Which Sailor Moon Villain Would You Date?

Looking at this title you would probably assume that this was just another random blog post of mine, but in all actuality this post was carefully calculated under the guise of some other bloggers you might know and love. Yes, that’s right my pandas…this post was inspired by Karandi’s twitter post which we will now dubbed ‘what on earth were they trying to find‘. In true Karandi fashion this ‘what on earth were they trying to find’ entails Karandi posting a search term from her WordPress blog to her Twitter feed in hopes of figuring out what the hell people were looking for while perusing through her blog post. I have to say, even I have found some pretty hilarious search terms on my own blog, some of which include things like “what do nekos like to do” or “what’s the story of Japanese character with ears and tail.” Yeah…I’m just as confused as all of you are XD

I caught Karandi’s Twitter post as she was chatting with Arthifis about this random search term. Arthifis said it would make a great blog post idea and I couldn’t agree more! So, with me being one of the BIGGEST Sailor Moon fans out there, I decided to jump in and ask Arthifis if I could write this blog post myself. Low and behold! I am bringing you guys that blog post today. Thank you to Karandi and Arthifis for inspiring me to write this post. I was hoping a fun and creative idea would come to me sometime this week and what do you know?! It did in the form of a Twitter thread. 😀

Most of you know how much I love Sailor Moon. If you have been following me for some time now you know how much Sailor Moon has impacted my life as an anime fan and how much it means to me. It will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart ❤ But what most of you don’t know is how much I love the villains of the story (or I should say arcs since we have several different story-lines throughout the series). Of course I loved Sailor Moon and Princess Serenity more so when I was a kid, but as I got older I came to appreciate the villains that much more. Honestly, any villain in anime series tend to get overshadowed by the heroes of the story, so it’s high time we show some love to the villains.

As soon as I saw this question I knew immediately who I would date if I was given the opportunity to live in the Sailor Moon realm. Today I will give you my male antagonist choice and my female antagonist choice. I mean…I am bi-sexual after all. This girl could date either one if she damn well pleased. If any of you guys have read any of my previous Sailor Moon post then my choices should be pretty easy to figure out. I’ll give you guys a few minutes to try and calculate a guess.
Got a particular character in your mind? Alright, let’s see if you guessed correctly! We will start with my female choice. *drum roll please*

My female villain choice from Sailor Moon that I would date is…Queen Nehelenia!

Yup…regal, beautiful and vain Queen Nehelenia. Here is a little background information on Queen Nehelenia (for those of you who aren’t super into Sailor Moon like myself):

  • Queen Nehelenia is from the Dead Moon arc. She is the founder and ruler of the Dead Moon Circus.
  • She originated from the the dark center of the moon and believed herself to be the true ruler of the Moon Kingdom.
  • She lived during the the reign of Queen Serenity and made her presence known during Princess Serenity’s birth. Before Queen Serenity sealed her away Nehelenia put a curse on Princess Serenity; the curse was that Princess Serenity would die before she was to ascend the throne. (Sounds like Maleficent huh?)
  • Her magical power is immortality.
  • While imprisoned, she came across Chibiusa’s four future guardians, the Sailor Quartet, and turned them into the Amazoness Quartet.
  • She trapped Helios in a cage in the form of a Pegasus.
  • Her vanity steams from the fact that she is obsessed with being young and beautiful.

In the anime Queen Nehelenia is shown in a more sympathetic light. The poor girl was raised under the ideology and notion that beauty is everything. Just like the Evil Queen in Snow White, Nehelenia had a magic mirror. It showed Nehelenia that in the future she would turn in an ugly old hag. Thus driving her to be obsessed with stay young and beautiful, and even eventually insane. They say that when Nehelenia was sealed inside her mirror she was very crafty at creating curses. I would like to think of her as a seductive witch.

Queen Nehelenia is one of the few villains in the Sailor Moon franchise that isn’t explicitly killed. She also gets her wish granted by Sailor Moon to be sent back into the past to her kingdom. There, Nehelenia awakens as her child-self, where her planet and her kingdom of the Dead Moon is restored. This time Nehelenia can start over in order to find love and friends.

