone else. Hence why I am still one of the very few people (might be the only person actually) who liked Glasslip. XD

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday will feature anime that I am still on the fence about. As I stated above these anime aren’t horrible, but in all retrospect they could have given us so much more.

1. Luck and Logic

^I enjoyed the premise of Luck and Logic, I just felt like it was still missing that extra summthin’ summthin’ though. Hina Logi was waaayyy more fun than the original!

2. Hundred

^Basically I feel the same way about Hundred. It had the potential to be far better than what it was. I felt like it was kind of a mess towards the end.

3. Ange Vierge

^I loved loved loved to concept of Ange Vierge and the girls were totes adorbs, but this series was just executed poorly.

4. Taboo Tattoo

^Started off incredibly strong, ended horribly.

5. Chivalry of a Failed Knight

^Don’t get me wrong! I like this series…I just think it acts too much like High School DXD, Shinmai Maou no Testament, and The Asterisk War.

6. Mayoiga (The Lost Village)

^I thought specific elements of this show were fantastic, I think the ending just got lost in translation with a lot of the viewers.

7. Brynhildr in the Darkness

^An interesting anime series to watch, just didn’t get that much out of it I guess.

8. Psychic Detective Yakumo

^I was rooting for this anime because I love mystery series, but it fell a little bit flat for me because it wasn’t creepy/thrilling enough. I was hoping it would lean more towards psychological mystery kind of like Dusk Maiden of Amnesia. 

9. Chaos Dragon

^So many great characters in this series! The plot was wasted though.

10. Comet Lucifer

^Again…pretty fun and likable characters but the plot line was wasted.

Making this list makes me kinda feel bad. There were so many great opportunities to make these anime series top notch, but instead we got mediocre anime at best. But sometimes that’s the luck of the draw! You win some, you lose some. Every anime can’t be top notch quality. What anime series do you feel indifferent about? Do you have any that you like a little more or maybe like a little less but still think they are okay? Let me know all of your thoughts and comments down below in the comments section! I love getting to chat with you guys about anime series ❤

Disclaimer: All imagery and photos come from searching for them on the internet. I have no claim or right to them. If I find any links I will always post them (this usually entails fan art or any other work affiliated with an artist).

23 thoughts on “TTT: Top Ten Tuesday-A Swing and a Miss

  1. Ugh…Hundred. Don’t get me started on that one lol 😂😂 It really did have the potential to become a really fun series, but the emphasis on fanservice just took the fun out of it.
    I actually quite liked Brynhildr in the Darkness…but I did the think the end could have been done so much better 😊😊
    Another one that I would add is Corpse Princess. That was a fairly decent show, but the lack of a real ending pretty much made everything that came before it just pretty much useless 😊 Great post!! 😊😊

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  2. Ha! I actually enjoyed Hundred. It was by no means perfect, but I liked the way the protagonist wasn’t trying to get into these situations, they just kept happening to him.

    For sure there was more that could have been done with, which is why I’d be quite happy for there to be a second season.

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      1. Yeah, like when Clare summoned him to her pool. She slipped, landed in a compromising position, and then her friends showed up, went to attack him for being rude and then also fell into compromising positions. He had the worst luck…


  3. Yeah, like when Clare summoned him to her pool. She slipped, landed in a compromising position, and then her friends showed up, went to attack him for being rude and then also fell into compromising positions. He had the worst luck…

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      1. Completely understandable when a show lacks something. The last time I felt like this was Gundam Unicorn. Ahh the romance element I felt could have been extended into something really meaningful but alas it did not.

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  4. We must have similar tastes (with one exception)! I’m right there with you with most of these.

    Hundred is one of those dumb shows that I still manage to rewatch from time to time. I love the OP (and the first ED), and the action was decent.

    Chivalry of a Failed Knight was a half inch away from being great — which hurt all the more! Same thing with Brynhildr in the Darkness. Tragic, powerful, poignant — until the ending.

