Let’s Get Lost in Space with Alexie the Great!

What is up my pandas? I have another awesome collab coming at you guys today. This time we have Alexie the Great with us! This collab has been in the works for about a month now (I know…I suck at getting things written up sometimes XD). But we did it! *insert Dora the Explore here* Our collab has finally be accomplished and I am oh so excited to share it with you all.

Today’s post is all about outer space! No…not Space Dandy…but rather who we would take alien hunting with us if we WERE in outer space. I guess you could say that Space Dandy might have been the influence for this post or maybe it was the conversation Alexie and I had over on Twitter a few days ago. Here’s how it all went down:

Ayano: “Wanna try and bust out our collab on Friday then? I know I can get something written up!”

Alexie: “Ooohh! That sounds like a good idea! I’d been thinking about that since reading your Zodiac collab! Also been thinking something in that vein, or like the pirate crew tag that had been going around. Maybe like a 10-character anime mafia?!?!!?

Ayano: “Oh oh! Since you just commented on my alien post let’s do a post about who we would explore space with! Like who would be on our alien hunting team.”

Alexie: “I LIKE IT! YES!!!”

And that, ladies and gentlemen, brings us to our alien hunting dream teams!

Ayano’s Team–The Pandamonium’s:

1. Mira Yurizaki from Dimension W

My first choice definitely has to go to Mira. I mean…this hunk of junk is a highly advanced robot who exhibits human mannerisms and she has a metallic tail! Plus she’s super cute to look at. I think it would be beneficial to have Mira on my team because she has super human strength and speed. She can also override computer systems and detect dimensional distortions. Four amazing qualities that would help us out in the depths of outer space. I also really really enjoy Mira’s energy and positive outlook on specific instances. I feel like Mira would keep company morale high even when things might not be going so swell.

2. Meow from Space Dandy

Is Meow considered more of a human pick or would he also count towards being a sidekick? I’m choosing him as more of an actual team member this time around (even though we all know he’s a dimwitted cat-like Betelgeusian). The obvious choice would have been to go with Dandy since he is a known space hunter, but I wanted to shake things up! Meow is my favorite character from the show. I think it would be pretty damn entertaining to have Meow on board…although he is pretty lazy throughout the series. Eh…maybe my love of cats is outweighing my critical thinking comprehension at the moment. Oh well! Meow welcome aboard the S.S. Kawaii-chan.

3. Shizuku Ichijō from Alice to Zouroku

How could you not want a kick ass lady, who has access to a dimensional storeroom containing 666 different weapons and items, on your team? I know I do! Did I also mention that she has the power to access 13 grimoires as well? You bet your sweet ass she does! I feel like Shizuku-chan would be a HUGE asset to our space hunter team. Shizuku also has some brains my friends. She wouldn’t be working for the intelligence agency of Japan, which reports directly to the Prime Minister, for no reason. We live for girl’s with big brains…ayyyyeee 😉

4. Klaus Von Reinherz from Blood Blockade Battlefront

We need to add some class to this team. And the definition of class is Klaus from Blood Blockade Battlefront. The man comes from the noble Reinherz family for crying out loud! There are so many amazing characters you could choose from in Blood Blockade Battlefront, but there is just something about Klaus that I love oh so much. Maybe it’s his green eyes, or his gentlemanly composure, or his superhuman strength. Whatever the case he’s a winner in my book…annnd I need him to go on an outer space alien hunting adventure with me. His ability to seal enemies is a plus plus to his physical prowess. He’s got beauty…he’s got grace…he’s gonna beat the alien race!

5. Puck from Re:Zero (sidekick pick)

My sidekick pick was hard to choose! There are so many great options to go with. I thought about Kero from CardCaptor Sakura, Kuro from Blue Exorcist, Larg and Soel from xxxHolic, but I finally decided upon Puck from Re:Zero. While Puck is an enigma in himself, he’s got spunk! I know he only works from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., but the little guy can read minds! What better way to outwit your enemy than by reading their mind? Puck can also be a final trump card. He has the ability to turn into a huge beast and is one of the 4 great spirits of the world who can control heat. I feel like Puck has other tricks up his sleeves that we aren’t fully aware of. It isn’t made quite clear in the anime series, but I am sure the light novel goes into further detail. And again…Puck is also kawaii af! My team just needs to be full of cute characters :3

Alexie’s Team–The Annihilator’s:

1. Winry Rockbell from Fullmetal Alchemist

What would be worse than having something break while being in space and not have the tools to fix it–which could lead to a catastrophic failure? Well…honestly, nothing would be worse than that! Everyone would probably die or something. So, my first choice is Winry for the obvious reason of her being a super awesome mechanic whiz! If something breaks she’d be there to fix it (assuming she had the correct tools!). But also because Winry cares about people. If she were stuck on a space ship with others I think her first reaction to a struggling companion would be to help them. She would also try to get people’s minds off with whatever it was that was bothering them at the time. Hell! She might even let them help her with the repairs.

