Valentine’s Day Special: Spreading some L.O.V.E during the 28 Days of Black Cosplay

Happy Valentine’s Day my pandas!

I hope whether you are single, taken, or whatever your relationships statues might be you enjoy today to the FULLEST! We all deserve some love and affection now and again. Speaking of love…today’s Valentine’s Day Special is all about the AMAZING cosplayers who deserve some recognition. Yes, that’s right! Today we are celebrating some very talented cosplayers during the month of February. This February is also known as the 28 Days of Black Cosplay (and let’s not forget Black History Month!). The 28 Days of Black Cosplay gives a much needed spotlight on black cosplayers in the anime community. Everyday my timeline on Twitter is filled with tons of beautiful cosplayers shared by other cosplayers or anyone who just enjoys killer cosplay work. I can’t begin to describe how happy this makes me!

In the recent months there has been A LOT of drama in the anime and cosplay community. It seems some cosplay photographers are still only shooting predominately white females and glossing over the fact that there are literally ALL KINDS of other cosplayers out there to be photographed. Tsk tsk if I do say so myself. I’m sorry to say but there is more to life and photography than just the quote on quote “white race.” I want to see cosplayers in all shapes, sizes, colors, and variants. Give me a melting pot of cosplay photos to look at! Honestly, seeing the same white cosplayers over and over again gets a little redundant in my opinion. So if these cosplay photographers don’t want to photograph or feature people of color in their work then I’m just going to have to do it for them!

A HUGE thank you to everyone who replied to my #28DaysofBlackCosplay thread on Twitter. You guys rock! I am so VERY happy to be featuring you guys today. I hope everyone reading this today will check out everyone’s personal social media accounts. Go show some love, support, and don’t forget to give all of these wonderful cosplayers a follow! Also if you want to read a little bit more about the 28 Days of Black Cosplay check out this article written by Briana Lawrence over on Now let’s get this Valentine’s Day party started shall we?!

First up we have Akakioga Cosplay! You can find her on Instagram at  She is most proud of her She-Ra, Orisa, and Static Shock cosplays. Orisa and Static Shock photos taken by aleestudios. She-Ra photo taken by bradconyersphotos.

Next up we have the one of a kind Misu the Witch! She hasn’t gotten around to cosplaying anything new this year as of yet, but will be back to cosplaying again very soon. Until then you can check out her previous works on Twitter at misuthewitch. Some of her previous cosplays have included Totoro from My Neighbor Totoro, Mistress 9 from Sailor Moon, Snow White as a Jedi, and an armored version of Glaceon from Pokemon. The photographer for Misu’s work is hanamaru_photog.

Third up is Darin over on Twitter at rain4estwhitaka. He’s got a bad ass cosplay version of Miles Morales from Spider-man: Into the Spider-Verse and a hilarious version of Martin Baker on his cellphone. Yeah…we all remember that meme! You can also find him on IG by the same user handle as his Twitter account.

Fourth up is the spunky Chissy Cosplay. Chissy is definitely bringing the heat with his renditions of Joker from Persona 5 the Animation and Deku from the ever popular My Hero Academia. You can find Chissy Cosplay on Twitter at chissycosplay or on IG at chissycosplay as well! We love a consistent otaku 😀 The photographer from Chissy’s Joker cosplay is done by Ebitsuki Photography and the Deku cosplay is photographed by Solospeed.

Last, but certainly not least, is Miss Suju! How could you not love a girl who cosplays as Ryuko from KILL la KILL? Or how about Marina from the game Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion? This is a cosplayer after my own heart! ❤ You can find Miss Suju on Twitter at miss_suju_cos or on IG at miss_suju. Miss Suju’s must have otaku blood running through her family’s veins because her lovely sister over at grumpawump on IG is her cosplay photographer!

And there we have it folks! Five crazy talented individuals who cosplays are off the chain and you should go follow ASAP. I really wanted to feature more people on this post but unfortunately I don’t think a lot of people saw my original tweet. Hopefully everyone on this list and some of my regular followers will share the crap out of this post so we can get to know some more cosplayers in the future! Also don’t forget to check out the hashtag #28DaysofBlackCosplay on Twitter for more impressive cosplays. There are dozens upon dozens of cosplayers that deserve respect and recognition. Remember cosplay isn’t just about skinny white girls dressing up as your favorite waifu from time to time. Give colored cosplay a chance! I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed! 😉

Disclaimer: All imagery and photos come from searching for them on the internet. I have no claim or right to them. If I find any links I will always post them (this usually entails fan art or any other work affiliated with an artist). Today’s cosplays were posted with the consent of the content creators and their respective work.

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