An Introduction: Manga/Anime That Influenced Me (And something else)

Hello. I’m new here. And I pulled a fast one on you from the start! Okay, sort of, I just moved my introductory post from July 1st to June 29th. My name is Alex, but I go by Alexie the Great on WordPress and Twitter because I can. And I like it. And whatever else I decided to do it for somewhere around a year ago. Oh, and there’s a thing about Alexander the Great in there, but I’m not a military general who died in India, or wherever he died (I don’t know if that was ever proven factual).

Um…yeah, this is pretty neat. Ayano (I’ll save using her real name here) has invited me to become a content creator on her blog! And I am all for it! This is an exciting opportunity for me to grow my own fan base, find new bloggers, and collaborate even more with an amazing person. So here I am! I’ll be posting every Monday as well as every other Tuesday for top fives/tens (Ayano has a solid Top Ten Tuesday thing going, so we decided to rotate every week). I’ll probably stick to top fives on Tuesday because I like the shorter lists.

Anyway, there’s an intro for you I guess. Now, I’ll give you my usual opening–the opening I use on my own blog and one that my followers know and get this thing started:


Hello all you wonderful people! I hope you’ve been well, but if you haven’t I hope you get better soon.

It’s me. I’m back. And I’m on a new blog! Yeah. Okay, anyway, since you’ve probably already read the other paragraphs above this, let’s get into a post that I’d been thinking about, but never got around to writing, and then Ayano came along and actually suggested it. Sneaky Ayano is reading my mind. Could you, like, not do that? I’d appreciate if you didn’t read my mind like a psychic ninja voodoo person (Okay, I have no idea how a psychic ninja voodoo person could ever exist, so let’s forget I said that…)

Anyway, this is a tough post for me to write because when I thought about anime or manga that have influenced me I couldn’t think of anything. I know for a fact that when I talk to my brother or friends about shows I can rattle off countless shows and manga series that I’ve enjoyed and that have, in one way or another, subtly or not so subtly changed me as a person. The list I have includes four titles with a little something extra written in at the end.


Haikyuu!!–Seriously? This shit again? Yeah, fucking HAIKYUU!! This is my jam. I love Haikyuu!! because of the characters and the humor, and the interactions the characters have both inside their own teams and with other teams. There are tall characters, intense characters, quiet characters, calculating characters who rarely show emotion (but when they do, oh boy is it a fucking ride! I’m looking at you, Tsukki and Kenma!), and they have shrimpy characters. Anyway, Haikyuu!! was a show that I started watching while taking a physical education class at my university. Yeah, I took a volleyball class. And it was amazing. Haikyuu!! got my into an analytical state of mind while playing. I was careful of my position, I looked to see if the blockers were guarding a straight spike down the line, or if they were guarding more for a cross to the opposite side of the court. I focused on different formations, quick attacks, being a decoy after too many quick attempts, and so much more. Haikyuu!! got me so involved in volleyball that I actually got volleyball shoes, a volleyball bag, and a harder indoor volleyball from my mom for my birthday. So yeah, if there’s ever a way a sports anime/manga can be influential just remember what Haikyuu!! did to me… Oh, and I’m still playing to this day. What’s even better is I’m a middle blocker (Kuroo, Hinata, Tsukki).

Laid Back Camp–Okay, this one is sort of odd, but I bought some volumes of Laid Back Camp a while ago and also started watching it after too many years of having it sit in the back of my mind. Anyway, I love how this manga/anime actually gives readers and watchers information. You actually learn about how to go about different aspects of camping. It’s great because it isn’t something that makes a huge joke about it by being too serious or too lighthearted. It’s information and it gives you that information in a blunt way. And I love that about Laid Back Camp. My brother used to go backpacking and I wasn’t ever really one to enjoy doing stuff like that, I don’t know why. However, after reading that manga and watching the anime, I started to wonder why I haven’t done that sort of thing before. If my brother can do it so can I, right? So I asked him about it, and he started talking about his backpacking stuff, the pack he uses, the essentials he brings with him, and whatever else he feels like bringing along (it’s mostly just essentials, but some things for fun). And I started to look into it. I want to go out into a forested area, or a mountainous area, and set up my own little camp site. I think that would be amazing in the springtime or the autumn months. Not too hot and not too cold for me, but just right. Brew some coffee in a French press or something, make some stew from scratch…mmm… So, thank you Laid Back Camp for getting my to think about going to the outdoors and camping!