    I’m not on the fence at all with Taboo Tattoo. I badly wanted to like that show — as you said, the first few episodes were promising! But also as you said, that ending… It still makes me sad to think about it!

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  5. I just took a look at my anime list and reminded myself I got further with Hina Logi than Luck and Logic…it helps that I thought Hina Logi was part of a very bad season (for my tastes).

    Normally I’d think “swing and a miss” anime to be ones that fell flat on their faces (like Vampire Holmes, which I was hyped for when it was first airing but discovered afterwards it was a short-ep series padded with actual ads for the game).

    As for anime I did feel indifferent about, I have a few but I’ll single out Birdy the Mighty: Decode. You’d think a show about an ordinary dude being fused with an alien police officer would be less average than what it was, but…well, that’s according to my definition of “average” when it comes to anime.

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  6. I’d probably put “Darling in the WTF?” in this catagory. To me it felt like 4 different anime tossed into a blender and then poured out. Too many cooks really f***ed up this soup. Didn’t even make a good stew out of it. Each studio had a different approach and you could tell that nobody wanted to compromise.

    I still enjoyed the first 2/3 of the show but they needed to decide if it were going to be a romance, a dystopia, a combat mecha, or an Evangelion rip off. They left characters dangling who I wanted a lot more development on and missed out on an opportunity for a “Brave New World” take that would have made it much better.

    Just MHO, though.


    1. Lolololz…yeah you are preaching to someone who actually enjoyed Darling in the FranXX. Yes, in some parts it was muddled, but you can’t deny that Trigger did an excellent job with the emotional connections each character had. I really enjoyed the crew as a whole ❤

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      1. The fish scene. Everyone blows it off as fan service. I don’t. To me it sums up her savagery and her innocence in one shot. Ever see a shark breach the surface with a seal in its mouth? That is what it reminded me of.

        She hasn’t learned to be human yet. Clothing is a bother. Sushi is best when the fish is still flopping in your jaws. And mmmm, you taste good.

        Kept hoping she could find a way to retain her wildness while she gained her humanity. ❤

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      2. Fred makes a great point when he says, “The fish scene. Everyone blows it off as fan service. I don’t. To me it sums up her savagery and her innocence in one shot.”

        Zero Two was a magnificent character — until the aliens got involved. I wanted to see her exact revenge for what had been done to her. I wanted to see the young girls who shared her first pretty thing to make sure no one ever inflicted that kind of cruelty on anyone ever again.

        She should have maintained her wildness until the end. That’s one of the things I can’t forgive about the series.

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      3. It had such potential I could cry for how they butchered it. You could consider the Klaxisaurs an indigenous culture being wiped out by an invading technologically superior state. A great plotline there with Zero Two caught between two worlds. All kinds of messages regarding imperialism and racial discrimination here.

        Zero Two is really an artificial life form. A clone created and indoctrinated for one thing: warfare. Yet there is obviously a bit of free will hiding in there. The conflict of nature vs. nurture vs. free will is a fantastic plot and could easily carry the entire series.

        There is ZT’s love story with Hiro. They are the xian bird. Neither is complete alone but together they can fly. There is the pain of Ichinose for not getting the one she loved. There is the pain of Ikuno for not having anyone available to love. If you are into such things – and I am – it could have been a real emotional roller coaster.

        Then there is the existence of the state itself. Isolated from nature and literally rolling over everything in its path. An uncaring and unchanging dystopia and a group of young people no longer compatible with it. Like tossing Brave New World in a blender with Logan’s Run and putting the result on wheels.

        Any one of these could have made an outstanding anime. They initially had all three of them going for them and then they threw it all away to turn into a pale rip-off of Evangelion which morphs into space warfare which morphs into reincarnation???

        If you ever have a chance to watch the movie “What Things May Come” the ending they gave Darling is almost identical. Very very very sad! If I had the skill and money I’d rewrite the show and do it right.

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