I think that is why I love Queen Nehelenia’s arc so much. It taught me as a young girl that beauty isn’t everything, and eventually we all grow into our old age. We have to come to terms with the fact that beauty is skin deep and it will only carry you so far in life. I was so happy knowing Nehelenia got a second chance at life. Where she could find real love and friends that would accept her for who she was rather than who she would become. And that is the real beauty behind Sailor Moon. The anime always seemed to have the best life lessons. It taught you the power behind love and friendship. Love is one of the MOST powerful emotions a human can feel. Queen Nehelenia is considered an alien queen, but with Sailor Moons help she was able to find pure emotional love and support. To me, that was Sailor Moon’s unique gift and ability; loving and believing in anyone and everyone around her, even if they were villains.

Now it is time to reveal my male choice!

My male villain choice from Sailor Moon that I would date is…Prince Demande (Prince Diamond)!

Oh look! Another obsessed character…but this time the obsession is Neo-Queen Serenity. Here is a little background information on Prince Demande (Prince Diamond):

  • Prince Demande was manipulated by Wiseman into attacking Crystal Tokyo and taking over Earth.
  • Prince Demande was the founding leader of the Black Moon Clan. Wiseman lured Prince Demande and his followers to Nemesis, where they acquired power from the Black Crystal.
  • Neo-Queen Serenity was to be killed by Prince Demande, but he acted in a rush and ended up sending a Black Crystal fragement back in time that was large enough to level Crystal Tokyo.
  • It was then Prince Demande encountered Neo-Queen Serenity looking for her daughter (Chibiusa), becoming obsessed with her from both her glare and witnessing the Legendary Silver Crystal’s power before hand.
  • His power is Evil Sight (which opens up a third eye on Prince Demande’s forehead that allows him to hypnotize or psychically immobilize his opponent).
  • Eventually, Prince Demande sees through Wiseman’s misdeeds and fights back, but he dies due to injuries he receives while protecting Sailor Moon.

I don’t know if Prince Demande would have ever meet Neo-Queen Serenity if it weren’t for being under the spell of Wiseman. I think maybe in a different time and place they would have. In a way, Prince Demande’s love for Sailor Moon (and or Neo-Queen Serenity) was unadulterated. Unfortunately, being controlled by Wiseman turned that infatuation into obsession, making Prince Demande look crazed in the anime. Even Prince Demande’s younger brother, Sapphire, figured out that Wiseman was no good before he could. Before Sapphire could warn Prince Demande about Wiseman’s conspiracy, Prince Demande was forced to kill him. Poor poor Sapphire. Killed by his very own brother.

If the circumstances were different I think Prince Demande would have made a good match for Sailor Moon, but we all know Sailor Moon ends up with Prince Endymion. It was nice to see multiple love interest for Sailor Moon throughout the series though. We also had female counterparts that were interested in Usagi. Another thing I love about the Sailor Moon franchise! Naoko Takeuchi did a wonderful job exploring sexuality and showing diverse couple parings in Sailor Moon. I still find it quite humors that when the anime aired in America they turned Michiru (Sailor Neptune) and Haruka (Sailor Uranus) into cousins instead of lovers! None the less…if Sailor Moon didn’t end up with Prince Endymion in the end it was nice to see that Usagi had other options to choose from. I have to admit that Sailor Moon might have also played a big part into my gay-ness as well. All the characters were DAMN BEAUTIFUL! It would be crazy not to have a crush on any of the girls in the show.

Second and Third Choices:

Wicked Lady
Professor Souichi Tomoe 

I think that about does it! This was a super fun post to write. I hope you guys enjoyed it and learned a little more about Sailor Moon in the process. If you were to date a villain from Sailor Moon who would it be? or if you were to just date any character from the series in general who would be your go-to choice? Let me know in the comments section below! Thank you for joining me on this lovely Saturday evening (well it’s Saturday still for me). I will catch you all in my next post! MUAH! XOXO

Disclaimer: All imagery and photos come from searching for them on the internet. I have no claim or right to them. If I find any links I will always post them (this usually entails fan art or any other work affiliated with an artist). The featured image for this post was found here: https://www.deviantart.com/willianac/art/Black-Moon-Clan-II-91693598.

8 thoughts on “Which Sailor Moon Villain Would You Date?

  1. That was an excellent post and the next time someone searches for that, I hope they find this. Queen Nehelenia is an interesting villain and a great choice. I love her character design. For me, from Black Moon, I was always for Sapphire and my heart was truly broken when Wiseman killed him in the anime. It was worse than when Nephrite died and that was pretty hard to take as a kid.

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