Log Horizon–Okay, odd choice, right? Log Horizon influenced me? In a way, yes. If you know Log Horizon you know it’s an MMORPG isekai show. Well, I used to play a ton of MMORPG games when I was younger (or, only a few years younger than I am now). I used to play Guild Wars (super bad at this), World of Warcraft (also super bad at this one) and Star Wars: The Old Republic (I was actually good at SWTOR!!) and eventually I started playing tabletop RPG games. However, I think it was the fantasy world of anime and the ability of Log Horizon to show me how these fantasy RPGs can work that got me into my current favorite RPG game: Dungeons & Dragons (is that supposed to be italicized?)… Yeah, I play that. It’s amazing being able to mentally slip away from the actual world we live in and be somewhere else. Right now I’m actually running and D&D campaign with my brother and some friends as the players, and it’s been a blast. We’re not too close to being done, but I want to speed the game up and get them so immersed in the world that they don’t want to leave. However, after we finish this campaign we’re going to do a Star Wars campaign. That will be a lot of fun. So, honestly, I think it was the MMORPG isekai anime that got me thinking about D&D and influenced me enough to pick up an adventure book and become a Dungeon Master. So, thank you Log Horizon for being that catalyst!

Your Lie in April–Another odd one, I think, but nonetheless Your Lie in April reinvigorated my love of classical music. I’ve always been a huge music guy, and will listen to practically anything if I’m feeling up for it. However, this show truly made me fall in love with the classical genre again. It was heartwarming to listen to the pieces they chose for the anime and I think that anyone who has a love of music should give it a watch, or another watch, because they play some of the greats. I’ve always enjoyed listening to movie soundtracks, and one of my favorite composers is Hans Zimmer. If you’ve seen Inception; or Mission: Impossible; or The Last Samurai; or HBO’s miniseries The Pacific; or Interstellar; or Gladiator; or Pirates of the Caribbean; or THE LION KING….Hans Zimmer did those. I love his work, and Your Lie in April reminded me of just how much I love that genre. I listen to it almost daily because I can’t get enough of the beautiful sound of the instruments, the emotion of the pieces, and whatever else may come from listening to classical music. I credit that anime for everything it has done for my musical taste.


And with that last portion, does anyone else absolutely love anime OPs and EDs? I listen to them all the time. I have an entire playlist dedicated to anime on my phone, taking OPs and EDs, songs that play during the show’s 20+ minute episodes, and I think they’re all wonderful. I can’t stop listening to them. My favorites from the last two or three seasons have come from Bungo Stray Dogs in “Setsuna no Ai” (OP) and “Lily” (ED), but feature films also have some amazing soundtracks and songs. RADWIMPS is one artist I love after hearing what they did for the movie Your Name, and they’re coming back for Weathering With You which I am stoked to see!

Anyway, that’s a little bit about me and just a few of the anime/manga that have influenced me over the years. It’s a short list, but it’s what I have!


Thanks for reading!

Alexie 🙂


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2 thoughts on “An Introduction: Manga/Anime That Influenced Me (And something else)

    1. That makes me feel so young (I’m only 26)!!!
      Was that your first anime or was it just the catalyst to being able to enjoy it for as long as you have?
      Mine was either the feature film Castle in the Sky, or some not-so-good shows I saw in the early 2000s (Guin Saga, High School of the Dead, Prince of Tennis, and some others).


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