2. Kiba from Wolf’s Rain

This might seem like an odd choice, but driving out into outer space to potentially find aliens/or to find some other galaxies/catch smugglers/or whatever it may be would need some serious dedication. Kiba is the most dedicated person (animal? beast? shapeshifter?) I have ever seen. He’s always striving toward his goal and always looking forward. Sure, he can come off as cold and sheltered or whatever, but he eventually got a pack in Blue, Tsume, Hige, and Toboe. He’s not opposed to having people around. But…he’d probably would have to get used to the whole human thing. Either way, I think as a dedicated person Kiba takes the cake–he’ll want to get to the destination and do what needs to be done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Which would be beneficial in outer space. Who wants to be stranded in space? Not Kiba.

3. Nezumi (the Rat) from Juuni Taisen

Is this cheating? I mean the guy can literally live multiple lifetimes. He’d be asleep often for sure…but what better option to have than someone who can go through the outcomes of each possibility and see what happens next? While it’s not full-proof and would depend on doing specific actions along the journey, (like maybe not hunting down a specific alien race and only taking out one or two), Nezumi would be able to see how things turn out. Eventually, Nezumi could help the rest of the crew figure out a game plan based on the lives that he’s lived. It’s not a perfect plan/situation, because he’d be working with others and they could screw it up, but at least there would be a plan in place. I think Nezumi would be able to give the team this planning aspect as long as he talks and isn’t asleep the entire time.

4. Ray from The Promised Neverland

This one feels more like I’m thinking about the upcoming chapter more than anything. In all honesty, Ray would probably be a good addition. He’s intelligent, more so than most, he’s able to think of plans in a quick manner (even if they take time to actually execute), and he’s able to handle weapons. Ray does what he needs to survive. Is fighting the best option? Is running away more beneficial to survival? What about using a weapon? Plus, Ray can digest information quickly and act on them accordingly. Sure, he may be skeptical of some people up front, but that’s because he likes to know what he’s getting into and what he can do to make sure he stays alive while nobody else gets hurt. Oh, and do you need to put a bullet in an alien’s head? Ray’s not a bad shot either. (Hey, Shizuku, give Ray a weapon!)

5. Chopper from One Piece (sidekick pick)

I don’t really have much to say about Chopper other than the fact that he’s hilarious and able to take on a lot of people if he needs to. Sure, sometimes he might be cowardly, but if you mess with his friends you’re out of luck. He will fuck you up. I mean…him, Luffy, Sanji, and Zoro took on an entire freaking compound on their own to get revenge for Usopp’s beating. On that note…Chopper’s is also a “ripped-to-shreds” beast who stands taller than a full grown man while also keeping on his cute pink hat. I wouldn’t want to mess with him if he was angry. Maybe Ray would use that to their advantage? Send a screaming, almost crying Chopper into a fight against an alien and see what happens next so Ray can digest the information he receives from the encounter. Hmmm… 😛

As Alexie would like to say in his own words, “Thanks for reading!” Thank you guys so much for joining us today! We had a blast coming up with this post. I’m glad that Alexie and I got to collab FINALLY. It was definitely long overdue. I hope to collab with Alexie again in the future. I always enjoy collabing with my fellow anime brethren. Like I have said before if you are interested in collabing with me in the future feel free to hit me up on Twitter! You know…just go ahead and slide into those DM’s why don’t you 😀 That is going to do it for me this Saturday! I hope you all enjoy the rest of your morning, day, evening, or night wherever you may be. I’ll see you all in my next post. MUAH! XOXO

Disclaimer: All imagery and photos come from searching for them on the internet. I have no claim or right to them. If I find any links I will always post them (this usually entails fan art or any other work affiliated with an artist).

4 thoughts on “Let’s Get Lost in Space with Alexie the Great!

  1. Wow — both of you had some great choices!


    I’m still not happy at how poorly Kyouma treated her. Fortunately, the one time I remember him actually trying to strike her, he injured himself on her sturdy frame. Served him right.

    “Shizuku Ichijō”

    Really? You really chose her! Thank you! Talk about one of the most underrated characters, like ever! She’s so underrated that even I forgot about her until you mentioned her.

    “Winry Rockbell”

    If I couldn’t have Scotty from the original Star Trek, Winry would be my second choice. Heck, she had patience to put up with Eric, so even the most unexpected alien technologies should be a piece of cake.


    Now, _that’s_ a great choice! He’s his own self-contained test environment!

    Now I’m sad that we can’t actually assemble these teams and see how they’d perform!

    Liked by 2 people

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